Monday, December 31, 2018

Robert Friedman and Rory Claussen drop the competition at the Ball Drop 5K

On New Year's Eve 1907, Adolph Ochs, the publisher of the New York Times welcomed the coming of 2018 by dropping a "time ball" from the top of the newspaper's headquarters at One Times Square in New York City. The ball drop was a success, and it became an annual event, continuing each year in Times Square even after the New York Times moved its headquarters. Over a million people gather to witness the Times Square ball drop each year.

Not nearly as many folks were at the New Year's Eve Ball Drop 5K in Panama City Beach, Florida on Monday morning, 31 January 2018. 133 athletes finished the 3.1-mile race that started from Pier Park. Robert Friedman was the fastest of those. Finishing nearly 400 meters ahead of the next runner, Friedman posted a winning time of 17:57. Rory Claussen, a Shaldera Panthers Track Club standout and seventh-grader, took the women's title at the Ball Drop 5K, placing seventh overall in 20:35.

Master runner David Shearon was runner-up in the 5K, running 19:20. Shaun Smith edged North Bay Haven High senior cross-country runner Matthew Murzyn for third, 19:40 to 19:41.

Maya Tang, a cross-country runner and seventh-grader at Deer Lake Middle School, placed second in the women's standings and tenth overall in 21:37. Master runner Shannon Smith was the third female finisher and 26th overall in 25:52.

Top Ten Men, 2018 New Year's Eve Ball Drop 5K
  1. 17:57, Robert Friedman (M, Overall)
  2. 19:20, David Shearon (M, Master)
  3. 19:40, Shawn Smith (M, 35-39)
  4. 19:41, Matthew Murzyn (M, 15-19)
  5. 20:04, Chapin Stewart (M, 15-19)
  6. 20:33, Nicolas Waddell (M, 11-14)
  7. 20:48, Chris Myers (M, 35-39)
  8. 21:08, Anfernee Figueroa (M, 20-24)
  9. 22:15, Thomas Parker (M, 45-49)
  10. 22:36, Noah Smith (M, 11-14)

Top Ten Women, 2018 New Year's Eve Ball Drop 5K
  1. 20:35, Rory Claussen (F, Overall)
  2. 21:37, Maya Tang (F, 11-14)
  3. 25:52, Shannon Smith (F, Master)
  4. 26:24, Jessica Weed (F, 30-34)
  5. 26:31, Krystal Sheeran (F, 35-39)
  6. 27:06, Ursula Parker (F, 45-49)
  7. 27:40, Jessica Dennison (F, 30-34)
  8. 27:48, Traycie Owens (F, 25-29)
  9. 27:53, Shelle McDonald (F, 35-39)
  10. 28:22, Carrie Brooks (F, 45-49)


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