Saturday, February 4, 2017

Speed counts for Nicol and Reich at the Character Counts 6K

Six kilometers isn't the most typical distance for a road race. Nevertheless, when 2017 opened, there were four USATF-certified six-kilometer road courses in the state of Florida, corresponding to four different races. The first of these was "Character Counts!" 6K--or more completely, the "Character Counts! in Saint Johns County Six Pillars 6K." In the interest of brevity, let's just call the race the Character Counts 6K, and note that it started and finished at Saint Augustine, Florida's Palencia Elementary School on Saturday morning, 4 February 2017.

Saint Augustine master runner Andy Nicol was the first of 215 athletes to cross the finish line in the six-kilometer race, running a winning 23:32. Trailing Nicol by less than 50 meters, thirteen-year-old Lucas Bouquot of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida took second in 23:43. Another Ponte Vedra Beach Bouquot, master runner Jean Bouquot, was third in 24:26.

Deanna Reich of Saint Augustine took the women's title, racing the six kilometers in 26:59 and placing seventh overall. Saint Augustine's Michelle Fredette was the top woman master and second female finisher, thirteenth overall in 27:34. Jennifer Ashe of Saint Johns, Florida was third in the women's standings and fourteenth overall in 27:39.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Character Counts 6K
  1. 23:32, Andy Nicol (M, 57) St. Augustine, FL
  2. 23:43, Lucas Bouquot (M, 13) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  3. 24:26, Jean Bouquot (M, 45) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  4. 25:43, Kurt Hubbard (M, 47) St. Augustine, FL
  5. 26:14, Ty Clarke (M, 12) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  6. 26:41, Brian Drilling (M, 28) Jacksonville, FL
  7. 27:24, Billy Massey (M, 40) St. Augustine, FL
  8. 27:28, Christopher Leveille (M, 12) Ponte Vedra, FL
  9. 27:21, Kenny Johnson (M, 37) St. Augustine, FL
  10. 27:19, Paul Studivant (M, 48) St. Augustine, FL

Top Ten Women, 2017 Character Counts 6K
  1. 26:59, Deanna Reich (F, 33) St. Augustine, FL
  2. 27:34, Michelle Fredette (F, 59) St. Augustine, FL
  3. 27:45, Jennifer Ashe (F, 34) St. Johns, FL
  4. 28:17, Marina Dean (F, 13) St. Augustine, FL
  5. 28:37, Jennifer Conway (F, 44) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  6. 28:44, Angel Baer (F, 45) St. Augustine, FL
  7. 29:01, Heather Hentzee (F, 37) Jacksonville, FL
  8. 29:34, Aubrie Dean (F, 13) St. Augustine, FL
  9. 30:39, Kimberly Baier (F, 37) Ponte Vedra, FL
  10. 30:59, Victoria Davenport (F, 50) St. Augustine, FL

The 2017 Character Counts Six Pillars races included not only the six-kilometer event, but also a three-kilometer run on a USATF-certified course. Just as the 6K was won by a master runner, a master runner also took first place in the 3K. Saint Augustine's Bill Phillips was that master runner, winning the shorter race in 11:37. Another master runner, Robert Dews of Middleburg, was second in 11:45. Continuing to make it a morning for the masters, master runner Shelly Allen of Fleming Allen was the first woman and third overall finisher in the 3K, running 12:03.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Character Counts 3K
  1. 11:37, Bill Phillips (M, 62) St. Augustine, FL
  2. 11:45, Robert Dews (M, 47) Middleburg, FL
  3. 13:25, Hector Menjivar (M, 14) Honduras
  4. 13:25, Christopher Knox (M, 34) Palm Coast, FL
  5. 13:26, Edward Farmer (M, 8) Ponte Vedra, FL
  6. 13:31, Christian Baeza (M, 9) Palm Coast, FL
  7. 13:45, Charlie Carlson (M, 8) Ponte Vedra, FL
  8. 14:12, Stephen Wells (M, 12) St. Augustine, FL
  9. 14:20, David Nyquist (M, 63) St. Augustine, FL
  10. 14:26, Alexander Crim (M, 15) St. Augustine, FL

Top Ten Women, 2017 Character Counts 3K
  1. 12:03, Shelly Allen (F, 53) Fleming Island, FL
  2. 14:54, Emma Berna (F, 11) St. Augustine, FL
  3. 15:23, Windsor Lockhart (F, 10) Ponte Vedra, FL
  4. 15:35, Emily Wells (F, 9) St. Augustine, FL
  5. 15:42, Britney Wells (F, 34) St. Augustine, FL
  6. 15:50, Mackenzie Conway (F, 13) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  7. 15:50, Sadie Bryant (F, 9) Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  8. 16:05, Celesta Mitchell (F, 37) St. Augustine, FL
  9. 16:20, Mckenna Getka (F, 10) Ponte Vedra, FL
  10. 17:16, Heather Jahr (F, 40) Middleburg, FL

Both the Character Counts 6K and 3K were chip-timed by RaceSmith, Inc. Jacob Smith of RaceSmith measured and obtained USATF certification the course of each race.

Character Counts! in Saint Johns County Six Pillars winners, 2013 - 2017
9 February 20136K21:33, Yaro Middaugh26:24, Beth Sweeny205
3K13:02, John Prosceno13:24, Jenn Hayes203
8 February 20146K23:02, Mike Beaman26:53, Katie Dingler123
3K12:16, James Ramsden14:31, Alyssa Rodale141
7 February 20156K24:15, Bryan Thompson26:36, Zahra Crim218
3K11:13, Nicholas Parker13:56, Humrei Thompson264
6 February 20166K21:32, Yaro Middaugh23:54, Ani Veltcheva253
3K10:51, Winston Fletcher14:42, Tori Balser243
4 February 20176K23:32, Andy Nicol26:59, Deanna Reich215
3K11:37, Bill Phillips12:03, Shelly Allen254