Saturday, November 25, 2017

No one catches Fox or Claussen at the Pilgrim Chase

PilgrimsThey may not all go "over the river and through the wood," but a lot of Americans return to their family home for Thanksgiving Day. Dothan, Alabama's Austin Fox relocated to Iowa City, Iowa, but he was back in Dothan on Saturday, 25 November 2017, two days after Thanksgiving, for the Pilgrim Chase 5K--the eighteenth annual edition of a race he had won twice before. When the race was over, Fox had picked up his third Pilgrim Chase win, covering the 3.1-mile cross-country course through Westgate Park in 17:47. Twelve-year-old Rory Claussen of Panama City, Florida won the women's title, placing tenth overall in 20:53.

Fox finished more than 150 meters ahead of the next runner. Behind him, Alan Flores and Chris Robbins battled for second. Flores, a Northview High frosh cross-country runner, prevailed at the finish line, running 18:23 to Robbins' 18:25. Bob Walker of Baker, Florida was the fastest master runner in the race, coming in sixth overall in 19:58.

Four weeks before the Pilgrim Chase, Rory Claussen had raced Florida's Middle School Girls' Cross-Country State Championship in Lakeland, Florida. A sixth-grader, Claussen had finished second in the three-kilometer race, running 11:21.77. She took an early lead over the women's field at the Pilgrim Chase, going out hard. After a more conservative start, Hannah Samuels caught up with Claussen about two kilometers into the race. Samuels was a junior on the Covenant College cross-country team, but Claussen was having none of that. She surged away from Samuels during the second half of the race, going on to win the women's competition in 20:53. Samuels was second in 22:41, placing fifteenth overall. Ashley Robbins of Eagen, Minnesota was third in the women's standings and 21st overall in 24:32. LaGrange, Georgia's Tanya Woodham was the top woman master and fourth female finisher, 25th overall in 25:24.

The 2017 Pilgrim Chase 5K Trail Race was hosted by the Dothan Runners. 64 athletes finished the eighteenth annual event.

[ A big thank you to master runner Mark McCarra for details on the women's race. ]

Top Ten Men, Dothan Runners' 2017 Pilgrim Chase 5K
  1. 17:47, Austin Fox (M, 29) Iowa City, IA
  2. 18:23, Alan Flores (M, 14) Dothan, AL
  3. 18:25, Chris Robbins (M, 32) Eagan, MN
  4. 19:40, Rob Oates (M, 39) Brandon, MS
  5. 19:57, Cole Jordan (M, 16) Bascom, FL
  6. 19:58, Bob Walker (M, 46) Baker, FL
  7. 20:09, Dale Thomas (M, 54) Taylor, AL
  8. 20:25, Tom Rainer (M, 35) Durham, NC
  9. 20:52, Bradley Wells (M, 30) Birmingham, AL
  10. 21:12, Reuben Oatees (M, 33) Clinton, MS

Top Ten Women, Dothan Runners' 2017 Pilgrim Chase 5K
  1. 20:53, Rory Claussen (F, 12) Panama City, FL
  2. 22:41, Hannah Samuels (F, 21) Tyrone, GA
  3. 24:32, Ashley Robbins (F, 33) Eagan, MN
  4. 25:24, Tanya Woodham (F, 45) LaGrange, GA
  5. 26:07, Robin White (F, 37) Vestavia, AL
  6. 26:27, Lindsey Fox (F, 32) Nashville, TN
  7. 27:58, Chris Fox (F, 60) Dothan, AL
  8. 29:13, Dale Broyles (F, 22) Savannah, GA
  9. 30:25, Chandra Hanson (F, 50) Marianna, FL
  10. 32:05, Stephanie Jetton (F, 29) Clio, AL

Dothan Runners' Pilgrim Chase 5K Trail Race winners, 2000 - 2017
4 November 200018:22, Matt Parker24:00, Nancy Hein60
3 November 200118:23, David Robinson22:38, Karen Kenney68
23 November 200216:59, Ben Fish22:38, Rachel Zent56
22 November 200319:26, Al Goudzwaard22:17, Donna Dowd61
20 November 200419:14, Brian Hickey23:43, Lou Ellen Jayroe38
26 November 200519:44, Gabe Mitchell22:57, Lou Ellen Jayroe69
25 November 200617:36, Aubrey Darnell22:43, Lou Ellen Jayroe66
24 November 200718:24, Gabe Mitchell23:54, Lou Ellen Jayroe73
29 November 200819:01, Myles Gibson24:11, Lou Ellen Jayroe54
28 November 200918:05, Ashley Folkes21:58, Kayla Fox81
27 November 201016:24, Christopher Hough24:10, Emily Anne Latta73
26 November 201117:47, Sean Kent20:02, Ashlee Romani112
24 November 201217:10, David Seymour22:50, Kayla Fox127
30 November 201317:14, Austin Fox19:27, In-Mi Matsunaga96
29 November 201418:41, Adam McPherson23:07, Val Lichner97
28 November 201517:28, Austin Fox19:36, Ginna Reid78
26 November 201619:19, Rob Oates22:36, Ella Richards59
25 November 201717:47, Austin Fox20:53, Rory Claussen64


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