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New road 6K state records for Florida during 2017

At the end of 2017, Ethan Clary's 19:15 stands as the fastest 6K time run on the Florida roads during the year, and Sonja Friend-Uhl's 22:29 as the fastest women's time. Both marks were recorded at the 3 June 2017 Heroes 6K in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Clary's time is also the fastest run on a USATF-certified course in Florida going back to at least 2013.

When 2017 opened, the oldest 6K race in Florida, Gulf Winds Track Club's Flash 6K, was scheduled to be run on a USATF-certified course for the first time. It looked like that for the first time, Florida would have four 6K races on certified courses--the Character Counts 6K in Saint Augustine on 3 February 2017, the Flash 6K in Saint Marks on 18 February 2017, the Heroes 6K in Fort Lauderdale on 3 June 2017, and the Ravine Gardens 6K in Palatka on 21 October 2017. However, the Ravine Gardens race was not only shortened to a 5K event, but because of race was ultimately canceled because of damage to Ravine Gardens State Park by Hurricane Irma. Hopefully the park will recover and the race will return as a 6K.

Geb Kiros
Geb Kiros

Florida still had three excellent six-kilometer races on USATF-certified courses during 2017. Andy Nicol opened the series with a 23:32 win at the Character Counts 6K, where Deana Reich won the women's competition in 26:59. Two weeks later, master runner Geb Kiros upped the ante with a 22:02 win in the Flash 6K. In the same race, Kat Sack established a new women's best for the year, going 26:02. But neither of those marks survived the third, final, and largest race on the circuit, the Heroes 6K. Ethan Clary led a field of more than 400 runners in that race, going 19:15. If anyone kept track of state records for the road 6K, that time would stand as the Florida record. Likewise, Sonja Friend-Uhl's 22:29 in the Heroes 6K would stand as the women's state record.

Katie Sack, Ann Centner
Kat Sack

Of course, not every 6K race in Florida is on the roads. In 2018 there will be two particularly significant 6K cross-country races in the state. The senior women's and junior women's races at the USATF National Cross-Country Championships will both be 6K, and both will be run on the Apalachee Regional Park Cross-Country Course near Tallahassee, Florida on 3 February 2018. As for the roads, Saint Augustine's sixth annual Character Counts 6K is scheduled for 3 February 2017 and the 30th annual Flash 6K is slated for 17 February 2018. There isn't a published date yet for Fort Lauderdale's 2018 Heroes 6K. Those are the three races for anyone who wants to chase Ethan Clary's 19:15 men's state record or Sonja Friend-Uhl's 22:29 women's state record.

A comparison of four Florida 6K road races, 2013 - 2017
YearDateRaceMale WinnerFemale WinnerFinishers
20139 FebruaryCharacter Counts 6K21:33, Yaro Middaugh26:24, Beth Sweeny205
16 FebruaryFlash 6K21:54, Michael Martinez25:09, Jessica Gillard70
27 AprilHeroes 6K21:30, Luiz Souza27:13, Sara Devi Pierson466
20148 FebruaryCharacter Counts 6K23:02, Mike Beaman26:53, Katie Dingler123
15 FebruaryFlash 6K21:56, Jon Mason28:15, Sarah Taff85
3 MayHeroes 6K22:37, Harrie Olsthoorn28:56, Rachel Bush397
25 OctoberRavine Gardens 6K22:30, Dan Stoner26:50, Talisa Fletcher32
20157 FebruaryCharacter Counts 6K24:15, Bryan Thompson26:36, Zahra Crim218
21 FebruaryFlash 6K23:30, Duane Evans24:20, Katie Gorman98
25 AprilHeroes 6K21:44, Christopher Mills23:53, Danielle Kleppan302
24 OctoberRavine Gardens 6K23:47, Peyton Snyder28:34, Sally Chappell49
20166 FebruaryCharacter Counts 6K21:32, Yaro Middaugh23:54, Ani Veltcheva253
20 FebruaryFlash 6K23:17, Travis Parks32:26, Leah Kiros87
4 JuneHeroes 6K20:24, Scott Byers24:07, Abidemi Charles391
22 OctoberRavine Gardens 6K26:53, John Wisker33:09, Leigh Doran23
20174 FebruaryCharacter Counts 6K23:32, Andy Nicol26:59, Deanna Reich215
18 FebruaryFlash 6K22:02, Geb Kiros26:02, Kat Sack127
3 JuneHeroes 6K19:15, Ethan Clary22:28, Sonja Friend-Uhl405
20183 FebruaryCharacter Counts 6K
17 FebruaryFlash 6K

Heroes 6K

The Character Counts 6K was held on USATF certified course FL12089EBM from 2013-2017.
The Ravine Gardens 6K was held on USATF certified course FL14061EBM from 2014 to 2016.
The Heroes In Recovery 6K was held on uncertified courses from 2013 to 2015, and on USATF certified
course FL16048EBM in 2016 to 2017.
From 2011 to 2016 the Flash 6K was held on an uncertified course in Saint Marks, Florida; the race will be
run on USATF certified course FL16069TY in 2017.


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