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Schmidt and Skalski top Miller Landing Madness

Roger SchmidtOn Saturday morning, 22 August 2015, Roger Schmidt of Capital City Runners won Gulf Winds Track Club's Miller Landing Madness 8K. His five-mile run through Tallahassee's Phipps Park wasn't without incident though.

"I got a sweet gum tree ball stuck to my spikes," said Schmidt.

Schmidt weathered that and the other perils of cross country running to finish the race in 28:45, almost half a kilometer ahead of the next runner. Maclay School cross country coach Gary Droze was the top master runner in the race, coming in second overall in 30:31. Jane Skalski won the women's title, placing 21st overall in 38:07. Deborah Congdon was the first woman master and fifth female finisher, 40th overall in 42:40. 126 athletes finished the race.

Bryan Koon, Gary DrozeThe 8K started just after 8:00 AM, with runners in the Miller Landing Madness 5K sharing the first mile or so of the course--or all the running up to the first time through the water hazard. Roger Schmidt was content to follow the front runners in the 5K for that early part of the run. After all, the athletes in the shorter race would be running faster, right?

"I ran 29:03 last year. That's about a 5:50 per mile average," said Schmidt. "I thought those guys would pull me through pretty fast, but we ended up going through the mile in 6:05."

After the 5K runners turned off to do their shorter loop, Schmidt picked up the pace, running faster than the 5K field, running faster than anyone in the park that morning.

Jane Skalski"I didn't hear any pitter patter of footsteps behind me or anything," said Schmidt. "It got lonely on the back part of the course."

Schmidt endured the solitude on his way to posting a winning time of 28:45. Behind him, master runner Gary Droze pulled away from fellow master Bryan Koon to take second in 30:31. Koon was third in 31:00.

The woman to reach the water was Victoria Richmond. At that point, a mile into the race, Jane Skalski was over half a minute behind Richmond and fifth in the women's standings. But Skalski was moving up. With a mile to go, Skalski was leading the women, ten seconds ahead of Richmond and pulling away. At the finish line Skalski was the first woman across, running 38:07. Richmond was the women's runner-up, finishing 27th overall in 39:22. Emma Spencer was third for the ladies, 28th overall in 40:00.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Miller Landing Madness 8K
  1. 28:45 ~ Roger Schmidt (M,24)Bryan Koon
  2. 30:31 ~ Gary Droze (M,54)
  3. 31:00 ~ Bryan Koon (M,43)
  4. 32:07 ~ Peter Kaus (M,31)
  5. 31:57 ~ Tony Guillen (M,43)
  6. 32:30 ~ Geb Kiros (M,48)
  7. 32:38 ~ Paul Guyas (M,37)
  8. 32:49 ~ Terance Keenan (M,50)
  9. 33:02 ~ Colin Abbey (M,20)
  10. 33:18 ~ Joel Piotrowski (M,45)

Top Ten Women, 2015 Miller Landing Madness 8K
  1. 38:07 ~ Jane Skalski (F,30)Victoria Richmond
  2. 39:22 ~ Victoria Richmond (F,25)
  3. 40:00 ~ Emma Spencer (F,34)
  4. 42:16 ~ Beverly Hamilton (F,37)
  5. 42:40 ~ Deborah Congdon (F,45)
  6. 42:44 ~ Sarah Craig (F,20)
  7. 43:02 ~ Kelly Garland (F,44)
  8. 43:12 ~ Sarah Monbarren (F,29)
  9. 43:51 ~ Nancy Moody (F,31)
  10. 44:07 ~ Martha Bademan (F,31)

James McClureIn the period leading up to the Miller Landing Madness, Roger Schmidt was preparing for the Berlin Marathon later in the fall.

"The volume of training for the marathon is crazy," said Schmidt.

The mileage did nothing to hurt Schmidt's race. In the 5K, James McClure also had a twist to his training. The Maclay sophomore is taking weight training as his P.E. class. However that may affect his running during cross country season this fall, it didn't harm his performance in the Miller Landing Madness. McClure won the race in 18:16, running five seconds faster than in the 2014 Miller Landing Madness 5K. To get the win, McClure had to outkick another Maclay cross country runner, junior Jake Mazziotta. Mazziotta was second in 18:17. Maclay frosh Clay Milford placed third in 18:24. The top master runner in the 5K was Michael Martinez, 11th overall in 19:26.

Maclay junior Caroline Willis also improved on her 2014 Miller Landing Madness performance. Taking the women's title for the second year in a row, Willis finished 20th overall in 20:33, 40 seconds faster than her previous year's time. Maclay junior cross country runner Molly McCann was the second female finisher in the 5K, coming in 52nd overall in 22:40. Taylor County High senior Meagan Giddens (57th, 23:07) edged Wakulla junior Haleigh Martin (58th, 23:09) for the third female spot.

207 athletes finished the 5K.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Miller Landing Madness 5K
  1. 18:16 ~ James McClure (M, 16)Clay Milford, Jake Mazziotta
  2. 18:17 ~ Jake Mazziotta (M, 17)
  3. 18:24 ~ Clay Milford (M, 15)
  4. 18:33 ~ Bryce Cole (M, 17)
  5. 18:42 ~ George Gwynn (M, 17)
  6. 19:15 ~ Clayton Carlson (M, 15)
  7. 19:17 ~ Joshua Liles (M, 16)
  8. 19:21 ~ Moritz Busch (M, 16)
  9. 19:25 ~ Alex Smythe (M, 16)
  10. 19:26 ~ Dylan Peebles (M, 15)

Top Ten Women, 2015 Miller Landing Madness 5K
  1. 20:33 ~ Caroline Willis (F,16)Caroline Willis
  2. 22:40 ~ Molly McCann (F,16)
  3. 23:07 ~ Meagan Giddens (F,17)
  4. 23:09 ~ Haleigh Martin (F,16)
  5. 23:25 ~ Rachel Rumana (F,16)
  6. 23:39 ~ Connie Lewis (F,17)
  7. 23:53 ~ Jainey Coates (F,14)
  8. 24:03 ~ Kate Chunka (F,32)
  9. 25:00 ~ Blessing Nkembo (F,16)
  10. 25:18 ~ Summer Hill (F,16)

Joseph Ashebo of Holy Comforter Episcopal was an early leader in the Miller Landing Madness 3K, with Swift Creek Middle School eighth-grader Alyson Churchill pushing him. Maclay School eighth-grader Johnny McClure overtook both of them, then went on to win the race in 11:14. Florida State University School seventh grader Jahaz Morgan took second in 11:25. Alyson Churchill was the first female finisher, placing third in 11:34--the fastest girls' time ever in the Miller Landing Madness 3K. Swift Creek eighth-grader Megan Churchill was the second girl across the finish line, coming in ninth overall in 11:52.

205 athletes finished the 3K.

Top Ten Males, 2015 Miller Landing Madness 3K
  1. 11:14 ~ Jonathan McClure (M,13)Johnny McClure, Jahaz Morgan
  2. 11:25 ~ Jahaz Morgan (M,12)
  3. 11:39 ~ Morgan Castano (M,13)
  4. 11:43 ~ Hunt Deison (M,13)
  5. 11:50 ~ Trey Jackson (M,14)
  6. 11:51 ~ Joseph Ashebo (M,13)
  7. 11:51 ~ Jackson Roberts (M,13)
  8. 11:59 ~ Weston Blake (M,12)
  9. 11:59 ~ Brecht Heuchan (M,13)
  10. 12:00 ~ Spencer Amsellem (M,14)

Top Ten Females, 2015 Miller Landing Madness 3K
  1. 11:34 ~ Alyson Churchill (F,13)Alyson Churchill
  2. 11:52 ~ Megan Churchill (F,13)
  3. 12:01 ~ Emily Molen (F,13)
  4. 12:30 ~ Lindsay James (F,12)
  5. 12:46 ~ Tonie Morgan (F,11)
  6. 12:54 ~ Avery Smith (F,13)
  7. 13:04 ~ Elizabeth Calabro (F,13)
  8. 13:05 ~ Caitlin Wilkey (F,13)
  9. 13:16 ~ Maia Mast (F,13)
  10. 13:42 ~ Olivia Dean (F,12)

Miller Landing Madness Winners, 2008 - 2015
30 August 20088K28:57, David Altmaier32:49, Sheryl Rosen76
5K17:12, Austin Stevens18:46, Jana Stolting110
3K11:21, Will Henderson13:14, Autumn Wable73
29 August 20098K28:05, Chris Lake33:03, Sarah Docter-Williams151
5K18:17, Austin Stevens18:17, Jana Stolting243
3K11:26, Chase Harris12:04, Cecelia Williams136
28 August 20108K26:28, Kevin Cook33:29, Sheryl Rosen168
5K17:15, Patrick Swain19:22, Stefanie Kurgatt160
3K11:14, Wil Luca13:30, Madeline Horgan110
27 August 20118K25:54, Kevin Sullivan32:17, Sheryl Rosen236
5K16:59, Jacob Slupecki20:14, Stefanie Kurgatt212
3K11:08, Evan Francis12:59, Cheyenne Hildinger157
25 August 20128K27:50, Vince Molosky36:36, Jane Johnson190
5K16:32, Joseph Garcia19:12, Stefanie Kurgatt258
3K10:57, Jake Mazziotta12:16, Adrianna Dugan148
24 August 20138K26:29, Will Stanford35:11, Katie Showman150
5K16:55, Joseph Garcia19:20, Emily Ness237
3K10:48, James McClure12:20, Chase Merrick135
23 August 20148K28:26, Chris Lake35:26, Brittney Barnes154
5K17:09, Joe Garcia21:13, Caroline Willis172
3K11:33, Jonathan McClure12:34, Alyson Churchill173
22 August 20158K28:45, Roger Schmidt38:07, Jane Skalski126
5K18:16,James McClure20:33, Caroline Willis207
3K11:14, Jonathan McClure11:34, Alyson Churchill205
The Miller Landing Madness was preceded in history by the Miccosukee Madness (2004-2007)
and the Tom Brown Bash (1977-2003) races.


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