Friday, February 4, 2011

Kent and Cody go whole hog in Dothan

What do you get when you take a 26-year-old race, change its location, change its course, and change its distance?

What Dothan, Alabama gets is the Hog Wild 15K run.

For 26 years, the Hog Wild Run was a five-miler out on the west edge of town. Then in 2009 the Dothan Runners Club moved the race to downtown Dothan, lengthened it to a 15K, and added a 5K. Traditionalists may have howled, but you can't argue that the results haven't been successful. Last Saturday, 29 January 2011, was the 29th annual Hog Wild Run, and 202 runners finished the 15K, joined by another 267 finishers in the 5K.

Sean Kent, a cross-country runner at Northview High (c/o 2013) and runner-up in the 2010 Pilgrim Chase, handily won the 15K in 59:21. Kent crossed the line nearly 200m ahead of runner-up Jacen Lanclos of Enterprise, Alabama; Lanclos covered the distance in 60:02. Hayden Djuric of Tuscaloosa was third in 62:49, followed in by Warren Djuric. The elder Djuric was the top master in the race, edging out Steve Cookman for that honor, 64:05 to 64:24.

Dothan's Dana Cody took the women's title in the 15K, placing 13th overall in 69:12. Melissa Unrath finished runner-up among the women, 16th overall in 69:42. Unrath was also the top woman master in the race, as she also was at the Critter Run and Life Is A Beach Trail Run last summer.

Top Ten Men
  1. Sean Kent (M, 15) 59:21
  2. Jacen Lanclos (M, 25) 60:02
  3. Hayden Djuric (M, 19) 62:49
  4. Warren Djuric (M, 48) 64:05
  5. Steve Cookman (M, 44) 64:24
  6. Damon Pfaltzgraff (M, 42) 64:39
  7. Rob Crist (M, 46) 65:33
  8. Scott Bowers (M, 34) 66:34
  9. Scott Bolton (M, 35) 66:48
  10. Chase Harris (M, 14) 67:52

Top Ten Women
  1. Dana Cody (F, 31) 69:12
  2. Melissa Unrath (F, 42) 69:42
  3. Laura Moore (F, 35) 74:28
  4. Gleny Kevelier (F, 37) 76:22
  5. Katie Hartzog (F, 30) 78:41
  6. Kristina Bennett (F, 38) 80:03
  7. Kelli Moore (F, 32) 80:42
  8. Kathy Gannon (F, 46) 81:04
  9. Brittany Trumbull (F, 24) 81:10
  10. Janice Hochstein (F, 60) 81:32

Jon Williams of Miami won the 5K by over 400 meters, running 17:51. Williams was also the fastest master in the race. Hayley Djuric won the women's title in the 5K, finishing 12th overall in 22:01. Djuric runs cross-country at Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School (c/0 2011) in Montgomery, Alabama.


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