Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lagat leads the 2012 Run With The Moose 5K

Carly Thomas and Violah LagatWomen runners have had much to say in the three-year history of the Run With The Moose 5K in Quincy, Florida. Sheryl Rosen was the overall winner of the first Run With The Moose, running 20:52 in 2010. Gary Droze evened the score for the men in 2011 with a 17:57 win. But in this year's race on Saturday morning, 28 July 2012, the women regained the lead in wins, taking the top spot and three of the top four places.

Duane EvansThe race started just after 8:15 AM, and the athletes headed north on Shelfer Street. Just over half a kilometer into the race the runners made a turn onto King Street. Crawfordville master runner Duane Evans was first to that corner, followed by Violah Lagat and Carly Thomas. It was just weeks away from Lagat's second and Thomas's first cross-country season competing for Seminoles Florida State University. On the way to the two-kilometer mark, the runners negotiated the worst of the King Street hills. Evans was still leading, but Lagat and Thomas were closing. The two Seminoles overtook Evans, and then Lagat ran away from everyone. Lagat finished the race with a 500 meter lead, running a new women's record of 18:45 for the hilly Quincy 5K. Thomas finished second overall with a time of 20:50. Evans placed third in 21:16, the first male and the fastest master in the race. Fourth overall at 22:04, Katelyn Kelly was the third female finisher. Sandra Canada was the fourth woman the the first female master; she placed ninth overall in 26:11.

Kaitlyn Kelly
Another constant in the history of the race is the carping about the hills. The hills aren't going away, though, nor are the hosts from the Moose Lodge about to air condition the course. But the runners do get an accurate 5K, a tour of some beautiful Quincy neighborhoods, traffic control from local law enforcement, and an event that benefits Special Olympics. Surely that's worth enduring a few hills.

Top Ten Women, 2012 Run With The Moose 5K
  1. The fastest master woman in the 2012 Run With The Moose 5K, Sandra Canada (9th, 26:11).18:45 ~ Violah Lagat (F, 23)
  2. 20:50 ~ Carly Thomas (F, 18)
  3. 22:04 ~ Kaitlyn Kelly (F, 18)
  4. 26:11 ~ Sandra Canada (F, 49)
  5. 28:37 ~ Jessica Miller (F, 34)
  6. 32:28 ~ Kamryn Kirkpatrick (F, 18)
  7. 34:15 ~ Cynthia Tie (F, 46)
  8. 34:25 ~ Lesa Evans (F, 45)
  9. 34:26 ~ Donna Graham (F, 53)
  10. 35:36 ~ Ranie Thompson (F, 36)

Top Ten Men, 2012 Run With The Moose 5K
  1. Cole Farrington21:16 ~ Duane Evans (M, 45)
  2. 22:14 ~ Cole Farrington (M, 19)
  3. 24:53 ~ Eric Dueno (M, 44)
  4. 25:00 ~ Franz Roeder (M, 13)
  5. 25:48 ~ Jason Thompson (M, 38)
  6. 26:44 ~ Bill Kimmons (M, 60)
  7. 27:52 ~ Mike Dueitt (M, 43)
  8. 28:05 ~ David Darst (M, 69)
  9. 28:36 ~ Warren Youmans (M, 19)
  10. 29:19 ~ Jeff Starks (M, 49)

Run With The Moose 5K champions, 2010-2012
14 August 2010
22:01, Jay Silvanima
20:52, Sheryl Rosen
23 July 2011
17:57, Gary Droze
24:05, Vicky Droze
28 July 2012
21:16, Duane Evans
18:45, Violah Lagat