Monday, February 7, 2011

Mott and Horst win the "short" bout on Tallahassee's Marathon Day ticket

Generally, a half-marathon, being 13.1-miles long, is not going to be regarded as "the short race." But when it's paired with a marathon, like the Tallahassee Marathon, the half-marathon is indeed perceived as short.

While 234 runners worked their way through the 37th annual Tallahassee Marathon on Sunday, 6 February 2011, another 600 were enjoying the "short" race, the half marathon. St. Pete's Jonathan Mott ran 70:10 for the win, beating runner-up Chris Lake to the finish line by over three minutes. Tallahassee's Lake clocked 73:13. Next in was the top woman finisher, Jill Horst of Rome, Georgia. Horst covered the course in 81:58, well ahead of the second woman, Tallahassee schoolteacher Lisa Johnson (8th, 84:56).

Tallahassee's Sean Hudson was the fastest master in the race, placing seventh overall in 84:43. Mickey Moore, the second master finisher, was tenth in 86:26. Jane Johnson (23rd, 92:57) of Tallahassee was the first woman master, beating out Thomasville's Mary Anne Grayson (34th, 97:01) for the honor.

Top Ten Men
  1. Jonathan Mott, 1:10:10
  2. Chris Lake, 1:13:13
  3. Stanley Linton, 1:22:08
  4. Peter Ormsby, 1:22:29
  5. Bosworth Henry, 1:23:13
  6. Sean Hudson, 1:24:43
  7. Rory Rowan, 1:26:21
  8. Mickey Moore, 1:26:26
  9. Dustin Hinkel, 1:27:11
  10. Keith Gates, 1:27:57

Top Ten Women
  1. Jill Horst, 1:21:58
  2. Lisa Johnson, 1:24:56
  3. Katie Showman, 1:32:30
  4. Jane Johnson, 1:32:57
  5. Kelly Stevens, 1:34:19
  6. Maryanne Grayson, 1:37:01
  7. Tiffany Barz, 1:38:45
  8. Ashley Daily, 1:38:59
  9. Renee Cox, 1:39:05
  10. Brooke Castelamare, 1:40:11


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