Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kelly and Price were too quick for the buzzards in the Road Kill 5K

Road Kill RunEach winter the vultures show up in Reed Bingham State Park, west of Adel, Georgia. There is a calendrical regularity to their appearance, much like the swallows arriving in Capistrano each year, only more gruesome. You can argue that one bird species is no more gruesome than another, and that nature requires carrion eaters like vultures. Vulture behaviour, however, includes urohidrosis, which is something that you'll never catch a self-respecting swallow doing. Not out in public, anyway.

The vultures may keep to a schedule, but not the annual road race in their honor, the Road Kill 5K. This year the race was on Saturday morning, 25 April 2015. In the last four years, the race has been run in three different months. The Friends of Reed Bingham State Park should hire one of the park's vultures to keep their calendar.

Another change in this year's race was that Lake Park, Georgia, distance runner Ryan Kelly set a new course record. The Valdosta High cross-country coach ran a winning time of 17:59 for the 3.1 miles through the park, breaking the 2011 record of 18:34. Cook Middle School eighth-grader Cody Pezent finished runner-up behind Kelly with a 21:25. Bret Wagenhorst of Tifton, Georgia, was the fastest master runner in the park that morning, placing third overall in 21:42.

Valdosta, Georgia, athlete Anne Price was the first woman in the 2015 Road Kill 5K, finishing seventh overall in 25:26. Angela Pezent of Adel, Georgia was the women's runner-up and top woman master, placing eighth overall in 25:50.

54 athletes finished the 2015 Road Kill Run 5K. The race is conducted by the Friends of Reed Bingham State Park for the benefit of the park. Finish line and timing services were provided by A Course/Line, LLC of Valdosta, Georgia.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Road Kill Run 5K
  1. 17:58.2 ~ Ryan Kelly (M, 36) Lake Park, GA
  2. 21:24.9 ~ Cody Pezent (M, 14) Adel, GA
  3. 21:41.4 ~ Bret Wagenhorst (M, 51) Tifton, GA
  4. 22:29.9 ~ James Hawke (M, 48) Sylvester, GA
  5. 23:31.8 ~ Kent Posey (M, 31) Moultrie, GA
  6. 24:19.5 ~ John T Hall (M, 44) Tifton, GA
  7. 28:33.4 ~ William Mackenzie (M, 51) Albany, GA
  8. 28:33.8 ~ Miles Stalvey (M, 13) Hahira, GA
  9. 28:47.6 ~ Craig Davis (M, 39) Adel, GA
  10. 28:52.3 ~ Joseph Pezent (M, 11) Adel, GA

Top Ten Women, 2015 Road Kill Run 5K
  1. 25:25.8 ~ Anne Price (F, 33) Valdosta, GA
  2. 25:49.6 ~ Angela Pezent (F, 41) Adel, GA
  3. 25:58.6 ~ Sydney Borg (F, 20) Conyers, GA
  4. 26:41.4 ~ Danielle Posey (F, 33) Moultrie, GA
  5. 27:34.3 ~ Traci Newton (F, 38) Tifton, GA
  6. 27:38.0 ~ Jessie Burton (F, 34) Barney, GA
  7. 28:05.0 ~ Katie Neal (F, 27) Ray City, GA
  8. 28:46.8 ~ Caia Davis (F, 9) Adel, GA
  9. 29:14.7 ~ April Brown (F, 58) Greenville, FL
  10. 30:32.8 ~ Sara Mackenzie (F, 35) Albany, GA

Recent Road Kill Run 5K winners, 2012 - 2015
19 May 201218:34, Masked Avenger24:24, Christy Cherry71
18 May 201318:43, Chance Roe22:28, Eryn Wilkey65
22 February 201418:51, Ryan Kelly21:25, Makenzee Page33
25 April 201517:59, Ryan Kelly25:26, Anne Price54
Prior to 2012, the Road Kill Run was a 10K and a 5K held on the trails in
Reed Bingham State Park.
Starting in 2012, the Road Kill Run became a 5K held on the park's roads on

USATF certified course #GA11076WC.


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