Sunday, December 3, 2017

Castagnaro and Stockel lead Tallahassee's Jingle Bell Run

Joey Castagnaro doesn't run many races in Tallahassee, Florida. But when he does, he's usually near the front. For instance, Castagnaro was fourth in the high school boys' 5K at the 2010 Florida State University Cross-Country Invitational. He won the Chiles High School March of Dimes 5K in 2014. And on Saturday evening, 3 December 2017, Castagnaro won Tallahassee's Jingle Bell Run 3K, outrunning thousands with a 9:13. Maclay School sophomore Rachael Stockel was the first female finisher, running 11:04.

The Jingle Bell Run was the first of Saturday evening events at Tallahassee's 31st annual Winter Festival. It's not an exaggeration to say that a few thousand people participate in the run each year, but most of them are content to stumble along, pushing strollers, walking dogs, and aglow with light emitting diodes in festive colors. Even though there are no results, there are always a few athletes up front who race the event. For them, the Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department has started tracking the overall winners, male and female. There's a plaque for each, and rumors of an honored spot (right next to Santa) in the Winter Festival Nighttime Holiday Parade that follows the run.

For most of the field, though, it's not about speed, or place, or Boston qualifiers. It's about a chance to get a T-shirt and trot around the streets of downtown Tallahassee in a Santa cap.

Recent winners of Tallahassee's Jingle Bell Run, 2009 - 2017
19 December 2009Matt Mizereck, 9:45Kirsten Hagen, 12:44
4 December 2010Jacob Slupecki, 10:05Kirsten Hagen, 12:32
3 December 2011Stanley Linton, 9:57Stefanie Kurgatt, 12:18
1 December 2012Stanley Linton, 10:04Katherine Resavage, 13:24
7 December 2013Connor Hollander, 8:34Lindsay Taylor, 11:14
6 December 2014Joseph Garcia, 8:27Jillian Heddaeus, 10:46
5 December 2015Adam Wallenfelsz, 9:09Jillian Heddaeus, 10:38
4 December 2016Christopher Haynes, 7:52Jillian Heddaeus, 10:35
3 December 2017Joey Castagnaro, 9:13Rachael Stockel, 11:04
I've included times, but the figures aren't meaningful because the course and
distance change frequently.


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