Saturday, December 29, 2018

Dustin Reynolds and Mary Hunt had the lead roles when the curtain closed on Joyce's Jog

Joyce's JogGood-bye.

After twelve years of annual 5K races in the street of Donalsonville, Georgia each October, the final Joyce's Jog was run on Saturday morning, 29 January 2018. Dustin Reynolds won the final race in the series, running 18:25. Mary Hunt was the women's champ, placing eleventh overall in 24:31. It was the twelfth annual Joyce's Jog, and race management decided there would not be a thirteenth.

As a name out of the recent past of Joyce's Jog, it was appropriate for Dustin Reynolds to be in the final race. Reynolds, who has run cross-country for both Seminole High and Bryan College, won the Joyce's Jog in 2015 and again in 2016.

Michael Martinez of Tallahassee, Florida was the fastest master runner in the 2018 Joyce's Jog, placing second to Reynolds in 19:23. Hayden Griffin took third in the 5K with a 20:47. Landon Watts, a frosh cross-country runner at Bainbridge High, was fourth in 21:31. Lane Odom, who also ran the Joyce's Jog as recently as 2016, placed fifth in 22:11. Master runner Mark McCarra, who has probably run the Joyce's Jog as many times as anyone, came in sixth in 22:35.

Women's champ Mary Hunt also had some history with the race, coming in fourth in the women's standings in 2016 and third in 2017 before winning in 2018. Macy Batchelor, a sophomore at Seminole High and an athlete on the school's cross-country team, was runner-up in the women's division and sixteenth overall in 26:31. Adrian Parker was the third woman and eighteenth overall in 26:50. Stephanie Odom was the first woman master. Odom, another frequent finisher of the Joyce's Jog, was the fourth woman and nineteenth overall in 26:57.

Joyce's Jog had always been run on the third Saturday in October, but during October 2018 Donalsonville was smacked hard by hurricane Michael. Some races would have just canceled, but the management of Joyce's Jog was more resilient, re-scheduling the race to the final Saturday of December.

49 athletes finished the valedictory Joyce's Jog 5K. Hail and well met.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Joyce's Jog 5K
  1. 18:24.05, Dustin Reynolds (M, 20)
  2. 19:22.43, Michael Martinez (M, 52)
  3. 20:46.14, Hayden Griffin (M, 19)
  4. 21:30.38, Landon Watts (M, 14)
  5. 22:10.83, Lane Odom (M, 19)
  6. 22:34.56, Mark McCarra (M, 53)
  7. 23:02.77, David Braswell (M, 47)
  8. 23:11.56, Cole Farrington (M, 25)
  9. 24:11.77, Nicholas Batchelor (M, 19)
  10. 24:19.65, Doug Cunningham (M, 44)

Top Ten Women, 2018 Joyce's Jog 5K
  1. 24:30.32, Mary Hunt (F, 38)
  2. 26:30.35, Macy Batchelor (F, 15)
  3. 26:49.15, Adrian Parker (F, 30)
  4. 26:56.55, Stephanie Odom (F, 46)
  5. 27:02.98, Catherine Jones (F, 59)
  6. 28:18.17, Masey Tabb (F, 16)
  7. 28:22.85, Melissa Richardson (F, 43)
  8. 28:31.37, Suzanne Angell (F, 53)
  9. 29:15.46, Callie Cunningham (F, 22)
  10. 29:16.98, Addison Ponder (F, 23)

Twelve years of Joyce's Jog 5K champions, 2007 - 2018
20 October 200718:50 Myles Gibson26:18 Deborah Ansley33
18 October 200816:33 Jessie Close23:15 Erika Pemberton52
17 October 200918:20 Alex Close22:20 Debbie Wittmer59
16 October 201016:53 Jessie Close22:14 Debbie Wittmer59
15 October 201118:10 Myles Gibson25:10 Ashley Merritt67
20 October 201220:03, Mark McCarra21:49, Debbie Witmer110
19 October 201318:51, Davey Reynolds22:21, Margaret Winkler132
18 October 201416:53, Ben Pleak22:16, Margaret Winkler129
17 October 201517:51, Dustin Reynolds21:20, Macy Williams152
15 October 201616:57, Dustin Reynolds22:54, Masey Tabb143
21 October 201718:40, Tanner Norman22:48, Masey Tabb97
29 December 201818:25, Dustin Reynolds24:31, Mary Hunt49


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