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Guyas and Sack run one-two at Run 2-1-1

2-1-1 Big Bend probably has no intention of making their annual Run 2-1-1 a little more challenging each year. It does seem to happen that way, though. The race started in 2014 as a 5K run around Tallahassee, Florida's Southwood community. In 2015 the course was changed to include a climb from the coastal plain to the Red Hills up the Cody Escarpment. If that additional degree of difficulty wasn’t enough, there was now a 10K option in addition to the 5K race. Then, after three years of cool-weather races in January or February, the fourth annual Run 2-1-1 was scheduled for 3 June 2017. Now the athletes would get to test themselves against the temperature as well as the hills.

Kat Sack
Kat Sack

Paul Guyas and Kat Sack were in Southwood that Saturday morning, determined to make things even more challenging for anyone else who wanted to win the race. They did. Guyas won the 10K in 41:16, and Sack took the women’s title, placing second overall in 43:27.

Guyas led nearly from the start of the race, but in the early going he had Gary Johnston for company. Around two miles into the race Guyas shook off Johnston.

Gary Johnston, Paul Guyas
Gary Johnston and Paul Guyas

“It was on a downhill on Biltmore Avenue,” Guyas described the location of his move.

After that it was a solo run up and down the slopes for Guyas as he went on to win in 41:16. Gary Johnston was the first master runner and second male finisher, coming in third overall in 45:46. Laryn Flikkema, another master runner, was third in the men's standings and fourth overall with a 47:52.

Laryn Flikkema
Laryn Flikkema

No one in the women’s field stayed with Kat Sack during the 10K; her challenges came from the race itself.

“After the first four miles my legs just went,” said Sack. “The heat and humidity got to me.”

Sack showed no sign of distress, though, as she motored up the last hill on Merchants Row Boulevard, heading toward the finish line in the Southwood Town Center. Monica Judd was the first woman master and second female finisher, seventh overall in 50:17. Nazarae Rodriguez was the third woman across the finish line and eighth overall in 52:32.

Monica Judd
Monica Judd

For Sack, it was the fourth win on four consecutive Saturdays, coming after victories at the Run For Ansley in Tallahassee, the Catfish Crawl in Blountstown, and the Gate-to-Gate Run in Eglin AFB. After the 2-1-1, the longest of the four runs, Sack plans a break from competition.

“It ends at four,” said Sack. “I’m not running next weekend.”

Guyas, on the other hand, was planning to compete again even while running the 10K.

“I was thinking about the next race today, the Potluck Four-Mile,” said Guyas. “I had to pace myself for that.”

Top Ten Men, 2017 2-1-1 Big Bend 10K
  1. 41:16, Paul Guyas (M, 39)
  2. 45:46, Gary Johnston (M, 42)
  3. 47:52, Laryn Flikkema (M, 41)
  4. 48:59, Mark Tombrink (M, 29)
  5. 49:09, Michael Labossiere (M, 51)
  6. 55:28, John Davis (M, 34)
  7. 65:19, Mitchell Locke (M, 27)
  8. 65:51, Vince Labolito (M, 39)
  9. 66:50, David Cox (M, 59)
  10. 75:01, Anthony Roberts (M, 55)

Top Ten Women, 2017 2-1-1 Big Bend 10K
  1. 43:27, Kat Sack (F, 25)
  2. 50:17, Monica Judd (F, 43)
  3. 52:32, Nazarae Rodriguez (F, 27)
  4. 55:42, Sarah Carr (F, 37)
  5. 56:29, Sonya Dudley (F, 48)
  6. 56:37, Karima Anderson (F, 30)
  7. 57:22, Lacey Carpenter (F, 32)
  8. 60:24, Ashley Murphy (F, 15)
  9. 61:11, Fran McLean (F, 59)
  10. 61:27, Lyssa Oberkreser (F, 46)

While the 10K runners were still out on the streets, Scott Wallace won the Run 2-1-1 5K, clocking 19:42. Mickey Moore, second in the previous year's 10K, was the top master and overall runner-up in the 5K with a 20:52. Jacob Olsen took third in 22:39. Kristin Halley was the women's winner in the shorter race, placing fourth overall in 22:50. The women's runner-up was Jasmin McClellan, eighth overall in 25:56. Kelly Booten was the first woman master and third female finisher, ninth overall in 26:48.

Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace

41 athletes finished the 2017 Run 2-1-1 10K and another 48 completed the 5K. Gulf Winds Track Club of Tallahassee chip-timed both races.

Top Ten Men, 2017 2-1-1 Big Bend 5K
  1. 19:42, Scott Wallace (M, 37)
  2. 20:52, Mickey Moore (M, 47)
  3. 22:39, Jacob Olson (M, 17)
  4. 24:16, Jackson Rowe (M, 11)
  5. 24:42, T J Morton (M, 37)
  6. 25:35, Mark Kasper (M, 56)
  7. 27:19, Jason Brooks (M, 32)
  8. 27:35, Ned Fernandez (M, 32)
  9. 27:42, Ben Depalmo (M, 21)
  10. 28:11, Michael Ohlsen (M, 50)

Top Ten Women, 2017 2-1-1 Big Bend 5K
  1. 22:50, Kristin Halley (F, 35)
  2. 25:56, Jasmin McClellan (F, 28)
  3. 26:48, Kelly Booten (F, 56)
  4. 27:09, Stacey Crump (F, 23)
  5. 27:09, Kara Crump (F, 21)
  6. 27:52, Kelley Coe El-Urfali (F, 53)
  7. 28:02, Mary Burr (F, 29)
  8. 31:13, Eryn Calabro (F, 40)
  9. 31:18, Janet Whitty (F, 56)
  10. 32:12, Christine Brooks (F, 28)

Run 2-1-1 Big Bend winners, 2014 - 2017
29 January 20145K16:55, Justin Martin18:44, Emily Ness99
31 January 201510K48:07, Isabel Anderson50:18, Craig Asselin33
5K20:53, Mike Weyant19:33, Stephanie Liles-Weyant65
13 February 201610K38:14, Myles Gibson47:21, Emma Spencer66
5K21:42, Michael Weyant21:31, Jillian Heddaeus80
3 June 201710K41:16, Paul Guyas43:27, Kat Sack41
5K19:42, Scott Wallace22:50, Kristin Halley48


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