Sunday, February 19, 2017

Droze and Aronson wallop the field of the Medical Response Unit 5K

It's possible that there would still be races on the Florida State University campus if there were no FSU Medical Response Unit. After all, people are allowed to climb mountains and swim in shark habitat without medical personnel standing by, and running isn't anywhere near the top of anyone's list of dangerous activities.

Still, bad things can happen during a run. They have. The FSU Medical Response Unit has already saved the life of at least one runner, so you'd have to say that campus races are that much safer because of the MRU.

However you stand on the safety question, it is beyond dispute that on Sunday morning, 19 February 2017, master runner Gary Droze won the Medical Response Unit's own race, the eighth annual Run For Your Life 5K. The cross-country coach for Tallahassee Community College, Droze covered the 3.1-mile course around Florida State University's Tallahassee campus in 17:46, finishing almost 400 meters ahead of the next runner. It was Droze's second Medical Response Unit 5K win; he had also won the race in 2015.

Gary Droze, Lauren Aronson

Brian Prisbe, a first-year Florida State student and alumnus of the Sante Fe High track team, was runner-up in the race with a 19:15. Matthias Laywell took third in 19:30. Laywell, also a first-year FSU student, formerly ran cross-country for John Paul II High in Tallahassee.

Lauren Aronson took the women's title, placing fourth overall in 19:59--the fastest time by a woman in the annual Medical Response Unit 5K since 2013. Aronson ran cross-country at Parkland (Florida) Douglas High from 2011 to 2014, going on to run with the Florida State cross-country team in 2015. Stacy Biggart was the second woman and seventeenth overall in 23:15. Deirdre McCarthy edged Laura Sellati for the third in the women's standings, 23:37 to 23:40. McCarthy was twentieth overall and Sellati 23rd.

201 athletes finished the race.

Top Ten Men, 2017 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 17:45.27, Gary Droze
  2. 19:14.54, Brian Prisbe
  3. 19:29.32, Matthias Laywell
  4. 20:02.41, Ronald Mackenzie
  5. 21:34.52, Hector Clemente
  6. 21:41.80, Morgan Levine
  7. 22:10.59, Nate Stapp
  8. 22:16.41, Hank Jackson
  9. 22:21.67, Nathan Steineck
  10. 22:22.37, Michael LaBossiere

Top Ten Women, 2017 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 19:58.54, Lauren Aronson
  2. 23:14.74, Stacy Biggart
  3. 23:36.17, Deirdre McCarthy
  4. 23:39.49, Laura Sellati
  5. 24:08.26, Lyssa Oberkreser
  6. 25:28.39, Lori Finn
  7. 25:49.59, Stacey Crump
  8. 25:56.02, Francee Laywell
  9. 26:14.73, Susan Piroth
  10. 26:22.83, Kristin Magrini

FSU Medical Response Unit 5K winners, 2010 - 2017
20 January 201017:40, Raley Beggs19:14, Katherine McMeekin68
29 January 201117:47, Matt Bulecza21:54, Kellie Gerbers58
21 January 201217:53, Connor Stevens22:53, Kate Harrison67
26 January 201318:08, Connor Stevens18:33, Sheryl Rosen88
25 January 201420:27, Michael LaBossiere21:36, Sheryl Rosen22
22 February 201517:01, Gary Droze23:39, Kaitlin Early81
21 February 201616:55, Grady Smith20:30, Sheryl Rosen129
19 February 201717:46, Gary Droze19:59, Lauren Aronson201