Monday, November 18, 2013

Peter Kaus and Lauren Poulos are first to the Trough

Peter KausFlorida State alumni returning to Tallahassee for Homecoming 2013 may have been a bit shocked to find the industrial properties on West Madison Street swept away, replaced by the faux downtown of the Seminole Boosters' College Town project. On the Sunday after the Homecoming game, 17 November 2013, Peter Kaus sped past the College Town high rises to the finish line of Madison Social's Trough Run, winning the inaugural race in 14:51. Michael Martinez was the runner-up and top master in 15:00. Lauren Poulos took top woman honors, coming in fifth overall in 16:37. Leah Denger was the fastest master woman, placing 35th overall in 22:14.

As for those times, the course as planned turned out to be significantly shorter than 5K, and the lead vehicle took the front runners on an even more abbreviated route. Whatever the distance, it was a race, and 167 athletes finished. The event was hosted by Madison Social, which occupies a prominent spot at the corner of West Madison and South Woodward, the west end of College Town. The athletes competing in the Trough Run assembled in front of Madison Social at 3:00 PM for the start of the race; they would soon be returning to the same spot for the finish. From the starting siren Albert Reed led the runners east on Madison Street. Before the end of the first mile, though, Peter Kaus was out front, leading the field west on Gaines Street. Early in the second mile Michael Martinez also passed Reed, taking over second. Kaus, indifferent to the maneuvers behind him, was still setting the pace at the two mile mark where the race had started back east on St. Augustine Street. Back on Madison Street, heading west toward Madison Social and the finish line, Martinez started to narrow the gap, but it was Kaus's race. Kaus crossed the finish line in 14:51 as first Trough Run champion, and Martinez followed as runner-up in 15:00. Reed was third in 15:49. David Saxon took fourth in 16:09. Lauren Poulos, the women's champ, edged out Steven Buckner for fifth, 16:37 to 16:42.

Madison Social's 2013 Trough RunAny disappointment over the short course dissolved in post-race beer, cooling in the ice-filled troughs referred to in the "Trough Run" name. Proceeds of the race benefited Jimbo and Candi Fisher's Kidz 1st Fund, established in 2011 to provide education about, raise awareness of, and fund research into Fanconi anemia. Another Trough Run is in the future--"Maybe it is one year from now or six months," according to Matt Thompson, Madison Social's managing partner .

Just have those troughs full!

Top Ten Men, 2013 Trough Run
    Albert Reed and Michael Martinez
  1. 14:51 ~ Peter Kaus (M, 29)
  2. 15:00 ~ Michael Martinez (M, 47)
  3. 15:49 ~ Albert Reed (M, 21)
  4. 16:09 ~ David Saxon (M, 21)
  5. 16:42 ~ Steven Buckner (M, 23)
  6. 18:33 ~ John Parker (M, 24)
  7. 19:31 ~ Brogan Farrell (M, 25)
  8. 19:38 ~ Zack Rees (M, 23)
  9. 19:45 ~ Christopher Turner (M, 31)
  10. 19:48 ~ Bill McGuire (M, 66)

Top Ten Women, 2013 Trough Run
    Katie Showman
  1. 16:37 ~ Lauren Poulos (F, 27)
  2. 18:22 ~ Katie Showman (F, 32)
  3. 20:12 ~ Alyssa Bertinelli (F, 21)
  4. 20:46 ~ Carly Echerri (F, 24)
  5. 20:59 ~ Mallory Brooks (F, 30)
  6. 21:04 ~ Sharon Rudd (F, 34)
  7. 21:47 ~ Karima Anderson (F, 27)
  8. 21:48 ~ Jensen Reinert (F, 25)
  9. 21:59 ~ Summer Robinson (F, 18)
  10. 22:14 ~ Leah Dienger (F, 43)


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