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Emily Culley and Sebastian Kenne rock ARPXC, as Chiles sweeps 3A District 3

At Tallahassee, Florida's Apalachee Regional Park, the Chiles High School girls' cross-country team put up a perfect fifteen-point score to win the FHSAA 3A District 3 team title for the fifth year in a row. Chiles senior Emily Culley took the individual title, running 18:45. Not to be outdone, the Chiles boys won their race as well, scoring a mathematically unbeatable 26 points. It was almost an all-Chiles district meet, but Stanton senior Sebastian Kenne nabbed first place in the boys' 5K with a 16:40.

2018 Chiles Girls Cross-Country Team
Chiles Girls

Competition opened at 4:00 PM with the girls' 5K. The Chiles girls took command of the race early; by two kilometers Timberwolf runners held the first six positions. Of those six, a group of four led the field--juniors Caitlin Wilkey and Alyson Churchill, and seniors Emily Culley and Abigail Schrobilgen. At the three kilometer mark Schrobilgen had dropped back and Culley was setting the pace. Culley pulled away steadily after that, building up a lead of nearly 70 meters by the time she crossed the finish line in a winning 18:45. Wilkey overtook Alyson Churchill during the final half kilometer to take second in 19:00. Churchill was third in 19:09 and Schrobilgen fourth in 19:45. Chiles senior Olivia Miller edged Leon sophomore Avery Calabro for fifth, 2011 to 20:13, giving the Timberwolf team 15 points and the District title.

The top four teams in 3A District 3 qualified for the 3A Region 1 meet, scheduled for New World Golf Course in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday morning, 3 November 2018, so Chiles advanced. The Leon High girls took second with 64 points, also earning a berth in the Region 1 Meet. Lincoln took third with 92 points, led by the eleventh place, 21:17 performance of junior Chase Merrick. Paxon, led by junior Leah Pelham (14th, 22:06), was the final team qualifier, placing fourth with 107 points. The Stanton team fell short of advancing to Region, placing fifth with 110 points, but Stanton junior Kendra Moisan (13th, 21:45) qualified as an individual.

Caitlin Wilkey, Abigail Schrobilgen, Alyson Churchill, Emily Culley
Caitlin Wilkey, Abigail Schrobilgen, Alyson Churchill, and Emily Culley

Culley's plan going into District was straightforward enough.

"Just run tough, run hard," said Culley. "The next time we run really hard will be the State Meet."

Saturday, 10 November 2018, is the date of the State Meet, which will be back on that same Apalachee Regional Park course. ARPXC is virtually the home course for Chiles and the other Tallahassee schools, who can work out there nearly any time they like. Even with that degree of familiarity, Culley sees the need for further study on the course.

Emily Culley
Emily Culley

"We really need to run tangents better," said Culley. "We also need to work on running the Wall hard both times around, and working on the other smaller hills. And using the downhills."

Girls' Team Standings, 2018 FHSAA 3A District 3 XC Meet
  1. Chiles, 15
  2. Leon, 64
  3. Lincoln, 92
  4. Paxon, 107
  5. Stanton, 110
  6. Columbia, 162
  7. Terry Parker, 200

Top 15 Girls, 2018 FHSAA 3A District 3 XC Meet
  1. 18:44.20, Emily Culley (Chiles) 12
  2. 19:00.00, Caitlin Wilkey (Chiles) 11
  3. 19:08.50, Alyson Churchill (Chiles) 11
  4. 19:44.50, Abigail Schrobilgen (Chiles) 12
  5. 20:10.70, Olivia Miller (Chiles) 12
  6. 20:13.00, Avery Calabro (Leon) 10
  7. 20:20.80, Megan Churchill (Chiles) 11
  8. 20:25.80, Lindsay James (Chiles) 10
  9. 20:28.00, Katherine Resavage (Leon) 12
  10. 20:35.30, Emily Molen (Chiles) 11
  11. 21:16.30, Chase Merrick (Lincoln) 11
  12. 21:40.60, Elizabeth Calabro (Leon) 11
  13. 21:44.50, Kendra Moisan (Stanton) 11
  14. 22:05.50, Leah Pelham (Paxon) 11
  15. 22:07.00, Amelia Wondracek (Paxon) 10

The Wall is an infamous hill at Apalachee Regional Park. Five-kilometer races at ARPXC are run on a two-loop course that take the runners up the Wall twice. District champion Sebastian Kenne counts the Wall as one of the problems he needs to solve.

"I had trouble this season, especially on hills like the Wall," said the Stanton senior. "I also tend to go out too hard, but I'm working on that."

Sebastian Kenne
Sebastian Kenne

Kenne wasn't having too much trouble at the District 3 meet. After his first trip up the wall, Kenne passed the halfway point of the race at the front of the field, sharing the lead with Chiles senior Connor Phillips.

"At Fernandina a couple of weeks ago I was in the same position as he [Phillips] was, with a guy [John Sorenson of Fernandina Beach] running with me, and he started opening a gap on me," recalled Kenne. "Today, I tried to do the same to him [Phillips]."

Sebastian Kenne, Connor Phillips
Connor Phillips and Sebastian Kenne

Back at the Pirate Invitational on 13 October 2018, Kenne had finished runner-up to Sorenson, 16:18 to 16:38. At the District 3 meet, though, Kenne was successful in pulling away from Phillips during the fourth kilometer of the race. When Kenne crested the Wall for the second time, 500 meters from the finish line, he was nearly half a minute ahead of Phillips. Chiles senior Clay Milford overtook Phillips during the final half kilometer and closed slightly on Kenne, but the Stanton senior still had a lead of more than 100 meters when he finished in a winning 16:40. Milford was second in 17:03 and Phillips third in 17:11.

For a brief moment it looked like Chiles might have something to worry about, as Leon High grabbed the next two places, with frosh Jackson Yarbrough fourth in 17:15 and junior Joseph Ashebo finishing fifth, also in 17:15. But less than a second later, the Chiles boys answered, with senior Samuel Mountin taking sixth and frosh Ben Kirbo seventh, both in 17:16. Chiles junior Hawthorne Hay followed, eighth in 17:21, his team's fifth scorer. Chiles was first with 26 points, and Leon had to settle for second with 56.

2018 Chiles boys' cross-country team
Chiles Boys

Four teams advanced to the Region 1 meet, so Chiles and Leon had both qualified. Stanton earned a spot at Region, placing third with 82 points. Led by junior Seth Ziegaus (9th, 17:22), Columbia took fourth, edging out host school Lincoln 103 to 104 for the final qualifying berth. Ed White senior Allen Alexander (11th, 17:40), Lincoln sophomore Nicholas Samuel (12th, 17:40), and Lincoln senior Charles Hruda (15th, 17:48) advance to the Region 1 meet as individuals.

The top six teams at Region qualify for the State Final. If all goes well in the Region 1 meet for the harriers of District 3, they'll be back at Apalachee Regional Park in seventeen days for State. Kenne, for one, plans to be ready.

"We have a hill kind of like the Wall that we train on around Fort Caroline," he said.

Boys' Team Standings, 2018 FHSAA 3A District 3 XC Meet
  1. Chiles, 26
  2. Leon, 56
  3. Stanton, 82
  4. Columbia, 103
  5. Lincoln, 104
  6. Ed White, 162
  7. Paxon, 187
  8. Englewood, 258
  9. Terry Parker, 262

Top 15 Boys, 2018 FHSAA 3A District 3 XC Meet
  1. 16:39.80, Sebastian Kenne (Stanton) 12
  2. 17:02.70, Clayburn Milford (Chiles) 12
  3. 17:11.00, Connor Phillips (Chiles) 12
  4. 17:14.20, Jackson Yarbrough (Leon) 9
  5. 17:14.80, Joseph Ashebo (Leon) 11
  6. 17:15.50, Samuel Mountin (Chiles) 12
  7. 17:15.50, Ben Kirbo (Chiles) 9
  8. 17:20.30, Hawthorne Hay (Chiles) 11
  9. 17:21.20, Seth Ziegaus (Columbia) 11
  10. 17:32.20, Burch Greene (Columbia) 12
  11. 17:39.30, Allen Alexander III (Ed White) 12
  12. 17:39.70, Nicholas Samuel (Lincoln) 10
  13. 17:43.20, Nile Bryant (Leon) 11
  14. 17:46.70, Jackson Roberts (Leon) 11
  15. 17:47.10, Charles Hruda (Lincoln) 12

FHSAA 3A District 3 Cross-Country Champions, 2011 - 2018
DateTeam ChampsIndividual Champs
5 November 2011Chiles, 3816:01, Christian Buzzard (Chiles) 12
3 November 2012Chiles, 4015:58, Cooper Zimmerman (Chiles) 11
26 October 2013Chiles, 5015:52, Sukhi Khosla (Leon) 11
1 November 2014Chiles, 3216:04, Sukhi Khosla (Leon) 12
24 October 2015Chiles, 2516:38, Matthew Cashin (Leon) 11
22 October 2016Chiles, 4017:01, Matthew Cashin (Leon) 12
25 October 2017Chiles, 2116:07, Michael Phillips (Chiles) 12
24 October 2018Chiles, 2616:40, Sebastian Kenne (Stanton) 12
DateTeam ChampsIndividual Champs
5 November 2011Chiles, 1918:32, Lily Williams (Chiles) 12
3 November 2012Chiles, 3019:33, Rachel Givens (Chiles) 12
26 October 2013Stanton, 3719:36, Audrey Dogan (Leon) 9
1 November 2014Chiles, 2519:27, Emma Tucker (Chiles) 11
24 October 2015Chiles, 2719:50, Emma Tucker (Chiles) 12
22 October 2016Chiles, 3118:29, Alyson Churchill (Lincoln) 9
25 October 2017Chiles, 1917:58, Ana Wallace (Chiles) 12
24 October 2018Chiles, 1518:45, Emily Culley (Chiles) 12
The 3A District 3 meet was run at Apalachee Regional Park in 2011, 2012,
2013, 2015, and 2018.
The meet was held at Lake City's Alligator Park in 2014.
The meet was held at Tallahassee's Phipps Park in 2016.
The meet was held at Jacksonville's New World Golf Course in 2017.


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