Monday, July 20, 2015

Bryant and Brantly beat hundreds at Bridge of Lions 5K

When it comes to the St. Augustine, Florida, Bridge of Lions 5K, Kim Pawelek Brantly has been champion in the 20th century and in the 21st. She's been the top woman when it was a night race and when it was a morning race. She's taken titles as a graduate fresh out of the University of North Florida in 1996, and as a master runner in the 2010s. She's won the race at least six times and shows every sign that she's going to continue to add to that total. In fact, she was the first female finisher once again at the 31st annual Bridge of Lions 5K on Saturday morning, 18 July 2015. The 41-year-old Brantly raced across the finish line in 18:06, placing fifth overall.

In the same race, University of North Florida cross country runner Jeremy Bryan got his first Bridge of Lions win. Coming in 400 meters ahead of the next runner, Bryan covered the 3.1-mile course in 16:10, the fastest time at the Bridge of Lions race since 2010. Winter Springs, Florida, athlete Peter Buffington was runner-up in 17:40, and Zack Henry, a junior on the Harrison Central High cross country team in Ohio, was third in 17:53. Mike Mott of Deland, Florida, was the fastest master runner in the race, finishing fourth overall in 18:24.

Placing sixth overall in 18:20, St. Johns, Florida, marathon runner Jordan Nelsen was second to Kim Pawelek Brantly in the women's standings. Michelle Krueger of Jacksonville, Florida, took the third women's spot, placing ninth overall in 18:29. Deland High sophomore Sara Mott (34th, 19:52) was fourth on the women's side, and 11-year-old Ani Veltcheva (37th, 20:05) was fifth.

1104 athletes finished the 31st annual Bridge of Lions 5K. The race was presented by RaceSmith, which provided chip-timing and scoring for the race. The Bridge of Lions 5K was also the sixth race in the ten-event Run St. Augustine Race Series.

Top Ten Males, 31st annual Bridge of Lions 5K, St. Augustine, Florida
  1. 16:10 ~ Jeremy Bryan (M, 21) Jacksonville, FL
  2. 17:40 ~ Peter Buffington (M, 38) Winter Springs, FL
  3. 17:53 ~ Zack Henry (M, 16) Jewett, OH
  4. 18:04 ~ Mike Mott (M, 42) Deland, FL
  5. 18:24 ~ John Webb (M, 44) St. Augustine, FL
  6. 18:27 ~ Stephen Lawrence (M, 36) St. Augustine, FL
  7. 18:33 ~ Sean Snyder (M, 15) Palm Coast, FL
  8. 18:35 ~ Michael Beaman (M, 33) St. Augustine, FL
  9. 18:41 ~ Dean Krueger (M, 49) Jacksonville, FL
  10. 18:51 ~ Noah Van Der Burgt (M, 16) Ormond Beach, FL

Top Ten Females, 31st annual Bridge of Lions 5K, St. Augustine, Florida
  1. 18:06 ~ Kim Pawelek Brantly (F, 41) St. Augustine, FL
  2. 18:20 ~ Jordan Nelsen (F, 23) St. Johns, FL
  3. 18:29 ~ Michelle Krueger (F, 39) Jacksonville, FL
  4. 19:52 ~ Sara Mott (F, 14) Deland, FL
  5. 20:05 ~ Ani Veltcheva (F, 11) Gainesville, FL
  6. 20:32 ~ Abby Reimer (F, 17) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  7. 21:09 ~ Lydia Reimer (F, 15) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  8. 21:23 ~ Isabella Whelan (F, 16) Gainesville, FL
  9. 21:27 ~ Josie Gray (F, 18) Daytona Beach, FL
  10. 21:51 ~ Bryanna Pado (F, 14) Palm Coast, FL

Bridge of Lions 5K champions, 1997-2013
12 July 198614:53, John Rogerson18:11, Jeannie Messinese
18 July 198714:55, Ron Borsheim18:03, Tawny Kern
20 July 199615:34, Mark Donahue17:16, Kim Pawelek995
19 July 199715:18, Gary Droze16:56, Kim Pawelek958
18 July 199815:41, Reo Rorem19:04, Kelly Wild1113
17 July 199915:52, Ted Devos16:28, Kim Pawelek1151
15 July 200016:12, Randy Hollinger20:27, Erin Neville958
21 July 200116:15, Lee Yaracas19:00, Karin Glenn
20 July 200216:20, Joseph Zepherinus18:32, Karin Glenn490
19 July 200317:24, Keith Brantly19:22, Karin Glenn503
17 July 200415:51, Justin Taylor17:46, Luanne Coulter439
16 July 200516:15, Justin Taylor20:01, Amanda Hahn228
15 July 200616:19, Justin Taylor19:29, Michelle Krueger216
21 July 200715:45, Justin Taylor20:48, Christine Marcano387
19 July 200816:27, Mike Hensley20:04, Sue O'Malley433
18 July 200916:22, Todd Neville19:44, Julie Mayfield431
17 July 201016:07, Ryan Albertson20:33, Sue O'Malley506
16 July 201117:22, Joe Matuszczak18:29, Courtney Cooper731
21 July 201216:24, Marc Akbar18:23, Michelle Krueger713
27 July 201316:11, Marc Akbar18:26, Kim Pawelek Brantly820
26 July 201417:27, Gavin Gresham18:12, Kim Pawelek Brantly749
18 July 201516:10, Jeremy Bryan18:06, Kim Pawelek Brantly1104


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