Monday, August 10, 2015

Call it Weracoba or call it Lakebottom, but call Totten-Lancaster and Ryffe winners

Columbus Road Runners Summer SeriesColumbus, Georgia, is the county seat of Muscogee County. The Muscogee, from which the county derives its name, were banished from Columbus a long time ago, but many of their place names still appear on maps of the area. Weracoba Creek is an example. Weracoba is Muscogee for "Big Water," which seems incongruous unless you're looking at Weracoba Creek during a flood event. In 1890 the Columbus Railroad Company built a dam on Weracoba Creek forming a lake, the focus of Wildwood Park. By 1924 Columbus High School needed a new home. The city bought the park, drained the lake, and built a new Columbus High building on sixteen acres of the land. The rest became Weracoba Park, which everyone called Lakebottom Park. Thus when the Columbus Road Runners held a race there on Saturday morning, 8 August 2015, it was the Lakebottom Park 5K.

Hamilton, Georgia, master runner Aaron Totten-Lancaster won the Lakebottom Park 5K by more than 600 meters, covering the 3.1 miles in Columbus' historic midtown in 16:47. Columbus High sophomore Alex Salgado edged Columbus Northside junior Chris Schintgen for the runner-up spot, both athletes clocked in 19:15. Likewise, John Orosz just got by master runner Duane Patin to take fourth, 19:41 to 19:42.

Morgan Ryffe took the women's title. The Georgia Regents University cross country runner and Northside Columbus alumna placed tenth overall in 20:42. Columbus High senior cross country runner Alina Salgado was second in the women's competition, coming in 20th overall in 21:37. Susan Lancaster of Hamilton, Georgia, was the first woman master and third female finisher, placing 32nd overall in 22:52.

239 athletes finished the race. The Lakebottom Park 5K was fifth and final race in the Columbus Road Runners' 2015 Summer Series.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Lakebottom Park 5K
  1. 16:47 ~ Aaron Totten-Lancaster (M, 40) Hamilton, GA
  2. 19:15 ~ Alex Salgado (M, 14) Ft. Benning, GA
  3. 19:15 ~ Christopher Schintgen (M, 17) Fortson, GA
  4. 19:41 ~ John Orosz (M, 28)
  5. 19:42 ~ Duane Patin (M, 45)
  6. 20:16 ~ Mason Hargrove (M, 12) Smith Station, AL
  7. 20:17 ~ Tony Burkett (M, 48) Midland, GA
  8. 20:20 ~ Rob Kindrick (M, 50) Pine Mountain, GA
  9. 20:34 ~ Ben Branton (M, 51) Salem, AL
  10. 20:38 ~ Larry McClain (M, 33) Fort Benning, GA
Morgan Ryffe
Top Ten Women, 2015 Lakebottom Park 5K
  1. 20:42 ~ Morgan Ryffe (F, 20) Midland, GA
  2. 21:37 ~ Alina Salgado (F, 17) Ft. Benning, GA
  3. 22:52 ~ Susan Lancaster (F, 44) Hamilton, GA
  4. 23:01 ~ Alison Kroviak (F, 44) Columbus, GA
  5. 23:35 ~ Taylor Elkins (F, 14) Pine Mountain, GA
  6. 23:54 ~ Abby Miller (F, 29) Columbus, GA
  7. 23:56 ~ Jennifer Hunter (F, 39) Columbus, GA
  8. 24:09 ~ Kate Driskell (F, 34) Columbus, GA
  9. 24:15 ~ Kelly Andrews (F, 37) Phenix City, AL
  10. 24:22 ~ Angie Walker (F, 36) Cataula, GA

Lakebottom Park 5K winners, 2014 - 2015
16 August 201418:02, Bo Bridges22:21, Chaille Sullivan206
8 August 201516:47, Aaron Totten-Lancaster20:42, Morgan Ryffe239


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