Monday, June 5, 2017

Dewayne Riley rolls to his third straight Billy Bowlegs 5K title

William Augustus BowlesBack in 1975, when the inaugural Billy Bowlegs Midnight Run was contested on the streets of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the run was three miles long, it was a midnight race that actually started at midnight, and there was a rotating trophy. The names of the winners were engraved on the trophy, and anyone who won the annual event three years in a row got to keep it permanently.

Over the years the Billy Bowlegs was bumped up to a stylishly metric five kilometers and the starting time was moved to earlier in the evening. I'm not sure what happened with the rotating trophy, but it was many years before anyone managed to win the race three times. Winning the race even once was impressive enough. It took nine years before Mike Zeressen became the first to win the Bowlegs twice in a row, in 1982 and 1983.

So it was no small accomplishment when on Saturday evening, 3 June 2017, Dewayne Riley of Milton, Florida won the 43rd annual Billy Bowlegs 5K, his third title in three years at the Fort Walton Beach classic. The race finished on the Fort Walton Beach High School track, and Riley's winning time was 16:47, which put him half a lap of the 400-meter track ahead of the runner-up. Of Riley three Bowlegs wins, it was his largest margin of victory.

Sheldon Harris took second in 17:30, just ahead of the 17:37 posted by third-place runner Owen Bradley of Birmningham, Alabama. Jonathan Campbell was the fastest master runner in the race, placing eighth overall in 18:52.

Brigid Gutierrez of Niceville, Florida took the women's title, coming in 21st overall in 21:07. Donna Harris was the first woman master and second female finisher, 47th overall in 23:19. Eleven-year-old Joey Shonk edged fourteen-year-old Jensen Shonk for third in the women's standings, both girls clocked in 23:21. The Shonks each ran on the Liza Jackson Prep School cross-country team during the 2016 season.

290 athletes finished the 2017 Billy Bowlegs 5K. Results Event Timing, LLC, of Fort Walton Beach, Florida timed and scored the run.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Billy Bowlegs 5K Night Race
  1. 16:47, Dewayne Riley (M, 30) Milton, FL
  2. 17:30, Sheldon Harris (M, 20)
  3. 17:37, Owen Bradley (M, 39) Birmingham, AL
  4. 17:47, Tim Kogge (M, 33) Fort Walton Beach, FL
  5. 18:14, Anthony Damato (M, 33)
  6. 18:16, Payton Watson (M, 16) Freeport, FL
  7. 18:34, Steve Harris (M, 37) Pensacola, FL
  8. 18:52, Jonathan Campbell (M, 40)
  9. 19:10, Ken Lawrence (M, 49)
  10. 19:21, Kent Glover (M, 15)

Top Ten Women, 2017 Billy Bowlegs 5K Night Race
  1. 21:07, Brigid Gutierrez (F, 24) Niceville, FL
  2. 23:19, Donna Harris (F, 48)
  3. 23:21, Joey Shonk (F, 11)
  4. 23:21, Jensen Shonk (F, 14)
  5. 23:33, Shannon Lord (F, 21) Valparaiso, FL
  6. 23:37, Susan Frazier (F, 22)
  7. 23:39, Paula Piazza (F, 53)
  8. 24:50, Donna Pink (F, 49)
  9. 25:14, Kristen Santroch (F, 28) Fort Walton Beach, FL
  10. 25:16, Margie Clements (F, 54)

Billy Bowlegs Midnight Run winners, 1975 - 2017
31 May 1975Mike ClayCathy Sigler82
5 June 197614:30*, Tim Simpkins17:11*, Esther Stovall132
4 June 197714:33*, Ken Misner17:37*, Nancy McCormac202
3 June 197814:48*, Jeff Galloway17:43*, Nancy McCormac~450
2 June 197914:58.5*, Mike Conley17:52*, Dolly Harrison
31 May 198014:43*, Fred Carley Jr.17:28*, Dolly Harrison~1200
30 May 198114:43*, Jere Boutz17:30*, Judy Stokley~1200
5 June 198214:33*, Mike Zerressen17:04*, Judy Stokely
4 June 198314:34*, Mike Zerressen17:04*, Barbara Balzer1086
2 June 198414:28*, J.D. Evilsizer17:41*, Barbara Balzer1039
1 June 198514:17*, Mark Patterson16:39*, Helen Rogers1475
7 June 198614:45*, Mike PlumbMichele Linihan
6 June 198714:26*, James Frazier18:03*, Jodie Steigerwald1100+
5 June 199315:01, Matt Dobson
7 June 199715:14, Everett Whiteside17:14, Sarah Kramer
6 June 199815:10, Everett Whiteside18:18, Kelly Wild
5 June 199914:56, Rudolf Jun17:59, Kelly Wild
3 June 200015:51, Rudolph Jun17:29, Anna Pichrtova524
2 June 200115:44, Steve Garst18:06, Kelly Wild530
1 June 200215:34, Everett Whiteside20:08, Sarah Nandes557
7 June 200316:07, James Frazier18:27, Sarah Kramer472
5 June 200416:22, Travis Deutman18:23, Kelly Wild382
5 June 200516:11, Brennan Galloway18:34, Kelly Wild450
4 June 200616:38, James Uthmeier18:29, Kelly Wild516
3 June 200715:41, Everett Whiteside19:02, Kelly Wild667
8 June 200816:06, Kyle Vanzile19:07, Anna Hallex685
6 June 200916:27, Adam Saloom19:52, Kate Accardo778
5 June 201015:55, Adam Saloom18:57, Megan Jenkins600
4 June 201115:57, Adam Saloom19:46, Lisa Lewis658
2 June 201215:21, Adam Saloom19:20, Debby Vannoy711
1 June 201315:45, Adam Saloom18:50, Cynthia Blendermann621
7 June 201416:29, Frito Bandito18:52, Cheryl Held530
6 June 201516:37, Dewayne Riley19:05, Logan Bishop495
4 June 201616:46, Dewayne Riley19:47, Lillian Holtery402
3 June 201716:47, Dewayne Riley21:07, Brigid Gutierrez290
* Early races in the series were three miles rather than five kilometers.