Saturday, February 25, 2017

Droze and Heddaeus take flight at the Family Fun Day 5K

2017 Family Fun Day 5KWhen "Get Outdoors, Florida!" hosted a Family Fun Day in Tallahassee, Florida's Tom Brown Park, it was natural for a run to be part of the program. Ignoring the aberration of indoor track, running is a quintessential outdoor activity. So among the Family Fun Day events on Saturday morning, 25 February 2017, a five-kilometer race was scheduled for 10:00 AM. The course was billed as "measured by Gary Droze," the Tallahassee Community College cross-country coach. Spending time on the course with a surveyor's wheel may or may not have been an advantage, but it certainly wasn't a disadvantage, because Droze won the race in 18:18. Jillian Heddaeus had no part in course measurement, but nevertheless won the women's title in 21:29, placing fifth overall. 45 athletes finished the race.

Behind master runner Gary Droze, Eric Godin took second in 18:35. Paul Guyas was third in 19:00.

Mariel Carbone was second in the women's standings and eleventh overall in 24:55. Sophia Fonseca was the third woman and fourteenth overall in 26:02.

Get Outdoors, Florida! is a non-profit coalition devoted to promoting outdoor experiences to achieve healthier lifestyles. Miles and Minutes, LLC, of Tallahassee timed the 2017 Family Fun Day 5K.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Family Fun Day 5K
  1. 18:17.50, Gary Droze
  2. 18:34.33, Eric Godin
  3. 18:59.28, Paul Guyas
  4. 20:36.17, Marty Spieler
  5. 21:54.14, Frank Price
  6. 22:08.69, Michael Weyant
  7. 22:45.42, Luke Liles
  8. 23:50.71, Felton Wright
  9. 25:01.50, John Davis
  10. 25:04.06, Ben Kaplan

Top Ten Women, 2017 Family Fun Day 5K
  1. 21:28.79, Jillian Heddaeus
  2. 24:54.35, Mariel Carbone
  3. 26:01.90, Sophia Fonseca
  4. 26:34.28, Stella Lewis
  5. 26:46.14, Martha Guyas
  6. 26:59.80, Allison Thorpe
  7. 27:21.88, Katharine Price
  8. 28:08.89, Stephanie Hurt
  9. 29:46.91, Shannon O'Keefe
  10. 31:03.58, Gina Kittel