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Molosky and Johnson take titles at Tall Timbers

Vince MoloskyIf you pick the right October morning and one of the right places at Tall Timbers Research Station, you can stand on a grassy road out in the piney woods and see a dozen species of wildflowers in bloom. You can hear, although you may not see, about as many different bird species. The deer and the bears may stay hidden, but if you wait long enough, you'll hear the padding of feet, then the panting of breath, and a runner will go by. After the athlete passes the woodland noises will return, unchanged except for some additional scolding by the woodpeckers.

2012 Pine Run 20KThat's what it has been like the last five years when the Gulf Winds Track Club hosted their annual Pine Run 20K at Tall Timbers, most recently on Saturday morning, 13 October 2012. Just short of 200 competitors finished the 12.4-mile trail race this year, led by Vince Molosky at 74:48. It was the third title at Tall Timbers for Molosky, who also won the event in 2008 and 2010. Finishing runner-up behind Molosky, Tony Guillen was the fastest master runner of the morning, running 81:04. Jane Johnson was both the first woman and the first woman master, placing 27th overall in 95:05. Johnson also won the women's title in 2010.

Mike Peymann, Geb Kiros, Charn McAllisterThe start of the race was delayed till after 8:00 AM ET, quite a bit later than the scheduled 7:45. Once the runners were let loose, Molosky leapt into the lead. In the 2011 race, Molosky had run about half the Pine Run with Kevin Sullivan, who went on to win the race. Not so in 2012. Molosky just got farther and farther ahead as he knocked off the distance at close to 6:00-mile pace. Tony Guillen moved into second early, but for most of the race he would have needed binoculars to see Molosky, who finished the race with a lead of nearly a mile. Eight kilometers into the race, though, three runners were fighting for third--Charn McAllister, Mike Peymann, and Geb Kiros. Of the three, Kiros dropped off the pace first, and was eventually passed by Jack McDermott. McAllister and Peymann continued their duel through 15 kilometers, but after that McAllister opened a gap. While McAllister went on to take third in 82:35, Peymann had to deal with a closing McDermott. In the end, Peymann held off McDermott for fourth, 83:34 to 83:38.

Jane JohnsonJane Johnson handled the women's field much like Vince Molosky did the men's field. Johnson was already leading the rest of the women 400 meters into the race when the runners left oak-lined Henry Beadle Drive. After that, tall grass, clutching vines, loose sand, and steep hills made little difference to Johnson; she just kept getting farther ahead. When Johnson crossed the finish line in 95:05, the next woman was nearly 1200 meters behind. Tallahassee's Kate Chunka placed second among the women, running 1:41:02 and finishing 41st overall. Master runner Michelle Burke of Fernandina Beach was the third female finisher, placing 44th overall in 1:42:08.

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2012 Pine Run 20K at Tall Timbers
  1. Tony Guillen1:14:48 ~ Vince Molosky (M, 33) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 1:21:04 ~ Tony Guillen (M, 43) Tallahassee, FL
  3. 1:22:35 ~ Charn McAllister (M, 29) Tallahassee, FL
  4. 1:23:34 ~ Mike Peymann (M, 50) Tallahassee, FL
  5. 1:23:38 ~ Jack McDermott (M, 43) Tallahassee, FL
  6. 1:25:13 ~ Geb Kiros (M, 46) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 1:25:36 ~ Sean Hudson (M, 42) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 1:25:59 ~ Bing Xu (M, 44) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 1:26:23 ~ Andrew Smyth (M, 25) Tallahassee, FL
  10. 1:26:41 ~ Tad David (M, 43) Tallahassee, FL

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2012 Pine Run 20K at Tall Timbers
Kate Chunka
  1. 1:35:05 ~ Jane Johnson (F, 53) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 1:41:02 ~ Kate Chunka (F, 29) Tallahassee, FL
  3. 1:42:08 ~ Michelle Burke (F, 43) Fernandina Beach, FL
  4. 1:43:52 ~ Melissa Hooke (F, 34) Crawfordville, FL
  5. 1:44:40 ~ Nancy Stedman (F, 50) Tallahassee, FL
  6. 1:45:26 ~ Jamie Harris (F, 35) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 1:45:47 ~ Urska Dobersek (F, 29) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 1:48:07 ~ Sarrah Carroll (F, 30) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 1:48:38 ~ Alison Thumm (F, 35) Tallahassee, FL
  10. 1:48:39 ~ Nancy Moody (F, 28) Thomasville, GA

Champions of GWTC's Pine Run at Tall Timbers 20K, 2008-2012
11 October 200877:45 Vince Molosky87:32 Kati Gosnell
2 October 200975:22 Jay Wallace86:21 Sheryl Rosen
9 October 201073:39 Vince Molosky90:21 Jane Johnson
8 October 201173:15 Kevin Sullivan84:02 Sheryl Rosen
13 October 201274:48 Vince Molosky95:05 Jane Johnson


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