Friday, July 3, 2015

Tallahassee's 1990 Devil Take The Hindmost Run

[ This is a report I wrote on Tallahassee's 1990 Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run that appeared in the October 1990 issue of the Gulf Winds Track Club newsletter, The Fleet Foot. This . ]

Sporting a chartreuse bandana, Shannon Sullivan hosted one more annual edition of the Tallahassee Devil Take the Hindmost Race.

Twenty-eight lined up for the start, although not all appear in the results; several snuck off the track rather than face the pitchfork of this year's devil, Ilse Wolfe West. This year's field was loaded with more than a few fast out-of-town runners left over from the ECHO 8K earlier in the day. It was one of these, Mark Kathman of the Daytona Beach Track Club, who surprised Gulf Winds regular Dave Keen with a 57-second last lap to take the win.

Results, Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run
Saturday, 18 September 1990
Mike Long Track, Tallahassee, Florida
1. Mark Kathman22
2. Dave Keen21
3. Bill Crooks20
4. Steve Wilcox19
5. Eric Petersen18
6. John Charlton17
7. Dan Clark16
8.Brian Herring15
9. Jeff Nielsen14
10. Bernard Cylc13

Alec Walmsley13
12. Dana Stetson12
13. Jeff Bowman11
14. Shannon Sullivan10
15.Carl Smith9
16. John Devine8
17. Kurt Westfall7
18. Joe Dexter6

Tom Perkins6
20.Tom Kelso5
21. Megan Westfall4
22. Skyler Perkins3