Saturday, December 29, 2018

Kayley DeLay makes it six in a row at Jacksonville's Last Gasp Cross-Country Race

Don't be surprised if the women's award at Jacksonville Track Club's yearly Last Gasp 5K cross-country race is renamed the Kayley DeLay Cup.

Back when she was a frosh-year runner on the Fletcher High cross-country team, DeLay was the women's champ at the 2013 Last Gasp 5K. She also won the women's division in 2014, 2015, and 2016. During that same period, she also picked up Florida high school cross-country state titles in class 4A during 2015 and 2016. In 2017, as a first-year runner on the Yale University cross-country team, DeLay returned to Jacksonville, Florida to pick up a fifth win in the Last Gasp. And on Saturday afternoon, 29 December 2018, Kayley Delay notched her sixth straight Last Gasp women's title, placing sixth overall in the 42nd annual race with a 19:22.

Rheinhardt Harrison, the overall winner, ran 17:54. It was his first Last Gasp title, but given time, Harrison may have a record like DeLay's. A frosh at Nease High, Harrison only just finished his first season on the school's cross-country team, placing 23rd in the 2018 high school State Cross-Country Meet in the class 3A boys' race. A year earlier, he had won the boys' title at the 2017 Florida Youth Running Association's Middle School Cross-Country Championship.

Gary Myers was the fastest master runner in the 2018 Last Gasp 5K, finishing runner-up to Harrison in 18:29. Fifteen-year-old Paul Compaan made his second-straight appearance in the men's top ten at the Last Gap race, placing third overall in 18:45.

Fiona Affledt took second in the women's standings, placing twelfth overall in 19:58. Isabel Torres-Padin placed third on the women's side and sixteenth overall in 20:38. Michelle Krueger was the first woman master and fourth female finisher, eighteenth overall in 21:02.

200 athletes finished the 2018 Last Gasp 5K, completing a 3.1-mile cross-country course on the Jacksonville University campus. 1st Place Sports Running of Jacksonville, Florida timed and scored the race.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Last Gasp 5K
  1. 17:43, Rheinhardt Harrison (M, 14)
  2. 18:29, Gary Myers (M, 46)
  3. 18:45, Paul Compaan (M, 15)
  4. 18:56, Josue Velazquez (M, 28)
  5. 19:05, Josh Forrest (M, 15)
  6. 19:28, Thorben Prickschal (M, 34)
  7. 19:31, Andy Nicol (M, 58)
  8. 19:36, Logan Myers (M, 14)
  9. 19:47, T.J. Frost (M, 12)
  10. 19:48, George Simcox (M, 45)

Top Ten Women, 2018 Last Gasp 5K
  1. 19:22, Kayley DeLay (F, 19)
  2. 19:58, Fiona Affledt (F, 28)
  3. 20:38, Isabel Torres-Padin (F, 21)
  4. 21:02, Michelle Krueger (F, 43)
  5. 21:38, Kali Miller (F, 19)
  6. 21:50, Stacey Hendry (F, 47)
  7. 22:05, Stephanie Magnus (F, 31)
  8. 22:36, Hannah Johnson (F, 16)
  9. 22:38, Sarah Paterson (F, 54)
  10. 22:42, Leah Pelham (F, 17)

Recent winners, JTC Last Gasp 5K Cross-Country Race, 2012 - 2018
29 December 201217:54, Alfonso Solano19:59, Lydia Veal143
21 December 201317:55, Wesley Norton20:00, Kayley DeLay105
21 December 201419:08, George Fernee20:10, Kayley DeLay92
26 December 201518:20, Jimmie Wilbourn21:01, Kayley DeLay211
31 December 201617:20, Cody Pontius20:27, Kayley DeLay245
30 December 201717:37, Terrance Sessoms18:52, Kayley DeLay212
29 December 201817:43, Rheinhardt Harrison19:22, Kayley DeLay200


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