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Tallahassee's top 10K road times in 2019 (through March 30)

When it came to fast times, the 10K event at Gulf Winds Track Club's 44th annual Springtime Road Race didn't disappoint. There, on Saturday morning, 30 March 2019, Chris Haynes ran 32:39, currently the year-leading road 10K in Tallahassee. Ann Centner went 37:10, Tallahassee's leading women's road 10K for 2019.

Chris Haynes
Chris Haynes

It was as you'd expect for Tallahassee's premier road 10K. The nine top times on the men's performance list for 2019 all were recorded at Springtime. After Haynes' 32:39, there was Austin Whitelaw with a #2 34:36, Charlie Johnson with a #3 35:03, Charlie Kline with a #4 35:37, Tristan Cravello with a #5 35:13, Trevor Sununu with a #6 36:26, Nick Yaegar with a #7 36:55, Ryan Bausback with a #8 37:02, and Chris O'Kelley with a #9 37:27.

The only non-Springtime mark in the men's top ten was the 37:37 that Brad Busboom posted to win the Trent 10K back on 26 January 2019. Busboom raced at Springtime as well, but his Trent 10K time was faster. This was also the case for Tony Guillen in the men's top 25 as well as Cecilia Bouaichi and Nikky Manausa in the women's top 25. None of the fastest runners improved their Trent 10K times at Springtime. Does the Trent have a faster course? Will runners looking for record times head to the Trent 10K in the future?

Austin Whitelaw
Austin Whitelaw

At least the leading time by a master runner came from the Trent--Myles Gibson's 38:04.

Sheryl Rosen is the #2 performer on the women's 10K list with the 38:50 she ran at Springtime. Formerly #1 on the women's list, Lisa Johnson is at #3 with the 40:07 she recorded at the Trent 10K. The rest of the women's top ten are athletes who raced at Springtime--#4 Amanda Sava (41:42), #5 Meg Ogle (42:08), #6 Melissa Thompson (42:34), #7 Brittney Barnes (42:42), #8 Jamila Allen (42:43), #9 Jordan Simas (43:36), and #10 Erika Hango (43:47).

Ann Centner
Just behind Hango, Stephanie Liles-Weyant went 43:49 at Springtime, and is now the leading master woman on the 10K list.

But Centner is at the very top of the women's road 10K list with her 37:10. She has also been leading the women's road 5K list since 12 January 2019 with the 17:59 she ran at the Bowlegs 5K. And she's leading the women's road 15K list after running 60:09 on Old Centerville Road in the Gulf Winds Track Club 15K on 19 January 2019. Someone is having a very good year.

Sheryl Rosen
Sheryl Rosen

Someone could still topple Centner from the the first spot on the women's list, or knock Chris Haynes off the top of the men's list. There are two more 10K road races on USATF-certified courses scheduled in Tallahassee this year. There's the Conley Elementary Yellow Jacket Swarm 10K on Saturday morning, 6 April 2019. There's also Gulf Winds Track Club's Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K on Thursday morning, 28 November 2019.

There could also be performances from a new 10K road prace that meets these criteria:
  • The race has to be in Tallahassee (anywhere in Leon County is fine)
  • The race has to be run on a USATF certified course
  • The race has to have published results
  • I have to see the results
In the meantime, here are the current lists.

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2019
(Through 30 March 2019)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 32:39Christopher Haynes262019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K1FL12022EBM
2. 34:36Austin Whitelaw252019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K2FL12022EBM
3. 35:03Charlie Johnson392019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K3FL12022EBM
4. 35:37Charlie Kline262019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K4FL12022EBM
5. 36:13Tristan Cravello192019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K5FL12022EBM
6. 36:26Trevor Sununu232019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K6FL12022EBM
7. 36:55Nick Yaeger242019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K7FL12022EBM
8. 37:02Ryan Bausback202019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K8FL12022EBM
9. 37:27Chris O'Kelley252019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K9FL12022EBM
10. 37:37Brad Busboom312019-01-26Trent 10K1FL18057TY
11. 38:04Corey Osgood222019-01-26Trent 10K2FL18057TY
12. 38:04Myles Gibson522019-01-26Trent 10K3FL18057TY
13. 38:19Tony Guillen502019-01-26Trent 10K4FL18057TY
14. 38:36Tom Parker362019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K10FL12022EBM

38:40     B. Busboom312019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K11FL12022EBM
15. 38:44Hong-Guo Yu502019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K12FL12022EBM
16. 38:53Nicholas Loffer352019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K13FL12022EBM

39:06     T. Guillen502019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K14FL12022EBM
17. 39:50Peter Kaus352019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K15FL12022EBM
18. 39:53Elvis Maradzike322019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K16FL12022EBM
19. 39:55Mickey Moore492019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K17FL12022EBM
20. 40:27Don Smith392019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K18FL12022EBM
21. 40:29Kurt Dietrich272019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K19FL12022EBM
22. 40:36Matthias Laywell202019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K20FL12022EBM
23. 40:40Jack McDermott502019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K21FL12022EBM
24. 40:53Jon Nash392019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K22FL12022EBM
25. 40:58Geb Kiros522019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K23FL12022EBM
Includes performances from the Trent 10K (26 Jan 2019) and the Springtime 10K (30 Mar 2019).

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2019
(Through 30 March 2019)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 37:10Ann Centner272019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K1FL12022EBM
2. 38:50Sheryl Rosen342019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K2FL12022EBM
3. 40:07Lisa Johnson372019-01-26Trent 10K1FL18057TY
4. 41:42Amanda Sava242019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K3FL12022EBM
5. 42:08Meg Ogle282019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K4FL12022EBM
6. 42:34Melissa Thompson342019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K5FL12022EBM
7. 42:42Brittney Barnes312019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K6FL12022EBM
8. 42:43Jamila Allen292019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K7FL12022EBM
9. 43:36Jordan Simas272019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K8FL12022EBM
10. 43:47Erika Hango292019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K9FL12022EBM
11. 43:49Stephanie Liles-Weyant462019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K10FL12022EBM
12. 44:00Bryan Bradner452019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K11FL12022EBM
13. 45:01Cecilia Bouaichi232019-01-26Trent 10K2FL18057TY
14. 45:20Nikky Manausa372019-01-26Trent 10K3FL18057TY
45:23     C. Bouaichi232019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K12FL12022EBM
15. 45:35Jillian Heddaeus352019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K13FL12022EBM
16. 45:43Corinne Porcher502019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K14FL12022EBM
17. 46:21Vikki Saga562019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K15FL12022EBM
18. 46:23Alison Thumm412019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K16FL12022EBM
19. 46:50Sherri Wise372019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K17FL12022EBM
20. 46:58Darcy Brinkmann382019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K18FL12022EBM
21. 47:01Stacy Biggart412019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K19FL12022EBM
22. 47:04Jenny Early352019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K20FL12022EBM
23. 47:11Laura Reina542019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K21FL12022EBM
24. 47:17Jordana Kimelman222019-01-26Trent 10K4FL18057TY
25. 47:21Myranda Casterline292019-03-30GWTC Springtime 10K22FL12022EBM
Includes performances from the Trent 10K (26 Jan 2019) and the Springtime 10K (30 Mar 2019).


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