Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yap and Zemola run one for the Books

Chandler YapOn Sunday morning, 19 April 2015, Chandler Yap won the second annual “Book It!” 5K on the Tallahassee campus of Florida State University, running 20:11. Mike LaBossiere was the fastest master runner in the race, placing third in 23:19. Danielle Zemola topped the women's standings with a 26:15, coming in 10th overall. Lyssa Obresser was the top woman master in the race, placing 14th overall in 28:08. 49 athletes finished the 3.1-mile event.

The third weekend of April 2015 was scheduled to be a busy one for distance running in Tallahassee. There were two events slated for Saturday, the FSU Autism 5K and the Red Shoe Run 5K/10K, with two more on the agenda for Sunday, the “Book It!” 5K and the Sexual Assault Awareness Month 5K. With so many events to pick from, I asked “Book It!” 5K champ Chandler Yap how he had chosen where to race.

"I didn't know there were any other races in town," said Yap. "I'm part of the Honors Medical Student Society that puts on the race. We're raising money for books for children in Nicaragua."

Danielle ZemolaYap is in his first year of studying exercise science at Florida State, but a year ago he was a distance runner at Ocala Vanguard High School. Just before the 800-meter mark of the “Book It!” 5K Yap had taken over the lead, closely trailed by Joseph Means. By the halfway point of the race Yap had opened a big gap on Means. Florida A & M University philosophy professor Mike LaBossiere was running in sixth, but starting to move up. During the second half of the race Yap's lead grew to half a kilometer while he ran home to a 20:11 win. Means was second in 22:22, while master runner LaBossiere picked up three places to finish third in 23:19.

Danielle Zemola was only fifth in the women's field after the first kilometer of the five-kilometer race. She didn't stay in fifth, though. During the next four kilometers, Zemola picked off the four runners ahead of her then built up a lead of 200 meters on her way to a 26:15 and the women's title. Adrienne Johnston had been the seventh woman in the race at the 1K mark; she finished second in the women's standings, placing 11th overall in 27:29. At 28:08, master runner Lyssa Oberkreser was the third female finisher.

Top Ten Men, 2015 “Book It!” 5K
  1. 20:10.77 ~ Chandler YapJoseph Means
  2. 22:21.54 ~ Joseph Means
  3. 23:18.34 ~ Mike LaBossiere
  4. 23:37.21 ~ Brian Bowden
  5. 23:49.44 ~ Arian Rastgou
  6. 24:29.21 ~ Danny Lootens
  7. 26:06.48 ~ Derek Quesada
  8. 26:06.88 ~ Noah Nethery
  9. 26:11.88 ~ Josh Stacy
  10. 27:45.24 ~ Jack Koon

Top Ten Women, 2015 “Book It!” 5K
  1. 26:14.98 ~ Danielle ZemolaAdrienne Johnston
  2. 27:28.51 ~ Adrienne Johnston
  3. 28:07.31 ~ Lyssa Oberkreser
  4. 29:01.28 ~ Cecilia McMillan
  5. 29:01.28 ~ Timea Zabo
  6. 29:05.14 ~ Robin Landy
  7. 29:05.34 ~ Laura Hedrick
  8. 29:29.48 ~ Nadia Akhiyat
  9. 29:45.41 ~ Paige Breshike
  10. 30:32.54 ~ Taylor Foor

“Book It!” 5K winners, 2014 - 2015
27 April 201419:00, Adam Greenstein21:05, Paula O'Neill39
19 April 201520:11, Chandler Yap26:15, Danielle Zemola49


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