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Tallahassee's top 10K road times in 2015 (through March 28)

I recall reading in on of Stephen J. Gould's essays that there's a tendency in nature for small things to outnumber large things. So in a forest there may be a few bears, but dozens of foxes, scores of racoons, hundreds of squirrels, and more mice than you'd care to count. At your favorite fishing hole there will be lots of shiners, more fish that you'll throw back than are big enough to keep for the frying pan, and one lunker that every angler dreams of catching. In a suburban yard there are a few stately shade trees, many shrubs, and more weeds than the homeowner is willing to admit to. In the cosmos there are more small stars than giants, more planets than stars, more asteroids than planets, and there so many pebbles and dust particles that when hundreds of these specks fall to earth in a meteor shower, however spectacular, it hardly puts a dent in their numbers.

Stephen Cox
Road races in Tallahassee seem to follow this rule as well. There are more short races than long ones. Specifically, there are dozens of 5K races, but only a few 10K events. Of those few the Springtime 10K is paramount. More of Tallahassee's fast 10K times come out of the Springtime Road Race than from any other event in town. 2015 was no exception. The lists of the city's top 10K performances for the year was almost entirely rewritten on 28 March 2015 by the results of the 10K at the 40th annual Springtime Road Race.

Chris Lake
On the men's side, the most significant change was a new athlete at the top of the list. At Springtime Stephen Cox outran Chris Lake, the previous leader, 32:59 to 33:10, currently the two best 10K road performances in Tallahassee during 2015. Jack Redwing became the new #3 with a 34:07. Gary Droze ran 35:53 at Springtime to become the top master, sixth on the men's list. The only survivor from the pre-Springtime top ten was Zach DeVeau, whose 35:59 winning time from the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K went from first to seventh on the list.

Sheryl Rosen
Sheryl Rosen won the Springtime 10K women's title in 37:30, which is currently the fastest women's time in Tallahassee for the year. Rosen also leads the women's 5K performance list. Lauren Poulos ran 38:19 at Springtime, putting her at #2 on the women's 10K list. Katie Sherron, previously number one on the list, lowered her time more than two minutes to run 39:40 in the Springtime 10K, good for the third spot on the performance list. Stephanie Liles-Weyant is the top master and fourth on the women's list on the merit of the 40:32 she posted at Springtime. Three women who were in the top ten after the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K are still there now, but each of them had faster performances in the Springtime race.

Lauren Poulos
With nine months remaining in the year there may be other 10K races on certified courses in Tallahassee before the end of 2015, but the only one I know about for sure is the Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K coming up on 26 November 2015. That will be the last and best chance at a fast 10K times on the Tallahassee roads this year, but the featured event at the Turkey Trot has always been the 15K, so Cox and Rosen may very well end 2015 at the top of the lists. There are no guarantees, though. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2015
(Through 28 March 2015)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 32:59Stephen Cox312015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K1FL11044EBM
2. 33:10Chris Lake272015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K2FL11044EBM
3. 34:07Jack Redwing282015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K3FL11044EBM

34:08     C. Lake272015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K1FL14018EBM
4. 34:10Nate Kaiser352015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K4FL11044EBM
5. 34:20Charlie Johnson352015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K5FL11044EBM
6. 35:53Gary Droze532015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K6FL11044EBM
7. 35:59Zach Deveau272015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K2FL14018EBM
8. 37:37Rik Pool202015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K7FL11044EBM
9. 37:48Geb Kiros482015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K8FL11044EBM
10. 38:02Ryan Truchelut292015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K9FL11044EBM
11. 38:18Mickey Moore452015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K10FL11044EBM
12. 38:26Mike Peymann522015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K11FL11044EBM
13. 38:45Eric Godin312015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K12FL11044EBM
14. 38:51Myles Gibson482015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K3FL14018EBM
15. 38:59Brian Molen392015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K13FL11044EBM
16. 39:26Paul Guyas372015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K14FL11044EBM
17. 39:33Hong-Guo Yu462015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K15FL11044EBM
18. 39:42Elijah Ingram192015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K16FL11044EBM
19. 39:43Jon Mason412015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K17FL11044EBM
20. 39:48Mark Tombrink272015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K18FL11044EBM
21. 39:54Tim Unger552015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K19FL11044EBM
22. 40:12Tyler Sununu262015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K20FL11044EBM
23. 40:20Philip Sura442015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K21FL11044EBM
24. 40:23Jim Halley352015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K22FL11044EBM
25. 40:33David Welling302015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K4FL14018EBM
Includes performances from the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K and Springtime 10K (28 Mar 2016).

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2015
(Through 28 March 2015)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 37:30Sheryl Rosen302015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K1FL11044EBM
2. 38:19Lauren Poulos292015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K2FL11044EBM
3. 39:40Katie Sherron332015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K3FL11044EBM
4. 40:32Stephanie Liles-Weyant422015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K4FL11044EBM
5. 41:54Brittney Barnes272015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K5FL11044EBM

42:02     K. Sherron332015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K1FL14018EBM
6. 42:33Melissa Thompson302015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K6FL11044EBM
7. 42:35Renee Cox272015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K7FL11044EBM

43:03     R. Cox272015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K2FL14018EBM
8. 43:03Jillian Heddaeus312015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K8FL11044EBM
9. 43:13Chelsea Hankins222015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K9FL11044EBM

43:24     J. Heddaeus312015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K3FL14018EBM
10. 43:25Kristy Kalich212015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K10FL11044EBM
11. 44:01Laura McDermott352015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K11FL11044EBM
12. 44:29Marisa Abegg282015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K12FL11044EBM
13. 44:33Shannon Colavecchio372015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K13FL11044EBM
14. 44:40Angela Wable412015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K14FL11044EBM
15. 44:41Sheri Poskanzer262015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K15FL11044EBM

44:53     L. McDermott352015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K4FL14018EBM
16. 45:09Emma Spencer342015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K16FL11044EBM
17. 45:18Katie Sack232015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K17FL11044EBM
18. 45:21Michelle Claycomb282015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K18FL11044EBM

45:22     S. Colavecchio372015-03-07Thomasville Road Baptist 10K5FL14018EBM
19. 45:24Tara Thomas202015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K19FL11044EBM
20. 45:33Laura Cilek252015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K20FL11044EBM
21. 45:58Brittany Marlin232015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K21FL11044EBM
22. 46:05Katasha Cornwell372015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K22FL11044EBM
23. 46:21Alison Thumm372015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K23FL11044EBM
24. 46:25Paula O'Neill532015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K24FL11044EBM
25. 46:40Sarah Dugas362015-03-28GWTC Springtime 10K25FL11044EBM
Includes performances from the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K and Springtime 10K (28 Mar 2016).


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