Friday, November 22, 2013

Morning stars at Apalachee Regional Park on Saturday

Quality Inn signFor decades the Florida Athletics Coaches Association has held Florida's High School Senior All-Star Cross-Country Meet two weeks after the FHSAA State Finals. Since 2001, the meet has been held in Tallahassee. Since 2009, the Tallahassee venue for the meet has been the Apalachee Regional Park championship cross-country course. And since 2012, that course has also been the site for the State Meet. So on Saturday morning, 23 November 2013, some of Florida's top high school senior distance runners will be at Apalachee Regional Park for the FACA Senior All-Star Cross-Country Meet. For each of them, it will be an encore of their performance two weeks earlier at the FHSAA State Cross-Country Championships.

More than a few of the All-Stars also ran at ARPXC at the FSU Invitational, the Pre-State Meet, back on 12 October 2013. I've included team rosters for the All-Star Meet below, and for each athlete I've listed their FSU Invitational time (if available) and their State Meet time, just to give you an idea of what you might expect. Of course, we won't know anything till the races have been run. The girls start at 9:00 AM ET, and the boys at 9:30 AM ET.


East Girls
Clair Castillo and Madison HarrisDevin Bos (Circle Christian School) 19:54.62, 19:29.14
Claire Castillo (Titusville) N/A, 18:54.81
Breanna Cole (Winter Park) 20:57.13, 20:30.13
Sarah Deibner (Brevard HEAT) 19:47.11, 19:37.32
Tabatha Henry (Okeechobee) N/A, 19:30.00
Brenna Johnson (Hagerty) 19:44.80, 19:18.77
Morgan Morris (Winter Park) 19:31.77, 21:10.74
Charlotte Stephens (Winter Park) 18:44.00, 19:03.39

North Girls
Ashley Carpenter (Ponte Vedra) N/A, 20:01.30
Madison Harris (Wakulla) 18:30.77, 18:56.89
Maria Isabella Poole (Ponte Vedra) N/A, 19:39.86
Nina Li (Merritt Island) N/A, 19:44.86
Rhianna Moller (Fort Walton Beach) 20:41.59, 20:01.57
April Polite (Fort Walton Beach) 19:53.78, 19:18.76
Sara Steele (Choctawhatchee) N/A, N/A
Jessica Van Cleave (Creekside) N/A, 20:03.41

South Girls
Luly Brea (Lourdes Academy) 18:49.42, 19:27.28
Kaley Doyle (Park Vista) 19:19.14, 19:07.11
Stephanie de la Guarda (John A. Ferguson) 20:20.42, 20:05.58
Emily Hernandez (John A. Ferguson) 18:57.98, 19:28.91
Morgan Hull (Palm Beach Central) N/A, 19:11.74
Katherine MacNeal (Cypress Bay) 18:40.47, 18:28.18
Katrina Santiago (John A. Ferguson) 18:21.84, 18:56.91
Constance Thurmond (John A. Ferguson) 20:53.45, 20:29.31

West Girls
Anita MunozCheyenne Andrew (Pace) 18:50.34, 19:09.35
Emily Harding (Sarasota) N/A, 18:57.66
Destiny Johnson (Homestead Senior) N/A, 20:10.22
Anita Munoz Trejo (Immokalee) 19:27.59, 18:33.00
Sarah Raymond (Palm Harbor University) N/A, 19:23.82
Chinami Wade (Sarasota Riverview) 20:11.36, 19:59.45


East Boys
Kyle Decker (Colonial) N/A, 16:30.54
Jonathan Hulzebos (Lakeland) 16:55.30, 16:24.44
Carlos James (Merritt Island) N/A, 16:43.93
Sam Millson (Trinity Prep) 16:46.60, 16:39.03
Tyler O'Brien (Martin County) N/A, 16:23.68
Keneth Pineiro (DeLand) 17:00.38, 15:48.85
Carlos Ramos (Timber Creek) 15:47.97, 16:28.06
Xavier Walton (Titusville) N/A, 15:55.62

North Boys
Austin Decker (Bolles) 16:00.34, 15:56.05
Thomas Howell (Niceville) N/A, 15:27.99
Noah Kemp (St. Augustine) N/A, 15:34.29
Sam Mack (Mandarin) 15:52.01, 15:51.02
Nick Morken (Niceville) 15:07.57, 16:04.72
Wesley Norton (Stanton Prep) 15:52.28, 15:43.65
Charles Shackelford (Fort Walton Beach) 15:58.08, 16:04.89
Eric Tallbacka (Stanton Prep) 15:31.87, 15:52.77

South Boys
Kenneth Castro (Miami Sunset) 16:11.72, 16:16.59
Antony Cruz (St. Thomas Aquinas) 16:38.73, 16:24.14
Ronny Greenup (Miami Sunset) 15:55.20, 16:08.88
Joey Maus (St. Thomas Aquinas) 16:27.79, 16:27.82
Leonel Pozo (Miami Coral Park) N/A, 16:43.08
Santiago Saiki (John A. Ferguson) 16:27.00, 16:35.49
Michael Sonderegger (Park Vista) 16:19.84, 16:27.34
Manuel Velasquez (St. Thomas Aquinas) 15:53.98, 15:33.22

West Boys
Troy Clark (Mount Dora Bible) 15:40.88, 16:10.07
Leonel Delacruz (Immokalee) 15:30.96, 15:50.38
Tyler Fabacher (Fort Walton Beach) 16:13.62, 16:23.59
Canaan Meester-Kitterman (Bayshore) 16:16.09, 16:07.09
Travis Nichols (Land O Lakes) N/A, 15:51.74
Jake Poore (Land O Lakes) N/A, 15:59.02
Tyler Stahl (Land O Lakes) N/A, 15:34.95
Bryce Vokus (Sarasota Riverview) 15:57.93, 16:41.37


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