Friday, October 12, 2012

More wins at home for Holy Comforter cross country

Tallahassee's Holy Comforter Episcopal School hosts two middle school cross-country meets each season, but neither seems to have a name. "Meet #1" and "Meet #2" aren't exactly names. It would be much more inspirational to compete at, say, the "Crusader Challenge," or the "Lawson Invitational," or the "Red-and-White 3K." It would also be easier to write about.

But a name isn't as important as a venue, and Holy Comforter races on one of the finest cross-country courses around--Lawson's Course, in the meadows behind the school. The Crusaders' held their second home meet of the 2012 season on Lawson's course on Thursday afternoon, 11 October 2012, and the outcome was much like the first meet. Led by Molly McCann's winning 12:14, Holy Comforter shut out the rest of the field in the girls' race, scoring the best possible total of 15 points. Behind the 11:29 first-place finish of Johnny Fitzgerald, the Crusaders boys scored 18 points to take the title in their race.

Competition opened at 4:00 PM ET with the girls' 3K. Holy Comforter's Molly McCann seized the lead early, trailed by her teammates, Katherine Resavage and Gray Kinch. By halfway through the race the three were well ahead of the rest of the field. Kinch fell back during the second half, while Resavage maintained contact with the leader, McCann. McCann continued to lead, though, crossing the finish line ahead of Resavage, 12:14 to 12:18. Kinch was third in 12:45, while Holy Comforter's Julia Rose Travis (4th, 13:22) and Julianna Heuchan (5th, 13:28) were the other scorers for the Crusaders. Ellone Levy (6th, 13:31) of Trinity Catholic was the first visitor to finish, followed by her fellow team member, Julia Chodyla (7th, 13:36). Trinity Catholic scored 46 points to finish second in the team standings behind Holy Comforter's 15 points. The School of Arts and Sciences was third with 79 points, headed by the 18th place finish of their top runner, Katie Huffman (15:01).

51 athletes lined up for the boys' race. Holy Comforter sixth-grader Johnny Fitzgerald led the charge at the start, but Crusader eighth-grader Aaron Amidon soon took over early pacesetting duties. Fitzgerald retook the lead about 800 meters into the race, and never had to look back after that. He went on to win the race, beating Amidon 11:29 to 12:06. Zachary Jackson of Cornerstone was third in 12:30, with Josh Ciarlariello of Community Christian fourth in 12:51. Jordan Pichard (5th, 12:55), Bryce Valveri (6th, 12:55), and James Ford (7th, 12:55) filled out Holy Comforter's scoring contingent, giving the Crusaders a winning total of 18 points. Trinity was second in the team standings with 55 points, led by their top finisher, Aidan Murtha (13th, 13:31). Cornerstone's team was third with 62 points.

Girls Team Standings
  1. Holy Comforter Episcopal, 15
  2. Trinity Catholic, 46
  3. School of Arts and Sciences, 79
  4. Imagine, 118

Top Ten Girls
  1. 12:13.75 ~ Molly McCann (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 8
  2. 12:17.12 ~ Katherine Resavage (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 6
  3. 12:44.89 ~ Gray Kinch (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 8
  4. 13:21.14 ~ Julia Rose Travis (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 8
  5. 13:27.51 ~ Julianna Heuchan (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 7
  6. 13:30.41 ~ Ellone Levy (Trinity Catholic)
  7. 13:35.15 ~ Julia Chodyla (Trinity Catholic)
  8. 13:39.22 ~ Emma Travis (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 8
  9. 13:47.94 ~ Emma McGibany (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 6
  10. 14:05.54 ~ Georgia Slay (Community Christian) 8

Boys' Team Standings
  1. Holy Comforter Episcopal, 18
  2. Trinity Catholic, 55
  3. Cornerstone Learning, 62
  4. School of Arts and Sciences, 117
  5. Imagine, 131

Top Ten Boys
  1. 11:28.16 ~ Johnny Fitzgerald (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 6
  2. 12:05.26 ~ Aaron Amidon (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 8
  3. 12:29.75 ~ Zachary Jackson (Cornerstone Learning) 8
  4. 12:50.50 ~ Josh Ciarlariello (Community Christian) 7
  5. 12:54.01 ~ Jordan Pichard (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 6
  6. 12:54.23 ~ Bryce Valveri (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 6
  7. 12:54.40 ~ James Ford (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 6
  8. 13:10.19 ~ Tripp Shippen (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 7
  9. 13:15.02 ~ David Durden (Community Christian) 6
  10. 13:16.54 ~ Joseph Ashebo (Holy Comforter Episcopal) 5


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