Friday, February 17, 2017

Baby, It's Kold Outside

They know what cold is in Minnesota. Winters are long and harsh, and there are years when you could take a short cut to Michigan across the frozen surface of Lake Superior. Contrarily, Georgia is in the southern United State, and the city of Americus is pretty far south into Georgia. Even in February, it's not likely to be truly cold for the Americus Kiwanis Kold Run 5K. As for the question of whether or not it was "kold" at the race, I'll leave that to the same experts who examine the question of whether or not there is "froot" in "Froot Loops".

Whatever your opinion on the temperature, it's indisputable than Americus athlete Henry Downes won the fifth annual Kold Run 5K on Saturday morning, 11 February 2017. Downes covered the 3.1-mile course around the Georgia Southwestern State University campus in 21:06. Mitchell Sinyard of Hawkinsville, Georgia was the fastest master runner in the race and the overall runner-up in 21:20. Twelve-year-old Jade Burrell of Parrott, Georgia finished at the top of the women's standings, placing third overall in 23:29. Ellaville, Georgia's Sue Hite was the first woman master and second female finisher, tenth overall in 25:53.

30 athletes finished the 2017 Kiwanis Kold Run 5K.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Kiwanis Kold Run 5K
  1. 21:05.51, Henry Downes (M, 24) Americus, GA
  2. 21:19.38, Mitchell Sinyard (M, 56) Hawkinsville, GA
  3. 23:54.07, Johnny Hawkins (M, 35) Leslie, GA
  4. 23:58.52, Harold Benton (M, 59) Leesburg, GA
  5. 24:38.09, Darryl Cox (M, 36) Ellaville, GA
  6. 25:24.48, Sennica Harris (M, 37) Americus, GA
  7. 25:32.54, David Oblinger (M, 66) Alpharetta, GA
  8. 25:39.55, Cody King (M, 49) Americus, GA
  9. 26:13.45, Roger Keel (M, 63) Beulah, AL
  10. 27:03.97, David Slauenwhite (M, 58) Cordele, GA

Top Ten Women, 2017 Kiwanis Kold Run 5K
  1. 23:28.94, Jade Burrell (F, 12) Parrott, GA
  2. 25:52.89, Sue Hite (F, 60) Ellaville, GA
  3. 28:55.41, Kara Morgan (F, 41) Cumming, GA
  4. 28:56.27, Beth Webb (F, 34) Smithville, GA
  5. 32:16.04, Paige Drinnon (F, 8) Americus, GA
  6. 32:18.64, Ana Coloma (F, 15) Americus, GA
  7. 32:34.77, Barbara Nasworthy (F, 67) Pine Mountain, GA
  8. 33:02.60, Clarissa Codogan (F, 32) Americus, GA
  9. 33:11.01, Jacqueline Brown (F, 42) Montezuma, GA
  10. 34:05.07, Rosemary Duprey (F, 48) Americus, GA

Americus, Georgia Kiwanis Kold Run 5K winners, 2013 - 2017
26 January 2013Wright CalhounFaith Pinnell35
1 February 201420:51, Mitchell Sinyard23:54, Mollie McGowan64
7 February 201521:30, Patrick Calcutt24:11, Ryleigh Bell42
6 February 201617:32, Wright Calhoun23:17, Yesnia Reyes39
11 February 201721:06, Henry Downes23:29, Jade Burrell30