Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Mile for Breakfast

Trevor Touchton, a fifteen-year-old Lincoln High School sophomore, ran 4:33.30 to win the 13th annual "Breakfast On The Track" one-mile run. Touchton led most of the race, which was held at Tallahassee's Maclay School track on Saturday morning, 21 August 2010. Maclay School's Stefanie Kurgatt (another fifteen-year-old sophomore) won the women's division in a record time for the event of 5:00.97. Michael Martinez edged out Jay Wallace for the top master runner spot, 4:55.38 to 4:56.38. Sarah Docter-Williams, the former women's record holder, was the top woman master with a 5:34.81.

The race was run in eight sections seeded by projected finish times with the fastest sections run first. In section one, Touchton moved to the front early, shadowed by Florida State alum Kevin Cook and the defending Breakfast-On-The-Track champion Patrick Swain. Charlie Johnson trailed the group, but made his move with Touchton on the final lap, placing second in 4:37.96. Cook and Swain were left behind to fight over third with Cook prevailing 4:39.16 to 4:39.57. Touchton's most recent previous performance was a third-place showing at last week's Trojan Pride 5K.

The women's division was also decided in the first section, with Kurgatt running steadily away from women's runner-up Amy Hines (16th, 5:15.96) and third-place woman Micah Adriani (29th, 5:31.68). For the masters, Michael Martinez ran the first section as a stalking horse, moving up through the field to challenge Jay Wallace late in the race, ultimately taking eighth place and the masters' title. The women's master honors, though, were determined in the second section. Sarah Docter-Williams was the only master woman in the section, but no one in the later sections could touch her 5:34.81.

The Breakfast On The Track is a Gulf Winds Track Club event and raises money for Maclay School athletics. 191 runners ran the mile this year. The name of the event derives from the pancakes served to the runners after the race--a traditional meal which seems traditionally popular in spite of the traditional August heat and humidity. In deference to the latter, the awards ceremony for the Breakfast On The Track is head in and around the Maclay School swimming pool. There's even a lifeguard on duty, just in case someone didn't wait 40 minutes after eating their pancakes to take the water and gets cramps.

"Breakfast On The Track" Mile champions, 1998-2010
8 August 1998
Robert Pautienus (4:36)
Jane Johnson (5:21)
14 August 1999
Lee Willis (4:26)
Jane Johnson (5:27)
26 August 2000
Gary Droze (4:42.97)
Sarah Docter-Williams (5:09.08)
18 August 2001
Ryan Deak (4:21.47)
Sarah Docter-Williams (5:08.94)
17 August 2002
Lee Willis (4:35.07)Sarah Docter-Williams (5:10.33)
16 August 2003
David Huntzinger (4:45.20)
Sarah Docter-Williams (5:02.28)
14 August 2004
Lee Willis (4:32.40)Sarah Docter-Williams (5:11.79)
13 August 2005
Art Remillard (4:46.26)
Sarah Docter-Williams (5:07.13)
12 August 2006
Whitney Strickland (4:47.58)
Sarah Docter-Williams (5:09.85)
18 August 2007
Michael Martinez (4:48.04)
Sarah Docter-Williams (5:12.91)
16 August 2008
Whitney Strickland (4:31.39)Jana Stolting (5:12.79)
15 August 2009
Patrick Swain (4:43.40)
Jana Stolting (5:05.66)
21 August 2010
Trevor Touchton (4:33.30)
Stefanie Kurgatt (5:00.97)


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