Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Veltcheva's fifth Five Points 5K win is a 17:34

2017 Five Points Of Life Race WeekendIn the space of less than three seconds, the top three runners in the 2017 Five Points Of Life 5K flashed across the finish line. Ravi Kumar was first in 17:32, Ani Veltcheva second in 17:34, and Enoch Nadler third with a 17:35 in the Gainesville, Florida race.

It was Kumar's first win in the annual Five Points Of Life race. A TeamFTC Elite runner, Kumar is a recent graduate of the University of Florida and an alumnus of the Gainesville Eastside High cross-country team.

While Kumar was getting his first Five Points Of Life title, Ani Veltcheva was winning the women's division for the fifth year in a row--a streak that started when Veltcheva was eight years old. Her winning time of 17:34 in the 2017 race was just off the world single-age record for twelve-year-old girls--17:32.4, set by Lauryn Heskin in 2016. Let me emphasize that we're talking about the world record; not the Abraham Lincoln Middle School record, not the Florida record, not a national record, but the world record.

Gainesville's Betsy Suda, the 2011 Five Points Of Life 5K women's champ, was fourth overall and second in the women's standings, running 18:09. Another Abraham Lincoln Middle School student, thirteen-year-old Anton Matchev, took fifth overall and third on the men's side in 18:13. Christopher Bartley of Gainesville was the fourth male finisher and sxith overall in 18:18. Morgan Hull of Gainesville was the third woman and seventh overall in 18:21.

Keisuke Matsuki was the fastest master runner in the race, finishing eighth overall and fifth in the men's standings at 18:26. Elizabeth Andrade was the first woman master and sixth female finisher, taking sixteenth overall in 20:34.

367 athletes finished the 2017 Five Points 5K. DRC Sports of Inverness, Florida timed the race. The 5K was the feature race of the first day of the Five Points of Life race weekend, which continued on Sunday with the marathon and half-marathon.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Five Points Of Life 5K
  1. 17:31.61, Ravi Kumar (M, 22) Gainesville, FL
  2. 17:34.34, Enoch Nadler (M, 31) Gainesville, FL
  3. 18:12.36, Anton Matchev (M, 13) Gainesville, FL
  4. 18:17.60, Christopher Bartley (M, 29) Gainesville, FL
  5. 18:25.52, Keisuke Matsuki (M, 44) Gainesville, FL
  6. 18:56.70, David Cox (M, 31) Gainesville, FL
  7. 19:38.78, Ben Mock (M, 14) Alachua, FL
  8. 20:05.87, Philip Matchev (M, 10) Gainesville, FL
  9. 20:06.46, Shreyas Honrao (M, 26) Gainesville, FL
  10. 20:22.28, Dustin Beller (M, 24) Jacksonville, FL

Top Ten Women, 2017 Five Points Of Life 5K
  1. 17:34.00, Ani Veltcheva (F, 12) Gainesville, FL
  2. 18:08.82, Betsy Suda (F, 35) Gainesville, FL
  3. 18:20.86, Morgan Hull (F, 21) Gainesville, FL
  4. 18:44.99, Kelly Griffin (F, 38) Gainesville, FL
  5. 20:21.88, Abby Garner (F, 24) Boca Grande, FL
  6. 20:33.66, Elizabeth Andrade (F, 47) Gainesville, FL
  7. 20:49.54, Adair Lyden (F, 19) Orlando, FL
  8. 22:43.62, Seyran Kepic (F, 10) Gainesville, FL
  9. 22:52.19, Mary Greco (F, 30) kansas city, MO
  10. 22:58.15, Christina Alba (F, 41) Gainesville, CO

Five Points 5K winners, 2008 - 2017
23 February 200816:03, Mitch Guirard19:47, Amanda Duarte
21 February 200916:40, Kellam Bartley17:27, Vaida Zusinaite388
13 February 201018:12, Lance Reccoppa18:58, Firaya Sultanove-Zhdanova336
19 February 201117:41, Michael Rosato17:41, Betsy Suda366
18 February 201216:10, Michael Rosato21:39, Jennifer Schofield475
16 February 201317:14, Michael Anderson20:49, Ani Veltcheva400
15 February 201417:29, Kyle Dunn19:50, Ani Veltcheva354
14 February 201519:00, Robert Robins19:07, Ani Veltcheva312
20 February 201617:08, Matthew Edwards18:23, Ani Veltcheva347
25 February 201717:32, Ravi Kumar17:34, Ani Veltcheva367