Friday, July 14, 2017

Whitehead and Centner master the mile in Albany

The mile is the star event of the track, and it's a popular event on the roads as well. However, on the roads the mile usually appears as the "one-mile fun run," the plague of race workers everywhere. The finish line of the typical "one-mile fun run" is a chaos of toddlers, strollers, and parents--the latter of which are wont to stop dead in their tracks and turn around to get a finish line photograph of their offspring. Additionally, if you are beyond trick-or-treat age and were to actually try to race a one-mile fun run, you would earn the derision of your fellow athletes. I know, because I would be the first one pointing at you and hooting. Seriously, are you going to challenge an eight-year-old to a boxing match next?

But there are a few road miles that welcome competition. The Boardwalk Mile in Atlantic City during the middle of the twentieth century, and the Fifth Avenue Mile in New York a few decades later. And as of Saturday morning, 8 July 2017, there is the Good Life City Runners' Road Mile in Albany, Georgia,run on a one-mile circuit on the West Campus of Albany State University.

Running 4:53.9, Patrick Whitehead won the inaugural event by more than 120 meters, a margin more typical of a longer race. Josh Fix was the top master runner in the mile, placing second overall in 5:19.1. Arnoldo DeJesus, a regular on the Albany roads, took third in 5:27.6.

Ann Centner
Ann Centner

Ann Centner of Blakely, Georgia was the first woman in the mile, placing fourth overall in 5:39.0 just four days after running a 42:42 10K in Atlanta's Peachtree Road Race. Karen McNally was the top woman master and second female finisher, ninth overall in 7:12.9. Master runner Jennifer Bramlett was third in the women's standings and tenth overall in 7:15.7.

Twenty athletes finished the 2017 Good Life City Runners Road Mile.

Top Five Men, 2017 Good Life City Runners Road Mile
  1. 4:53.9, Patrick Whitehead (M, 31)
  2. 5:19.1, Josh Fix (M, 42)
  3. 5:27.6, Arnoldo DeJesus (M, 31)
  4. 5:54.0, Ben Phillips (M, 15)
  5. 6:09.3, Chris Phillips (M, 37)

Top Five Men, 2017 Good Life City Runners Road Mile
  1. 5:39.0, Ann Centner (F, 25)
  2. 7:12.9, Karen McNally (F, 53)
  3. 7:15.7, Jennifer Bramlett (F, 44)
  4. 7:36.8, Emily Phillips (F, 13)
  5. 8:23.5, Kricia Morris (F, 32)