Sunday, February 21, 2016

A swift Sunday for Smith and Rosen at the Medical Response Unit 5K

About two kilometers into the five kilometer race, it looked like Grady Smith was about to turn off the course.

Heading west on Jefferson Street during the Florida State University Medical Response Unit's seventh annual 5K, Smith veered abruptly to the left. It was just a miscommunication with a course marshal, though, and Smith was quickly back on track and headed for a win that Sunday morning, 21 February 2016.

Grady Smith

Leaving the course would have been the only way that Grady Smith could have lost that race. Running a winning 16:55 on the Tallahassee, Florida streets, he finished more than 700 meters ahead of the next runner. That next runner was Erik Pool, who ran 19:44 for second place.

Sheryl Rosen was in little danger of taking a wrong turn during the race. Rosen had not only run the Medical Response Unit 5K before, she had won the women's title at the race in 2013 and 2014. She added a third title in 2016, finishing as first woman and placing third overall in 20:30.

Sheryl Rosen

Rosen finished nearly 600 meters ahead of the next woman in the field, so if you were looking for competitive drama you had to find it among the master runners. Mike LaBossiere, Bob Asztalos, and Juan Mas had exchanged positions several times throughout the FSU MRU 5K. The three had moved steadily up through the field until, with just a few hundred meters left in the race, they were in fourth, fifth, and sixth place--and only seconds apart. With the finish line nearly in sight, LaBossiere passed Mas and started to drive for home. Then Asztalos went by Mas and started to close on LaBossiere. LaBossiere hung on to his advantage, though, and made it home just before Asztalos, both runners clocked in 21:15. Juan Mas was close behind in 21:18.

Michael LaBossiere

Shelby Goodwin was second in the women's standings, placing thirteenth overall in 23:21. Becky Leckinger was the top woman master and third female finisher, seventeenth overall in 24:01.

Erik PoolTop Ten Men, 2016 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 16:54.60 ~ Grady Smith (M, 39)
  2. 19:43.77 ~ Erik Pool (M, 21)
  3. 21:14.02 ~ Michael LaBossiere (M, 49)
  4. 21:14.84 ~ Bob Asztalos (M, 56)
  5. 21:17.06 ~ Juan Mas (M, 53)
  6. 21:53.36 ~ Zak Kossiver (M, 23)
  7. 22:00.09 ~ Hank Johnson (M, 54)
  8. 22:08.01 ~ Paul Hoover (M, 65)
  9. 22:10.83 ~ Colton Boney (M, 19)
  10. 22:15.31 ~ Shannon Young (M, 37)

Shelby GoodwinTop Ten Women, 2016 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 20:29.32 ~ Sheryl Rosen (F, 31)
  2. 23:20.64 ~ Shelby Goodwin (F, 21)
  3. 24:00.88 ~ Becky Leckinger (F, 52)
  4. 25:12.52 ~ Olivia Rosser (F, 19)
  5. 25:31.64 ~ Brenna Pinnece (F, 19)
  6. 26:00.23 ~ Juli DeGrummond (F, 46)
  7. 26:21.84 ~ Megan Flanagan (F, 21)
  8. 26:43.29 ~ Beth Cao (F, 34)
  9. 26:56.62 ~ Cristina Ebbage (F, 19)
  10. 27:09.30 ~ Stacey Crump (F, 22)

FSU Medical Response Unit 5K winners, 2010 - 2016
20 January 201017:40, Raley Beggs19:14, Katherine McMeekin
29 January 201117:47, Matt Bulecza21:54, Kellie Gerbers
21 January 201217:53, Connor Stevens22:53, Kate Harrison
26 January 201318:08, Connor Stevens18:33, Sheryl Rosen
25 January 201420:27, Michael LaBossiere21:36, Sheryl Rosen
22 February 201517:01, Gary Droze23:39, Kaitlin Early
21 February 201616:55, Grady Smith20:30, Sheryl Rosen


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