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Tallahassee's top 15K road times in 2017

Not many towns can claim two fifteen-kilometer road races on USATF-certified courses, but Tallahassee can. The Gulf Winds Track Club 15K has been run each January since 2006, and the Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K has been a November race under one name or another going back to 1978. However, the GWTC 15K is a junior race to the GWTC 30K, and it's run on a hilly, mostly unpaved course on Old Centerville Road. The Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K, on the other hand, is a headline event run on a gently rolling course through the well-groomed streets of Southwood. You wouldn't expect the year's fastest times to come from the GWTC 15K. In general, they don't--except when they do, like in 2015 when Sukhi Khosla went 50:11 on Old Centerville Road. After that performance, it seemed worthwhile to track the top 15K road times in Tallahassee.

Anthony Malatesta
Anthony Malatesta

In 2017, though, things worked out as you'd expect. Matthew Cashin ran a wnning 54:46 at the GWTC 15K on 21 January 2017, but four athletes bettered that mark in the Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K on 23 November 2017--Matt McCurdy ( 54:13), Roger Schmidt (53:20), Charlie Johnson (52:25), and Anthony Malatesta (51:49). Malatesta's time stands as the fastest 15K performance by a male athlete in Tallahassee during 2017.

It was a similar situation of the women's side. Sheryl Rosen went 65:27 at the GWTC 15K, but three athletes, including Rosen herself, ran faster at the Turkey Trot 15K--Brittney Barnes (65:09), Sheryl Rosen (60:50), and Katie Sherron (56:36). Sherron's was the fastest women's road 15K time in Tallahassee for 2017. Sherron also led the women's 15K list in 2015, while Rosen had the top time in 2016.

Katie Sherron
Katie Sherron

Here are Tallahassee's top overall road 15K times for each year from 2015 to 2017:

201550:11Sukhi Khosla17 JanGWTC 15K57:41Katie Sherron26 NovTurkey Trot
201647:44Stan Linton24 NovTurkey Trot59:42Sheryl Rosen24 NovTurkey Trot
201751:49Anthony Malatesta23 NovTurkey Trot56:36Katie Sherron23 NovTurkey Trot

Gary Droze went 56:57 in the Turkey Trot 15K, becoming the fastest master runner of the year in Tallahassee at that distance and taking the tenth spot on the men's list. Laura Reina was the top woman master and tenth on the women's list after running 72:22 at the Turkey Trot.

Record keeping for 2018 will start at the Gulf Winds Track Club 15K on Saturday morning, 20 January 2017. After that, I'll be looking at the results of the Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K on Thursday morning, 22 November 2018. I'll also consider performances from any 15K race meeting these criteria:
  • The race has to be in Tallahassee (anywhere in Leon County is fine)
  • The race has to be run on a USATF certified course
  • The race has to have published results
  • I have to see the results
Here are Tallahassee's 2017 lists for the road 15K, each going 25 deep.

Top Tallahassee 15K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2017
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 51:49Anthony Malatesta232017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K1FL11001TY
2. 52:25Charlie Johnson382017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K2FL11001TY
3. 53:20Roger Schmidt262017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K3FL11001TY
4. 54:13Matthew McCurdy242017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K4FL11001TY
5. 54:46Matthew Cashin172017-01-21GWTC 15K1FL16080TY
6. 54:46Trevor Sununu222017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K5FL11001TY
7. 55:07Dewayne Riley312017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K6FL11001TY

55:34     M. McCurdy232017-01-21GWTC 15K2FL16080TY
8. 55:42Chris O'Kelley242017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K7FL11001TY
9. 56:32Caleb Carmichael332017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K8FL11001TY
10. 56:57Gary Droze562017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K9FL11001TY
11. 58:05Jake Mazziotta192017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K10FL11001TY
12. 58:32Jim Halley382017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K11FL11001TY
13. 58:36Mickey Moore472017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K12FL11001TY
14. 58:48David Graf412017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K13FL11001TY
15. 58:59Geb Kiros502017-01-21GWTC 15K3FL16080TY
16. 58:59Michael Rhodes482017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K14FL11001TY
17. 59:09Scott Lloyd162017-01-21GWTC 15K4FL16080TY
18. 59:14Hong-Guo Yu492017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K15FL11001TY
19. 59:16Drew Farrington302017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K16FL11001TY
20. 59:26Don Smith382017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K17FL11001TY
21. 59:30Christopher O'Kelley232017-01-21GWTC 15K5FL16080TY

59:45     G. Kiros512017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K18FL11001TY
22. 59:57Colter Foster182017-01-21GWTC 15K6FL16080TY
23. 1:00:00Paul Guyas402017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K19FL11001TY
24. 1:00:15Tony Guillen482017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K20FL11001TY
25. 1:00:22Carter Hay462017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K21FL11001TY
Includes performances from the Gulf Winds Track Club 15K (21 Jan 2017) and Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K (23 Nov

Top Tallahassee 15K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2017
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 56:36Katie Sherron362017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K1FL11001TY
2. 1:00:50Sheryl Rosen332017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K2FL11001TY
3. 1:05:09Brittney Barnes292017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K3FL11001TY

1:05:27     S. Rosen322017-01-21GWTC 15K1FL16080TY
4. 1:06:49Deanna McVay342017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K4FL11001TY
5. 1:07:01Jillian Heddaeus342017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K5FL11001TY
6. 1:08:15Alyssa Terry242017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K6FL11001TY
7. 1:08:49Kate Harrison252017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K7FL11001TY
8. 1:10:10Kristin Halley362017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K8FL11001TY
9. 1:12:01Kat Sack252017-01-21GWTC 15K2FL16080TY
10. 1:12:22Laura Reina532017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K9FL11001TY
11. 1:12:38Jordan Kimelman212017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K10FL11001TY
12. 1:12:39Emma Spencer352017-01-21GWTC 15K3FL16080TY
13. 1:12:58Alice Smoot602017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K11FL11001TY
14. 1:13:01Katherine Resavage162017-01-21GWTC 15K4FL16080TY
15. 1:13:11Zoe Sheldon172017-01-21GWTC 15K5FL16080TY
16. 1:13:15Kenya Rich452017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K12FL11001TY
17. 1:13:47Nancy Proctor562017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K13FL11001TY
18. 1:14:22Heather Diaz322017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K14FL11001TY
19. 1:14:58Anna Gill172017-01-21GWTC 15K6FL16080TY
20. 1:15:23Bridget Wolfel372017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K15FL11001TY
21. 1:15:26Nancy Stedman552017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K16FL11001TY

1:15:27     B. Barnes292017-01-21GWTC 15K7FL16080TY
22. 1:15:41Filiz Aktan332017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K17FL11001TY
23. 1:15:56Kory Skrob472017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K18FL11001TY
24. 1:15:56Tsige Tadesse452017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K19FL11001TY
25. 1:16:01Katie Lee212017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K20FL11001TY
Includes performances from the Gulf Winds Track Club 15K (21 Jan 2017) and Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K (23 Nov


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