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Tallahassee's top 5K road times in 2012

Violah LagatWith 2013 coming to a close I was happy to have compiled a list of the top 5K road performances in Tallahassee for the year. The question of the fastest ever road 5K in town (on a USATF certified course, naturally) is still unanswered, and probably unanswerable. Going forward, though, we'd have better records. The 2013 list would be followed by a 2014 list, and a 2015 list, and eventually we'd have enough fast times documented that I'd be embarrassed to bring up that I had run 14:36 at the Braun's Octoberfest 5K (USATF course #FL87013DL) on 11 October 1986.

The 2013 list of 5K performances looked lonely, though. It had no context. 2014 was right around the corner, with 5K races on certified courses coming up on January 18 (Bowlegs 5K Run For Scholarship on FL12001EBM) and January 25 (Red Fox 5K on FL11132EBM). But who wants to wait?

So I decided to go back and construct the 2012 list. How hard could it be?

Ryan BarrowHarder than I thought. Even going back a year, course certification records aren't always easy to come by. There were odd discrepancies. Gulf Winds Track Club's Springtime 5K didn't seem to be certified in 2012, altho' it had been ever other year. Call the race directors to make sure, right? Well, they left town in 2013. They aren't unreachable, but you can see how things get slightly more difficult as times passes.

Research problems aside, here are the performance lists, one for men and one for women. Ryan Barrow had the fastest road 5K in Tallahassee in 2012, a 16:02 at Gulf Winds Track Club's Tallahassee Turkey Trot. Florida State alumna Violah Lagat topped the women's performances with a 16:26 in the same race. I picked 17:00 as the upper limit for men's times; this had the unintended consequence of omitting all master performances. Whoops. There was no such problem with the 20:00 upper limit for women, though; Sarah Docter-Williams led the women masters with a 19:11.

These, then, were the fast 5K times on Tallahassee's roads in 2012. You can compare them to the same for 2013. Here's hoping to see even faster times in 2014.

Top Tallahassee 5K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2012
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 16:02Ryan Barrow242012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot1FL11112EBM
2. 16:03Chris Rego232012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival1FL06045DL
3. 16:05Stanley Linton182012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival2FL06045DL
4. 16:07Alex Smyth242012-02-11Run for the Cookies1FL08011EBM
5. 16:07Josh Myers292012-04-14Palace Saloon1FL11053EBM
6. 16:09Stephen Cox282012-04-14Palace Saloon2FL11053EBM
16:11     Cox282012-02-11Run for the Cookies2FL08011EBM
7. 16:15Peter Wood232012-04-14Palace Saloon3FL11053EBM
8. 16:15Charlie Johnson322012-04-14Palace Saloon4FL11053EBM
9. 16:16Christian Minor252012-04-14Palace Saloon5FL11053EBM
10. 16:17Kevin Hicks282012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot2FL11112EBM
11. 16:19David Thomas232012-04-14Palace Saloon6FL11053EBM
12. 16:20Vince Molosky322012-02-11Run for the Cookies3FL08011EBM
16:23     Molosky332012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival3FL06045DL
16:27     Cox282012-03-10Shamrock Scurry1FL10021EBM
16:31     Linton182012-02-11Run for the Cookies4FL08011EBM
16:36     Molosky322012-03-10Shamrock Scurry2FL10021EBM
16:36     Molosky322012-04-14Palace Saloon7FL11053EBM
16:38     Johnson322012-03-10Shamrock Scurry3FL10021EBM
13. 16:38Chase Harris152012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot3FL11112EBM
14. 16:41     Touchton162012-02-11Run for the Cookies5FL08011EBM
15. 16:43Nate Kaiser322012-03-10Shamrock Scurry4FL10021EBM
16. 16:44Josh Cross252012-04-14Palace Saloon8FL11053EBM
16:45     Kaiser322012-04-14Palace Saloon9FL11053EBM
16:47     Kaiser322012-02-11Run for the Cookies6FL08011EBM
17. 16:52Taylor Buzzard182012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot4FL11112EBM
16:58     Smyth242012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot5FL11112EBM
18. 16:59David Altmaier302012-02-11Run for the Cookies7FL08011EBM
17:00     Touchton162012-01-28Red Fox Trot1FL11132EBM

Top Tallahassee 5K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2012
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 16:26Violah Lagat232012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot1FL11112EBM
2. 17:06Georgia Peel262012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival1FL06045DL
3. 17:20Lindsay Zeiler272012-04-14Palace Saloon1FL11053EBM
4. 17:36Amy Hines312012-02-11Run for the Cookies1FL08011EBM
17:41     Hines312012-04-14Palace Saloon2FL11053EBM
5. 18:09Lisa Johnson312012-04-28Red Shoes Run1FL11112EBM
18:17     Johnson302012-04-14Palace Saloon3FL11053EBM
6. 18:20Lily Williams182012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot2FL11112EBM
18:29     Hines312012-10-26YMCA Trick or Trot1FL10091EBM
7. 18:31Chelsi Woodruff202012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival2FL06045DL
8. 18:35Sheryl Rosen272012-04-14Palace Saloon4FL11053EBM
9. 18:38Jodie McGuff192012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot3FL11112EBM
18:52     Johnson302012-02-11Run for the Cookies2FL08011EBM
18:52     Rosen272012-02-11Run for the Cookies3FL08011EBM
10. 18:54Christine Griggs182012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival3FL06045DL
11. 18:59Katherine McMeekin212012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival4FL06045DL
12. 19:03Natalie Concepcion182012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival5FL06045DL
13. 19:04Erika Charlassier212012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival6FL06045DL
14. 19:05Katie Showman302012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival7FL06045DL
15. 19:11Lauren Gelzinis202012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival8FL06045DL
16. 19:11Sarah Docter-Williams482012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot4FL11112EBM
17. 19:14Christina Phipps192012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival9FL06045DL
18. 19:16Kaitlyn Kelly182012-09-15GWTC Women's Distance Festival10FL06045DL
19:25     Showman302012-04-14Palace Saloon5FL11053EBM
19:27     Showman302012-01-07GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM
19. 19:43Carrie Seiberlich402012-03-10Shamrock Scurry1FL10021EBM
20. 19:49Anna Busby212012-01-07GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM
19:52     Showman302012-03-10Shamrock Scurry2FL10021EBM
21. 19:54Brandi Campbell362012-02-11Run for the Cookies4FL08011EBM
22. 19:56Kelly Bahn202012-11-22GWTC Tallahassee Turkey Trot5FL11112EBM


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