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Smoking runs at the Sizzler for Schmidt and Fackler

They say it's lonely at the top, and that was certainly true for the top of the race results of the 18th annual St. George Island Sizzler 5K. Roger Smith of Capital City Runners ran 17:05 to win the race by over a minute, isolated from the next runner by more than 300 meters. At least he was only a local call away from the field and not long distance.

The race wasn't nearly as lonely for two high school senior cross country runners, Wakulla's Bryce Cole and Leon's Joshua Stapleton. Cole and Stapleton were in a close fight for second, but Cole prevailed 18:11 to 18:18. Tallahassee distance runner Joel Piotrowski was the top master runner in the race, placing fourth overall in 18:29.

The weather may have discouraged some runners from venturing to the Sizzler. The Saturday afternoon of the race, 8 August 2015, heavy rain fell on the island. Still, 181 athletes showed up to finish the race, and their faith was rewarded when the rain had ceased by the 7:00 PM starting time. Additionally the rain had kept the temperatures down--a simmer instead of the usual sizzle. No one could describe it as cool, but the conditions were as good for running as you could expect on the Florida coast in August.

"It was one of the least hot Sizzlers I can remember," commented Bill Lott, a volunteer on the finish line crew.

Jacksonville's Katie Fackler took advantage of those conditions and burned a 18:53, winning the women's title and finishing seventh overall. It wasn't the women's record for the Sizzler, but it was the fastest since Kara Newell set the record of 18:39 in 2006 and the third best time ever run by a woman in the race. Ahna Buntrock, a cross country runner at Washington University in St. Louis, took second on the women's side, placing nineteenth overall in 20:49. Third in the women's standings went to Wakulla cross country runner Haleigh Martin (25th, 22:21), and fourth to Emmy Buntrock (26th, 22:36), a senior cross country runner on the Dover-Eyota High squad in Eyota, Minnesota. Lynn Varner was the first woman master and eighth female finisher, 36th overall in 24:13.

As always, the St. George Island Sizzler was a production of the Tate's Hell Track Club, which race director Hobson Fulmer insists is a real club--in much the same way that my father used to insist that hoop snakes were a real animal. Proceeds of the race go to benefit the Franklin County Humane Society. Chip timing of the race was provided by Gulf Winds Track Club of Tallahassee, Florida.

Top Ten Men, 2015 St. George Island Sizzler 5K
  1. 17:05 ~ Roger Schmidt (M, 24) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 18:11 ~ Bryce Cole (M, 17)
  3. 18:18 ~ Joshua Stapleton (M, 17)
  4. 18:29 ~ Joel Piotrowski (M, 45)
  5. 18:44 ~ Frank Denes (M, 29)
  6. 18:48 ~ Scott Gordon (M, 32)
  7. 19:08 ~ Ryan Skyler (M, 25)
  8. 19:15 ~ Danten Wood (M, 15)
  9. 19:23 ~ Lane Williams (M, 19)
  10. 19:43 ~ Philip Sura (M, 45)

Top Ten Women, 2015 St. George Island Sizzler 5K
  1. 18:53 ~ Katie Fackler (F, 32) Jacksonville, FL
  2. 20:49 ~ Ahna Buntrock (F, 20)
  3. 22:21 ~ Haleigh Martin (F, 16)
  4. 22:36 ~ Emmy Buntrock (F, 17)
  5. 23:03 ~ Anne Coxe (F, 27)
  6. 24:06 ~ Sarah F Denes (F, 27)
  7. 24:07 ~ Julia Rose Travis (F, 17)
  8. 24:13 ~ Lynn Varner (F, 50)
  9. 24:29 ~ Mia Varner (F, 17)
  10. 25:00 ~ Alyssa Langston (F, 14)

St. George Island Sizzler 5K Champions, 1997 - 2015
21 June 199717:36, Tim Unger21:40, Julie Clark34
13 June 199816:09, Gary Droze22:53, Donna Finney69
12 June 199917:05, Tim Unger19:24, Summer Calder61
10 June 200016:07, Gary Droze21:18, Julie Clark34
2001No race held
15 June 200215:46, Lee Willis18:43, Luanne Coulter53
21 June 200316:44, Caleb Carmichael20:45, Jane Johnson95
12 June 200416:42, Caleb Carmichael19:48, Kara Newell77
18 June 200516:02, Alex Miletich20:53, Angela Dempsey142
24 June 200617:24, Robert Beazley18:39, Kara Newell169
23 June 200717:02, Jasen Fulghum20:41, Jane Johnson106
28 June 200816:44, Tripp Southerland19:11, Stephanie Liles175
27 June 200916:53, John Robida19:47, Kelsey Scheitlin214
26 June 201019:06, Carl Nordhielm22:06, Nancy Stedman147
25 June 201117:06, Brandon Hough22:44, Nicole Reichenbach218
11 August 201216:25, Vince Molosky21:58, Polina Bondarenko280
10 August 201316:16, Caleb Carmichael20:28, Renee Cox318
9 August 201418:02, Carl Nordhielm20:25, Polina Bondarenko222
8 August 201517:05, Roger Schmidt18:53, Katie Fackler181
The 1997 race was called the Summer Island 5K.


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