Thursday, April 11, 2019

Patrick Gallagher and Courtney Rouse get weekday wins at Ironwood

During the fall of 1990 I was coaching high school cross-country in South Carolina. On what seemed like way too many weekday afternoons, we loaded the teams into vans, drove the athletes to a park or a golf course or a school yard somewhere in the Low Country, and they raced five kilometers. We left after classes, so the races were in the late afternoon or early evening.

Many folks have had a similar experience of high school cross-country--late afternoon races during the week. That's also the experience of athletes at the Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association 5K cross-country race in Gainesville, Florida, which is always run during the week in the late afternoon/early evening. You finish work or school, then head over to Ironwood Golf Course with your racing gear.

Gainesville master runner Patrick Gallagher was among the athletes who headed to Ironwood on Wednesday afternoon, 10 April 2019, for the LGAA 5K. Gallagher won the thirteenth annual race, running 19:45. Courtney Rouse was the women's champ, placing third overall in 20:25.

A veteran of the LGAA 5K, Gallagher had finished tenth in 2017 and eighth in 2018. Adam Varnedoe of Gainesville finished runner-up to Gallagher in the 2019 race, covering the course in 20:01. Gainesville's Chris Marhefka ran 20:26, taking third in the men's standings and fourth overall.

Two-and-a-half weeks before the LGAA 5K, women's winner Rouse had been the first woman at the Trail of Payne 10K--a longer and more rugged cross-country run. Leanne Harrison-Forbes of Gainesville was the first woman master in the 2019 LGAA 5K, the second female and fifteenth overall in 22:50. Gainesville master runner Sandy Flory was the third woman and eighteenth overall in 23:19.

151 athletes finished the 2019 LGAA 5K. Proceeds from the event benefit the scholarship and grant program of the Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association. The race was chip timed by Start To Finish Race Management of Alachua, Florida.

Top Ten Men, 2018 LGAA 5K Cross-Country Race
  1. 19:44.3, Patrick Gallagher (M, 43) Gainesville, FL
  2. 20:00.1, Adam Varnedoe (M, 38) Gainesville, FL
  3. 20:25.3, Chris Marhefka (M, 33) Gainesville, FL
  4. 20:36.9, Timothy Hannan (M, 28) Gainesville, FL
  5. 20:39.9, Jonathan Mays (M, 44) Gainesville, FL
  6. 21:18.1, Timothy Donovan (M, 41)
  7. 21:39.9, Jeff Godman (M, 46) Gainesville, FL
  8. 21:42.1, S. Austin (M, 9) Gainesville, FL
  9. 21:42.6, Patrick Traynor (M, 38) Gainesville, FL
  10. 22:00.8, Matthew Stanton (M, 41) Archer, FL

Top Ten Women, 2018 LGAA 5K Cross-Country Race
  1. 20:24.9, Courtney Rouse (F, 25) Gainesville, FL
  2. 22:49.1, Leanne Harrison-Forbes (F, 46) Gainesville, FL
  3. 23:18.5, Sandy Flory (F, 42) Gainesville, FL
  4. 24:53.1, Lisa Alcala (F, 50) Gainesville, FL
  5. 24:54.9, Karen Harbaugh (F, 50) Gainesville, FL
  6. 24:58.7, Kelly Chesser (F, 37) Fort White, FL
  7. 24:59.6, Tatiana Orozco (F, 32) Gainesville, FL
  8. 25:00.6, Mary Drummond (F, 41) Gainesville, FL
  9. 25:08.5, Marlena Wesh (F, 28)
  10. 27:23.9, Linda Rocafort (F, 39) Gainesville, FL

Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association 5K winners, 2007 - 2019
18 April 2007
16 April 200815:37, Brent Schneider18:40, Romy Krueger279
15 April 2009
24 March 201015:55, Andrew Robinson20:22, Mary Waechter180
13 April 201115:52, Brent Schneider23:02, Claudia Noah
11 April 201216:40, Dan Monteau19:53, Stephanie Williams263
10 April 201317:32, Dan Clark21:47, Rebecca Weaver267
16 April 201416:26, Michael Anderson19:05, Ani Veltcheva385
22 April 201515:42, Jon Mott19:32, Ani Veltcheva350
27 April 201616:06, Enoch Nadler18:43, Ani Veltcheva305
5 April 201715:12, Enoch Nadler18:34, Georganne Watson189
4 April 201816:42, Enoch Nadler18:58, Georganne Watson196
10 April 201919:45, Patrick Gallagher20:25, Courtney Rouse151


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