Monday, January 30, 2017

Halley and Rosen notch wins at the Tulip Trot

If you asked Jim Halley, the Tallahassee, Florida athlete would probably say that he prefers to be identified as a trail runner. More than a few of the races in which Halley competes are on trails. Outside of competition he also has a hand in directing no less than seven annual trail races for Gulf Winds Track Club. That's not to say, though, that Halley is a stranger to pavement. For instance, on Saturday morning, 28 January 2017, Jim Halley stepped onto the paved paths and streets around Tallahassee's Cascades Park and won the Tulip Trot 5K, running 17:56. Sheryl Rosen was the first woman in the race, placing sixth overall in 19:08.

Jim Halley
Jim Halley

The race started a few minutes after 9:00 AM ET on Suwanee Street near South Gadsden Street. A flurry of runners fought for the lead, but after those with more optimism than ability had fallen back, Jim Halley was left alone up front. Tallahassee Community College cross-country coach Gary Droze led the pursuit, but neither he nor any other athlete in the field were able to challenge Halley on his way to a 17:56 win. Droze ran 18:11, finishing as the top master runner and overall runner-up in the race. Tallahassee runner Eric Godin held off Myles Gibson of Donalsonville, Georgia for third, 18:33 to 18:37.

The Tulip Trot 5K was on the fourth Saturday of 2017, which was also the year's fourth Saturday that Sheryl Rosen won the women's title at a road race. After the first kilometer of the Tulip Trot, Rosen was leading the women's field with Eliana Karr three seconds behind. It was never that close again. Rosen steadily widened her lead throughout the rest of the 5K, running 19:08 and picking up her fourth win of 2017. Karr was the women's runner-up seventh overall in 20:23. Natalie Toeliner (8th, 21:28) was third in the women's standings and and P. K. Yonge School cross-country runner Hannah Jacobbe (11th,22:07) was fourth. Tallahassee's Paula O'Neill was the first woman master and fifth female finisher, seventeenth overall in 22:30.

Sheryl Rosen
Sheryl Rosen

The tulip in the Tulip Trot is the worldwide symbol of Parkinson's Disease. The race was put on by the Parkinson's Outreach Association, a local non-profit dedicated to promoting awareness of Parkinson's Disease and providing support, information, education, and advocacy for people in the local community affected by Parkinson's Disease. 181 athletes finished the 2017 Tulip Trot 5K. Miles and Minutes, LLC, of Tallahassee, Florida chip timed the race.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Tulip Trot 5K
  1. 17:55.78, Jim Halley (M, 37)
  2. 18:10.31, Gary Droze (M, 55)
  3. 18:32.48, Eric Godin (M, 32)
  4. 18:36.31, Myles Gibson (M, 50)
  5. 18:47.50, Michael Nesius (M, 32)
  6. 21:41.46, Zack Scharlepp (M, 34)
  7. 22:04.70, Nico Wienders (M, 46)
  8. 22:13.50, William Hessman (M, 31)
  9. 22:16.71, Drew Jones (M, 11)
  10. 22:17.55, Michael LaBossiere (M, 50)

Top Ten Women, 2017 Tulip Trot 5K
  1. 19:07.18, Sheryl Rosen (F, 32)
  2. 20:22.49, Eliana Karr (F, 20)
  3. 21:27.93, Natalie Toeliner (F, 23)
  4. 22:06.23, Hannah Jacobbe (F, 13)
  5. 22:29.51, Paula O'Neill (F, 55)
  6. 22:52.19, Jocelyn Chan (F, 27)
  7. 24:26.12, Nancy Proctor (F, 55)
  8. 24:29.41, Christina Linton (F, 36)
  9. 24:56.40, Shelby Augustyniak (F, 40)
  10. 25:01.06, Annaleia Johnson (F, 11)

Tulip Trot 5K winners; 2010, 2011, and 2015 - 2017
22 May 201016:36, Vince Molosky21:12, Shana Ryberg318
14 May 201116:53, Vince Molosky18:03, Lindsay Zeiler323
31 January 201517:53, Trevor Sununu23:26, Kristi Johnson202
30 January 201616:47, Joseph Garcia23:14, Paula O'Neill240
28 January 201717:56, Jim Halley19:08, Sheryl Rosen181
The 2010 and 2011 Tulip Trot 5K races were held in Tom Brown Park.
In 2015 - 2017 the Tulip Trot 5K was held in Cascades Park on USATF
certified course FL14149EBM.


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