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Tallahassee's top 5K road times in 2017

2017 was another great twelve months of road racing in Tallahassee, Florida. And at the end of those twelve months, Ricardo Estremera had run the city's fastest men's time for the year in the road 5K, a 15:11 at the Tallahassee Turkey Trot. On the women's side, Ani Veltcheva had the best mark for the year on the streets of Tallahassee, a 17:35 at the Run For The Cookies 5K.

Ricardo Estremera
Ricardo Estremera

As in 2016, during 2017 only three men went sub-16:00 on USATF-certified road courses in Tallahassee. Stan Linton and Christopher Haynes were the first two, going 15:16 and 15:43 at Gulf Winds Track Club's 43rd annual Palace Saloon 5K on 15 April 2017. Linton's 15:16 stood as the top mark in town for more than seven months, till Estremera ran 15:11 at the Turkey Trot on 23 November 2017. Estremera also had the city leading time in 2015, a 14:53 at that year's Turkey Trot. Linton had the best Tallahassee road 5K during 2014 and 2016--a 15:24 at the Run For The Cookies in 2014 and a 15:29 at the Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival in 2016.

For the fourth year in a row, Bryan Koon had the best performance by a master runner in a Tallahassee road 5K. Koon was twelfth on the men's list with the 17:19 he ran at the Palace Saloon 5K, placing eighth. Each year from 2014 through 2017, Koon has run his city-leading master's time at the Palace Saloon 5K. He has also been the first runner to the beer each of those years, which may not be coincidental.

Katie Sherron, Ani Veltcheva
Katie Sherron and Ani Veltcheva

Four athletes accounted for the fifteen fastest women's times for 2017. Two of those athletes
During 2017, Tallahassee's fifteen fastest women's times in the road 5K belonged to just four athletes--Ani Veltcheva, Katie Sherron, Adriana Piekarewicz, and Sheryl Rosen. Veltcheva and Sherron owned nine of those performances, including the top five marks. The number one time, though, belonged to Veltcheva--the 17:35 she posted at the Run For The Cookies on 11 February 2017. For the rest of the year, more than ten months, no other female athlete ran faster in Tallahassee. Sherron came closest, running 17:43 at the Sickle Cell 5K on 9 September 2017. Veltcheva, a student at Abraham Lincoln Middle School in Gainesville, Florida, ran even faster outside of Tallahassee, going 17:17 at the Clermont, Florida Parkrun 5K on 18 March 2017. That mark was a new single-age world record for twelve-year old girls.

Stephanie Liles-Weyant ran the fastest time for the year by a woman master runner in Tallahassee, her 21:04 at the Shamrock Scurry 5K. Liles-Weyant was also Tallahassee's top woman master in the road 5K in 2015.

These were the city-leading road 5K times for each year from 2012 to 2017:

201216:02Ryan Barrow22 NovTurkey Trot16:26Violah Lagat22 NovTurkey Trot
201315:28Kevin Sullivan28 NovTurkey Trot16:51Kayleigh Tyerman14 SepWomen's Distance Festival
201415:24Stanley Linton8 FebRun For The Cookies17:45Amy Hines12 AprPalace Saloon
201514:53Ricardo Estremera26 NovTurkey Trot17:34Katie Sherron3 OctHurricane Run
201615:29Stanley Linton17 SepWomen's Distance Festival18:00Alyson Churchill11 NovVetFest
201715:11Ricardo Estremera23 NovTurkey Trot17:35Ani Veltcheva11 FebRun For The Cookies

Which performances get included in the rankings? Performances that meet these criteria:
  • The race has to be in Tallahassee (anywhere in Leon County is fine)
  • The race has to be run on a USATF certified course
  • The race has to have published results
  • I have to see the results
And with that, here are the lists for 2017, the top 100 men and the top 100 women.

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2017
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 15:11Ricardo Estremera312017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K1FL11112EBM
2. 15:16Stan Linton232017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K1FL13028EBM
3. 15:43Christopher Haynes242017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K2FL13028EBM
4. 16:07Remy Tamer282017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K2FL11112EBM
5. 16:25Charlie Johnson372017-11-11VetFest 5K1FL16053TY
6. 16:27Matthew McCurdy232017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K1FL14006EBM

16:28     C. Johnson372017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K1FL17042TY

16:36     M. McCurdy242017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K3FL13028EBM

16:38     M. McCurdy242017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K1FL10021EBM
7. 16:42Mark Zamani182017-01-28Trent Trot 5K1FL11132EBM

16:48     C. Johnson372017-07-04Firecracker 5K1FL17036TY
8. 16:53Brandon Shemonia232017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K4FL13028EBM
9. 16:57Vince Molosky372017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM

16:58     V. Molosky372017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K2FL14006EBM
10. 17:04Chris O'Kelley242017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K5FL13028EBM

17:07     C. O'Kelley232017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K3FL14006EBM

17:08     V. Molosky372017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K6FL13028EBM
11. 17:11Scott Lloyd162017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K7FL13028EBM

17:11     V. Molosky372017-07-04Firecracker 5K2FL17036TY

17:13     V. Molosky372017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K2FL10021EBM

17:16     M. McCurdy242017-11-11VetFest 5K2FL16053TY

17:17     C. O'Kelley242017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K2FL17042TY

17:19     C. O'Kelley232017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K3FL10021EBM
12. 17:19Bryan Koon452017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K8FL13028EBM

17:21     V. Molosky382017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K3FL17042TY
13. 17:21Evan Beauchamp292017-11-11VetFest 5K3FL16053TY

17:21     C. O'Kelley242017-11-11VetFest 5K4FL16053TY
14. 17:25Tristan Cravello182017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K4FL17042TY
15. 17:27Zach DeVeau292017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K4FL14006EBM
16. 17:32Ryan Truchelut312017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K5FL14006EBM
17. 17:33Thomas Howell202017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K6FL14006EBM
18. 17:34Jacob Williams232017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K9FL13028EBM
19. 17:34Nick Yeager222017-07-04Firecracker 5K3FL17036TY
20. 17:38Jim Halley372017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K7FL14006EBM

17:38     T. Cravello182017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K1FL12057EBM
21. 17:39Geb Kiros502017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM
22. 17:41Daniel Blackman262017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K10FL13028EBM

17:42     G. Kiros502017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K8FL14006EBM

17:43     S. Lloyd162017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K3FL12001EBM
23. 17:45Mickey Moore462017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K9FL14006EBM
24. 17:46Gary Droze552017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K10FL14006EBM

17:51     R. Truchelut312017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K4FL10021EBM

17:51     G. Kiros502017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K11FL13028EBM
25. 17:53Jay Wallace522017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K11FL14006EBM

17:54     C. O'Kelley242017-07-04Firecracker 5K4FL17036TY
26. 17:54Josh Karadeema252017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K3FL11112EBM
27. 17:55Eric Godin322017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K12FL14006EBM

17:56     J. Halley372017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K1FL14149EBM

17:56     G. Kiros502017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K5FL10021EBM
28. 17:57Trevor Sununu212017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K12FL13028EBM

17:57     J. Halley372017-04-29Nene Fest 5K1FL06045DL
18:00     M. Moore472017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K13FL13028EBM
29. 18:00Kurt Dietrich262017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K4FL11112EBM

18:01     J. Halley372017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K6FL10021EBM

18:05     G. Kiros502017-07-04Firecracker 5K5FL17036TY

18:06     J. Halley382017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K5FL17042TY

18:07     G. Kiros502017-01-07TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K1FL16081TY

18:07     E. Godin322017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K4FL12001EBM
30. 18:07Charles Biberg252017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K5FL11112EBM

18:09     J. Halley372017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K14FL13028EBM
31. 18:09Paul Guyas392017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K2FL12057EBM

18:09     Z. DeVeau292017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K3FL12057EBM

18:09     K. Dietrich262017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K4FL12057EBM
32. 18:09Jonathan Labarre452017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K6FL11112EBM

18:11     G. Droze552017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K2FL14149EBM

18:11     P. Guyas392017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K13FL14006EBM

18:11     G. Droze562017-07-04Firecracker 5K6FL17036TY

18:13     E. Godin322017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K7FL10021EBM

18:15     R. Truchelut312017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K15FL13028EBM

18:16     R. Truchelut312017-07-04Firecracker 5K7FL17036TY

18:19     R. Truchelut312017-01-07TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K2FL16081TY

18:21     M. Moore472017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K6FL17042TY

18:22     K. Dietrich252017-07-04Firecracker 5K8FL17036TY

18:23     G. Droze552017-01-07TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K3FL16081TY
33. 18:23Doug Bell482017-07-04Firecracker 5K9FL17036TY

18:23     M. Moore472017-11-11VetFest 5K5FL16053TY

18:25     E. Godin332017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K16FL13028EBM

18:27     J. Halley372017-07-04Firecracker 5K10FL17036TY

18:27     R. Truchelut312017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K1FL11112EBM

18:29     G. Kiros512017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K7FL17042TY
34. 18:29Nick Loffer332017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K7FL11112EBM

18:30     G. Kiros502017-04-29Nene Fest 5K2FL06045DL
35. 18:32Bobby Duggleby262017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K17FL13028EBM

18:32     R. Truchelut312017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K8FL17042TY

18:33     E. Godin322017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K3FL14149EBM

18:33     G. Kiros502017-02-25Trailblazer 5K1FL14085EBM
18:33     N. Loffer332017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K18FL13028EBM
18:33     G. Kiros512017-11-04Deer Run 5K1FL13081EBM

18:34     P. Guyas392017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K19FL13028EBM
36. 18:34Daniel Wiedeman152017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K20FL13028EBM
37. 18:35Tom Parker342017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K21FL13028EBM
38. 18:36Tony Guillen482017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K14FL14006EBM

18:36     N. Loffer332017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K1FL11045EBM
39. 18:37Myles Gibson502017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K4FL14149EBM

18:37     J. Halley382017-11-11VetFest 5K6FL16053TY

18:41     T. Guillen482017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K22FL13028EBM

18:41     M. Moore472017-07-04Firecracker 5K11FL17036TY

18:42     G. Kiros512017-11-11VetFest 5K7FL16053TY
40. 18:43Don Smith372017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K23FL13028EBM
41. 18:46Matthias Laywell182017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K24FL13028EBM

18:47     P. Guyas392017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K8FL10021EBM
42. 18:47Travis Parks212017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K25FL13028EBM

18:47     P. Guyas402017-11-11VetFest 5K8FL16053TY
43. 18:48Michael Nesius322017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K5FL14149EBM
44. 18:48Mike Peymann542017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K26FL13028EBM
45. 18:52Michael Rhodes482017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K27FL13028EBM
46. 18:52Dalton Gray162017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K28FL13028EBM
47. 18:53Corey Osgood202017-01-28Trent Trot 5K2FL11132EBM
48. 18:53George Escobar192017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K8FL11112EBM
49. 18:54Michael Niezgoda282017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K9FL17042TY
50. 18:55Patrick Koon112017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K29FL13028EBM

18:55     K. Dietrich262017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K2FL11112EBM
51. 18:56Eric Miller302017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K30FL13028EBM

18:56     J. LaBarre452017-10-14Florida High 5K1FL15107EBM
52. 18:56Eric Houge372017-11-11VetFest 5K9FL16053TY
53. 18:57Mitchel Follos272017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K31FL13028EBM

18:57     K. Dietrich262017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K10FL17042TY

18:58     T. Guillen482017-01-28Trent Trot 5K3FL11132EBM
54. 18:59Zack Scharlepp342017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K15FL14006EBM
55. 19:00Alex Ranzinger292017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K9FL11112EBM

19:01     Z. DeVeau302017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K3FL11112EBM

19:01     J. LaBarre452017-11-04Deer Run 5K2FL13081EBM

19:02     K. Dietrich252017-04-29Nene Fest 5K3FL06045DL
56. 19:02Filippo Aldrovandi-Reina132017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K10FL11112EBM
57. 19:05Gannon Hundley182017-07-04Firecracker 5K12FL17036TY
58. 19:06Joel Piotrowski472017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K16FL14006EBM
59. 19:07Michael Martinez512017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K9FL10021EBM
60. 19:08Duane Evans492017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K32FL13028EBM
61. 19:08Carter Hay462017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K11FL17042TY

19:08     T. Guillen482017-11-11VetFest 5K10FL16053TY
62. 19:09Caleb Wiedeman172017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K33FL13028EBM

19:09     P. Koon122017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K4FL11112EBM

19:11     E. Houge362017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K34FL13028EBM
63. 19:11Philip Sura472017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K35FL13028EBM

19:11     B. Koon452017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K5FL11112EBM

19:12     Z. DeVeau292017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K10FL10021EBM

19:13     M. Moore462017-01-07TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K4FL16081TY
64. 19:13Hawthorne Hay142017-01-28Trent Trot 5K4FL11132EBM
65. 19:13Donald Kunish412017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K36FL13028EBM
66. 19:13Sean Hudson472017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K11FL11112EBM

19:15     J. Karadeema242017-07-04Firecracker 5K13FL17036TY

19:15     M. Laywell192017-11-11VetFest 5K11FL16053TY

19:16     D. Smith372017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K17FL14006EBM

19:16     Z. DeVeau292017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K37FL13028EBM
67. 19:16Andrew Treat302017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K38FL13028EBM

19:16     P. Guyas392017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K12FL17042TY
68. 19:18Lane Williams212017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K11FL10021EBM

19:18     P. Koon112017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K2FL11045EBM

19:18     B. Koon452017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K3FL11045EBM

19:18     P. Guyas392017-07-04Firecracker 5K14FL17036TY
69. 19:19Brad Busboom292017-11-04Deer Run 5K3FL13081EBM
70. 19:20Scott Minert2017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K39FL13028EBM
71. 19:21Alejandro Piekarewicz322017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K12FL11112EBM
72. 19:22Colin Briggs172017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K40FL13028EBM

19:24     M. Martinez512017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K13FL17042TY
73. 19:25Brian Molen402017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K18FL14006EBM

19:25     D. Smith372017-07-04Firecracker 5K15FL17036TY

19:26     M. Laywell182017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K12FL10021EBM

19:28     D. Evans492017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K19FL14006EBM

19:28     J. Piotrowski472017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K41FL13028EBM

19:28     D. Smith382017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K14FL17042TY

19:29     Z. Scharlepp342017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K13FL10021EBM
74. 19:30Tim Unger572017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K20FL14006EBM

19:30     M. Peymann542017-04-29Nene Fest 5K4FL06045DL
75. 19:32Chuck Lang512017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K21FL14006EBM

19:33     D. Kunish412017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K4FL11045EBM
76. 19:33Damian Hundley152017-07-04Firecracker 5K16FL17036TY

19:34     A. Treat302017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K5FL11045EBM

19:35     M. Peymann552017-07-04Firecracker 5K17FL17036TY

19:36     B. Molen402017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K5FL12001EBM
77. 19:36Lai Taras Stokes282017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K42FL13028EBM
78. 19:37Tyler Sununu282017-07-04Firecracker 5K18FL17036TY

19:40     M. Peymann542017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K14FL10021EBM

19:40     D. Evans492017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K15FL10021EBM

19:40     C. Lang512017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K43FL13028EBM
79. 19:40A J Hodges162017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K44FL13028EBM
80. 19:40Elvis Maradzike302017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K45FL13028EBM

19:41     J. Piotrowski472017-01-28Trent Trot 5K5FL11132EBM

19:41     B. Molen412017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K15FL17042TY
81. 19:42Scott Wallace372017-06-04Run 2-1-1 5K1FL16013EBM
82. 19:42Dylon Turner312017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K13FL11112EBM

19:43     M. Peymann542017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K6FL12001EBM
83. 19:43George Gwynn202017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K14FL11112EBM

19:46     M. Martinez512017-07-04Firecracker 5K19FL17036TY

19:46     D. Evans502017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K16FL17042TY

19:47     C. Lang512017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K16FL10021EBM

19:47     A. Hodges152017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K17FL10021EBM
84. 19:47William Coniglio342017-07-04Firecracker 5K20FL17036TY
85. 19:47Randy Porcher522017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K15FL11112EBM

19:52     L. Williams212017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K46FL13028EBM
86. 19:52Brandon Clark162017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K16FL11112EBM
87. 19:53Gary Johnston422017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K18FL10021EBM
88. 19:53Jon Mason432017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K17FL11112EBM
89. 19:54Tad David482017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K47FL13028EBM

19:54     D. Evans502017-07-04Firecracker 5K21FL17036TY

19:55     F. Aldrovandi-Reina122017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K17FL17042TY

19:57     F. Aldrovandi-Reina132017-11-11VetFest 5K12FL16053TY

19:58     Z. DeVeau292017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K7FL12001EBM
90. 19:58Corry Haake402017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K48FL13028EBM
91. 19:59Bill McNulty582017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K22FL14006EBM

20:01     B. McNulty582017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K19FL10021EBM

20:02     M. Martinez512017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K6FL11045EBM

20:03     T. Parks202017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K8FL12001EBM
92. 20:03Larry Harris482017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K49FL13028EBM

20:06     P. Sura462017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K23FL14006EBM
93. 20:06Scott Davis242017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K50FL13028EBM
94. 20:06Jack McDermott482017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K18FL17042TY
95. 20:07Jason Graham372017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K51FL13028EBM

20:08     P. Sura462017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K20FL10021EBM
96. 20:08Jacob Slupecki242017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K18FL11112EBM

20:09     T. Unger572017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K21FL10021EBM

20:09     P. Sura472017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K19FL17042TY
20:10     M. Martinez512017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K6FL11112EBM
97. 20:11Mike Destin242017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K24FL14006EBM
98. 20:11Sam Hartmann162017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K19FL11112EBM
99. 20:11Dennis Majano172017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K20FL11112EBM
100. 20:11Griffin Carter172017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K21FL11112EBM
Includes performances from the TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K (7 Jan 2017), Bowlegs 5K (14 Jan 2017),
Tulip Trot 5K (28 Jan 2017), Trent Trot 5K (28 Jan 2017), Run For The Cookies 5K (11 Feb 2017), Trailblazer 5K
(25 Feb 2017), Shamrock Scurry 5K (4 Mar 2017), Springtime 5K (1 Apr 2017), Palace Saloon 5K (15 Apr 2017),
Nene Fest 5K (29 Apr 2017), Run 2-1-1 5K (4 Jun 2017), Firecracker 5K (4 Jul 2017), Sickle Cell 5K (9 Sep 2017),
Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K (23 Sep 2017), Hurricane Run 5K (7 Oct 2017), Florida High 5K
(14 Oct 2017), Deer Run 5K (4 Nov 2017), VetFest 5K (11 Nov 2017), and the Turkey Trot 5K (23 Nov 2017).

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2017
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 17:35Ani Veltcheva122017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K1FL14006EBM
2. 17:43Katie Sherron352017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K1FL12057EBM

17:58     A. Veltcheva122017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K1FL13028EBM

18:10     K. Sherron362017-11-11VetFest 5K1FL16053TY

18:13     K. Sherron352017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K1FL17042TY
3. 18:15Adriana Piekarewicz282017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K2FL13028EBM
4. 18:31Sheryl Rosen322017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K2FL14006EBM

18:31     K. Sherron352017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K3FL13028EBM

18:47     K. Sherron352017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K1FL11112EBM

18:54     A. Veltcheva132017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K2FL17042TY

18:55     S. Rosen322017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM

19:08     S. Rosen322017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K1FL14149EBM

19:09     K. Sherron352017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K1FL10021EBM

19:12     S. Rosen322017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K4FL13028EBM

19:22     S. Rosen332017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K3FL17042TY
5. 19:26Brittney Barnes292017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K3FL14006EBM

19:32     K. Sherron352017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM

19:35     S. Rosen322017-01-07TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K1FL16081TY

19:42     K. Sherron352017-07-04Firecracker 5K1FL17036TY
6. 19:45Kat Sack252017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K5FL13028EBM

19:57     S. Rosen332017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K2FL12057EBM

19:59     K. Sack252017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K4FL17042TY

20:01     K. Sack252017-07-04Firecracker 5K2FL17036TY
7. 20:05Lauren Poulos312017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K6FL13028EBM

20:06     B. Barnes292017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K3FL12001EBM

20:07     K. Sack262017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K1FL11112EBM

20:16     B. Barnes292017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K7FL13028EBM

20:17     K. Sack252017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K4FL12001EBM

20:22     B. Barnes292017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K2FL10021EBM
8. 20:23Eliana Karr202017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K2FL14149EBM
9. 20:23Jillian Heddaeus342017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K8FL13028EBM

20:24     B. Barnes292017-11-11VetFest 5K2FL16053TY

20:29     B. Barnes292017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K5FL17042TY
10. 20:29Kate Caltova232017-11-11VetFest 5K3FL16053TY
11. 20:31Caitlin Wilkey152017-01-28Trent Trot 5K1FL11132EBM
12. 20:31Ann Centner252017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K9FL13028EBM

20:31     B. Barnes292017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K3FL12057EBM
13. 20:32Molly McCann182017-07-04Firecracker 5K3FL17036TY
14. 20:40Jennifer Kilinski382017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K2FL11112EBM
15. 20:42Alyssa Terry242017-11-04Deer Run 5K1FL13081EBM

20:43     K. Sack252017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K3FL10021EBM

20:46     A. Terry242017-10-14Florida High 5K1FL15107EBM

20:48     A. Terry242017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K4FL12057EBM

20:49     A. Terry242017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K2FL11112EBM
16. 20:53Shannon Turner182017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K1FL11045EBM

20:53     K. Sack262017-11-11VetFest 5K4FL16053TY
17. 20:55Emma Spencer362017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K10FL13028EBM
18. 20:55Hannah Hosay152017-07-04Firecracker 5K4FL17036TY

20:57     J. Heddaeus332017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K4FL10021EBM
19. 21:04Stephanie Liles-Weyant442017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K5FL10021EBM

21:04     J. Heddaeus342017-11-11VetFest 5K5FL16053TY

21:05     J. Heddaeus332017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K4FL14006EBM
20. 21:05Jenna Flemons192017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K2FL11045EBM
21. 21:06Channel Jordan322017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K3FL11045EBM
22. 21:06Emily Molen152017-11-04Deer Run 5K2FL13081EBM

21:07     A. Terry242017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K6FL17042TY

21:08     A. Terry242017-11-11VetFest 5K6FL16053TY
23. 21:10Jamila Allen272017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K11FL13028EBM
24. 21:10Sherez Mohamed262017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K3FL11112EBM
25. 21:13Stacie Elliott342017-01-28Trent Trot 5K2FL11132EBM
26. 21:19Elizabeth Calabro152017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K4FL11112EBM

21:20     J. Heddaeus342017-07-04Firecracker 5K5FL17036TY
27. 21:27Laura McDermott372017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K12FL13028EBM
28. 21:28Natalie Toeliner232017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K3FL14149EBM

21:37     L. McDermott372017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K5FL14006EBM

21:38     A. Terry232017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K13FL13028EBM

21:39     K. Sherron352017-04-29Nene Fest 5K1FL06045DL

21:41     A. Terry232017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K6FL10021EBM
29. 21:41Nikky Manausa352017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K14FL13028EBM

21:42     N. Manausa352017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K5FL12001EBM
30. 21:42Laura Reina522017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K6FL14006EBM
31. 21:45Margaret Wiedeman212017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K15FL13028EBM
32. 21:52Samantha Reilly252017-07-04Firecracker 5K6FL17036TY

21:55     L. McDermott372017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K7FL17042TY
33. 21:57Meg Ogle262017-07-04Firecracker 5K7FL17036TY

21:58     L. McDermott372017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K7FL10021EBM
34. 21:58Kristin Halley362017-11-11VetFest 5K7FL16053TY
35. 21:59Kate Harrison252017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K4FL11045EBM

22:00     L. Reina522017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K8FL10021EBM
36. 22:00Kendall Ward172017-11-11VetFest 5K8FL16053TY

22:00     S. Liles-Weyant452017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K5FL11112EBM

22:01     A. Terry232017-02-25Trailblazer 5K1FL14085EBM

22:01     L. McDermott372017-07-04Firecracker 5K8FL17036TY
37. 22:03Angie Cipriani182017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K6FL11112EBM
38. 22:04Monica Judd422017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K7FL14006EBM
39. 22:04Melanie Leitman332017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K16FL13028EBM
40. 22:06Paula O'Neill552017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K8FL14006EBM

22:06Laura McDermott382017-11-11VetFest 5K9FL16053TY
41. 22:07Hannah Jacobbe132017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K4FL14149EBM
42. 22:07Kenya Rich452017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K8FL17042TY

22:10     K. Rich442017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K17FL13028EBM

22:11     K. Halley352017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K18FL13028EBM
43. 22:12Cynthia Paterson182017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K7FL11112EBM

22:14     M. Judd422017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K9FL10021EBM
44. 22:14Kate Chunka342017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K8FL11112EBM
45. 22:15Katherine Lee202017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K9FL14006EBM
46. 22:15Monica Toth282017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K10FL14006EBM
47. 22:17Tylo Farrar232017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K10FL10021EBM
48. 22:18Sandy Johnson312017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K11FL14006EBM
49. 22:18Rebecca Landry192017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K5FL11045EBM

22:18     L. Reina532017-11-11VetFest 5K10FL16053TY

22:19     S. Elliott342017-10-07Hurricane Run 5K3FL11112EBM

22:20     K. Sherron352017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K12FL14006EBM
50. 22:20Alyssa Bertinelli252017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K19FL13028EBM

22:21     P. O'Neill552017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K20FL13028EBM

22:21     K. Rich452017-11-11VetFest 5K11FL16053TY

22:22     K. Halley362017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K9FL17042TY
51. 22:23Lisa Johnson352017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K6FL11045EBM
52. 22:23Lilli Unger142017-09-09GWTC Sickle Cell 5K5FL12057EBM

22:26     P. O'Neill552017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K11FL10021EBM
53. 22:26Allison Born282017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K21FL13028EBM

22:26     M. Judd432017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K10FL17042TY
54. 22:27Christina Linton362017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K22FL13028EBM

22:27     L. Reina532017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K11FL17042TY
55. 22:27Angela Dempsey492017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K12FL17042TY

22:30     P. O'Neill552017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K5FL14149EBM
56. 22:31Asta Hemenway172017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K9FL11112EBM

22:32     K. Rich442017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K13FL14006EBM

22:33     P. O'Neill552017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K6FL12001EBM
57. 22:33Tsige Tadesse442017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K14FL14006EBM

22:33     B. Barnes292017-07-04Firecracker 5K9FL17036TY
58. 22:35Julie Duggins342017-07-04Firecracker 5K10FL17036TY

22:35     L. Unger152017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K13FL17042TY
59. 22:36Caroline Gaynor332017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K10FL11112EBM
60. 22:37Paige Churchill112017-01-28Trent Trot 5K3FL11132EBM
61. 22:42Tara Dennis232017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K11FL11112EBM
62. 22:43Kory Skrob462017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K15FL14006EBM

22:44     K. Skrob462017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K23FL13028EBM
63. 22:45Angela Wable432017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K24FL13028EBM
64. 22:45Becky Cahill342017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K25FL13028EBM
65. 22:45Maya Tang122017-11-04Deer Run 5K3FL13081EBM

22:45     P. O'Neill562017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K12FL11112EBM
66. 22:48Kate Wharton272017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K13FL11112EBM

22:49     M. Judd432017-10-14Florida High 5K2FL15107EBM

22:50     K. Halley352017-06-21Run 2-1-1 5K18FL16013EBM
67. 22:50Hannah Saylor222017-11-11VetFest 5K12FL16053TY
68. 22:51Sarah Miller192017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K7FL11045EBM
69. 22:52Jaye Danforth362017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K26FL13028EBM
70. 22:52Nazarae Holcombe272017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K14FL17042TY

22:52     K. Skrob472017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K15FL17042TY
71. 22:53Jocelyn Chan272017-01-28Tulip Trot 5K6FL14149EBM
72. 22:53Marybel Cortez242017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K27FL13028EBM

22:55     P. O'Neill562017-07-04Firecracker 5K11FL17036TY
73. 22:56Dewania Brown-Seaton422017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K14FL11112EBM
74. 22:58Michelle Hadden272017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K7FL12001EBM
75. 22:59Teri Grant392017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K15FL11112EBM
76. 23:00Kristi McPherson192017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K8FL11045EBM
77. 23:00Nancy Proctor562017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K28FL13028EBM
78. 23:01Mary Jane Hayden372017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K16FL14006EBM

23:01     A. Dempsey482017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K29FL13028EBM

23:02     K. Rich442017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K12FL10021EBM
79. 23:02Jennifer Early332017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K30FL13028EBM

23:06     K. Rich442017-07-04Firecracker 5K12FL17036TY

23:09     K. Halley352017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K17FL14006EBM

23:12     P. Churchill122017-11-11VetFest 5K13FL16053TY
80. 23:15Erica Boccumini242017-01-28Trent Trot 5K4FL11132EBM

23:15     T. Tadesse442017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K31FL13028EBM
81. 23:17Vicky Droze422017-07-04Firecracker 5K13FL17036TY
82. 23:18Abby Morrow202017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K18FL14006EBM
83. 23:19Rylee French152017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K16FL11112EBM

23:20     P. O'Neill562017-11-11VetFest 5K14FL16053TY
84. 23:21Nancy Stedman552017-07-04Firecracker 5K14FL17036TY

23:21     P. Churchill122017-07-04Firecracker 5K15FL17036TY
85. 23:21Nicole Kelly132017-11-04Deer Run 5K4FL13081EBM
86. 23:21Kimberlie Autry432017-11-11VetFest 5K15FL16053TY

23:23     N. Proctor562017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K13FL10021EBM

23:24     N. Proctor552017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K19FL14006EBM
87. 23:25Sandy Holt312017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K32FL13028EBM

23:25     J. Allen282017-07-04Firecracker 5K16FL17036TY
88. 23:25Leah Kiros122017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K17FL11112EBM

23:26     A. Born282017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K14FL10021EBM
89. 23:27Avery Calabro142017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K18FL11112EBM

23:28     N. Holcombe272017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K33FL13028EBM

23:28     L. Kiros112017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K16FL17042TY

23:30     N. Stedman552017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K34FL13028EBM

23:31     C. Linton362017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K15FL10021EBM

23:32     A. Bertinelli252017-04-29Nene Fest 5K2FL06045DL

23:34     P. O'Neill562017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K17FL17042TY

23:36     K. Skrob462017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K8FL12001EBM

23:38     N. Stedman552017-01-14GWTC Bowlegs 5K9FL12001EBM
90. 23:38Tisge Tadesse442017-07-04Firecracker 5K17FL17036TY
91. 23:38Sherri Wise362017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K18FL17042TY

23:39     K. Skrob462017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K16FL10021EBM
92. 23:40Haleh Rush152017-04-01GWTC Springtime 5K9FL11045EBM
93. 23:41Sara-Kellett Clark182017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K19FL11112EBM
94. 23:41Elizabeth Wagner292017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K20FL11112EBM
95. 23:42Birgit Maier-Katkin542017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K20FL14006EBM
96. 23:42Maggie Boyd112017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K21FL11112EBM

23:43     T. Tadesse452017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K19FL17042TY
97. 23:44Jamie Harris402017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K35FL13028EBM

23:46     S. Johnson312017-03-04Shamrock Scurry 5K17FL10021EBM
98. 23:46Madison Sims102017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K20FL17042TY
99. 23:47Carly Thomas232017-11-23GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K22FL11112EBM

23:49     N. Proctor562017-09-23GWTC Women's Distance Festival 5K21FL17042TY

23:49     N. Proctor562017-11-11VetFest 5K16FL16053TY

23:50     A. Dempsey482017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K21FL14006EBM

23:50     M. Toth282017-04-15GWTC Palace Saloon 5K36FL13028EBM

23:51     B. Cahill342017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K22FL14006EBM

23:52     N. Holcombe262017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K23FL14006EBM

23:52     P. O'Neill562017-10-14Florida High 5K3FL15107EBM
100. 23:53Lily Swanbrow Becker332017-02-11Run For The Cookies 5K24FL14006EBM
Includes performances from the TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K (7 Jan 2017), Bowlegs 5K (14 Jan 2017),
Tulip Trot 5K (28 Jan 2017), Trent Trot 5K (28 Jan 2017), Run For The Cookies 5K (11 Feb 2017), Trailblazer 5K
(25 Feb 2017), Shamrock Scurry 5K (4 Mar 2017), Springtime 5K (1 Apr 2017), Palace Saloon 5K (15 Apr 2017),
Nene Fest 5K (29 Apr 2017), Run 2-1-1 5K (4 Jun 2017), Firecracker 5K (4 Jul 2017), Sickle Cell 5K (9 Sep 2017),
Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K (23 Sep 2017), Hurricane Run 5K (7 Oct 2017), Florida High 5K
(14 Oct 2017), Deer Run 5K (4 Nov 2017), VetFest 5K (11 Nov 2017), and the Turkey Trot 5K (23 Nov 2017).


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