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Tallahassee's top 5K road times in 2013

Bill Clift, Remy Tamer, Kevin Sullivan, Peter Wood, and Stanley LintonThe Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K was the Capital City's last scheduled road race at that distance on a certified course this year. Therefore we can close the ledger on Tallahassee's 2013 5K performance list. The last race produced the fastest time in town this year; Kevin Sullivan's 15:28. Sullivan also led the 2013 Tallahassee 10K performance list. Like the 10K list, Stanley Linton was immediately behind Sullivan. Linton had the second-best 5K time of 15:46 as well as five of the top-ten performances on the list. Maclay cross-country coach Gary Droze had the fastest time of any master runner in Tallahassee this year, running 16:56 at the FSECC 5K on October 31.

Kayleigh Tyerman
Kayleigh Tyerman's time of 16:51 from the Women's Distance Festival 5K stands as the best woman's performance in Tallahassee during 2013. The fastest 5K by a female master belonged to Thomasville's Mary Anne Grayson, who ran 19:47 at Gulf Winds Track Club's Palace Saloon 5K back in April.

That's it for 2013. At least one local race on a certified course failed to publish results, but otherwise I believe the list to be complete. Meanwhile, next year and the 2014 rankings are on the way. Your first chances to make the 2014 list will be at Gulf Wind Track Club's Bowlegs 5K Run For Scholarship (FL12001EBM) on January 18 and the Red Fox 5K (FL11132EBM) on January 25. Keep your racing shoes handy.

Top Tallahassee 5K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2013
(Through 5 December 2013)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 15:28Kevin Sullivan392013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot1FL11112EBM
2. 15:46Stanley Linton192013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K1FL13028EBM
3. 15:49Peter Wood252013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K2FL13028EBM
4. 15:49Will Stanford202013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K3FL13028EBM
15:52     Linton192013-11-09Deer Run1FL13081EBM
5. 15:56Remy Tamer242013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot2FL11112EBM
15:58     Linton192013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival1FL06045DL
16:00     Linton192013-02-09Run for the Cookies1FL08011EBM
6. 16:09Jack Redwing272013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K4FL13028EBM
16:10     Linton192013-01-19Red Fox Trot1FL11132EBM
16:12     Linton192013-01-05Bowlegs Run for Scholarship1FL12001EBM
16:13     Linton192013-03-09Shamrock Scurry1FL10021EBM
7. 16:18Chris Rego232013-02-09Run for the Cookies2FL08011EBM
8. 16:19John Keenan262013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival2FL06045DL
9. 16:22Zac Buchholz182013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K5FL13028EBM
10. 16:23Vince Molosky332013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K6FL13028EBM
16:24     Wood252013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot3FL11112EBM
11. 16:27Charlie Johnson332013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K7FL13028EBM
12. 16:27Stephen Cox292013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival3FL06045DL
13. 16:28Joseph Garcia182013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot4FL11112EBM
14. 16:30Bill Clift242013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot5FL11112EBM
16:39     Tamer242013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival4FL06045DL
15. 16:41Nate Kaiser332013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K8FL13028EBM
16:41     Molosky342013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival5FL06045DL
16:46     Keenan252013-03-02Thomasville Road Baptist Church 5K1FL10021EBM
16. 16:46Josh Myers302013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K9FL13028EBM
16:47     Molosky332013-01-05Bowlegs Run for Scholarship2FL12001EBM
17. 16:48Alex Smyth252013-04-06Springtime 5K1FL11045EBM
18. 16:49Josh Seitz242013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival6FL06045DL
16:50     Kaiser332013-03-09Shamrock Scurry2FL10021EBM
16:53     Kaiser332013-01-19Red Fox Trot2FL11132EBM
19. 16:53Trevor Touchton172013-02-09Run for the Cookies3FL08011EBM
16:53     Garcia172013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K10FL13028EBM
20. 16:53Roger Schmidt212013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K11FL13028EBM
21. 16:56 Gary Droze 52 2013-10-31 FSECC 5K 1 FL11111EBM
22. 16:57Thomas Campbell Arnold202013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K12FL13028EBM
16:58     Redwing272013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival7FL06045DL
23. 17:00Chase Harris162013-02-09Run for the Cookies4FL08011EBM

Top Tallahassee 5K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2013
(Through 5 December 2013)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 16:51Kayleigh Tyerman242013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival1FL00022DL
2. 17:42Chelsi Woodruff212013-02-09Run for the Cookies1FL08011EBM
3. 17:49Sheryl Rosen282013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K1FL13028EBM
4. 17:54Carly Thomas182013-02-09Run for the Cookies2FL08011EBM
5. 18:07Katie Showman312013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K2FL13028EBM
18:23     Rosen292013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival2FL00022DL
6. 18:24Seeley Gutierrez362013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K3FL13028EBM
18:25     Rosen282013-02-09Run for the Cookies3FL08011EBM
7. 18:33Katherine McMeekin222013-02-09Run for the Cookies4FL08011EBM
8. 18:36Emily Ness232013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot1FL11112EBM
9. 18:44Teresa Ristow192013-02-09Run for the Cookies5FL08011EBM
10. 18:45Kaitlyn Kelly192013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival3FL00022DL
11. 18:45Lisa Johnson322013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot2FL11112EBM
12. 18:51Kailand Cosgrove222013-02-09Run for the Cookies6FL08011EBM
13. 18:56Micah Adriani352013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K4FL13028EBM
14. 19:00Shelby Salimone212013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival4FL00022DL
15. 19:03Christine Griggs192013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival5FL00022DL
16. 19:05Erika Charlassier222013-02-09Run for the Cookies7FL08011EBM
19:07     Salimone212013-02-09Run for the Cookies8FL08011EBM
17. 19:11Melissa Thompson282013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K5FL13028EBM
18. 19:15Marci Gray392013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot3FL11112EBM
19:17     Johnson312013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K6FL13028EBM
19. 19:23Lauren Gelzinis212013-02-09Run for the Cookies9FL08011EBM
20. 19:24Alicia York262013-02-09Run for the Cookies10FL08011EBM
21. 19:24Linden Hall212013-02-09Run for the Cookies11FL08011EBM
19:24     Johnson312013-04-06Springtime 5K1FL11045EBM
22. 19:26Chantelle Brodie192013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival6FL00022DL
23. 19:34Adriana Piekarewicz252013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival7FL00022DL
19:36     Adriani352013-01-19Red Fox Trot1FL11132EBM
19:36     Griggs182013-02-09Run for the Cookies12FL08011EBM
24. 19:36Renee Cox252013-05-25Fight For Air1FL11064EBM
25. 19:43Jensen Swopes202013-02-09Run for the Cookies13FL08011EBM
19:44     Brodie182013-02-09Run for the Cookies14FL08011EBM
19:47     Showman312013-01-19Red Fox Trot2FL11132EBM
26. 19:47Mary Anne Grayson472013-04-20Palace Saloon 5K7FL13028EBM
27. 19:57Alexandra Midgett182013-02-09Run for the Cookies15FL08011EBM
28. 19:57Lauren Ross212013-02-09Run for the Cookies16FL08011EBM
29. 19:58Michaela Ashley152013-11-28GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot4FL11112EBM
19:59     Swopes202013-09-14GWTC Women's Distance Festival8FL00022DL


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