Tuesday, April 9, 2019

In Valdosta, athletes raced "Where The Wild Things Run"

Where The Wild Things Run 5KOutside of Valdosta, Georgia on the wooded ground of WAFT Radio, the Masked Avenger won the third annual "Where The Wild Things Run" 5K on Saturday morning, 6 April 2019. The Avenger posted a winning time of 19:31 on the 3.1-mile cross-country course. Twelve-year-old Natalie Daniels of Blackshear, Georgia took first on the women's side, placing third overall in 27:56.

It was the second win at the Wild Things 5K for the Avenger, who had won the inaugural race in 2017. After finishing second-best to Justin Tracy in 2018, the master runner in the mask had returned for another win in 2019. Thirteen-year-old Connor Lites, a distance runner on the Hahira Middle School track team, took second in 24:16. Valdosta master runner David Howard placed third in the men's standings and sixth overall in 31:06.

Loretta Register of Alachua, Florida was the first master runner in the race, coming in fourth overall and second in the women's standings with a 28:33. Nine-year-old Ashlyn Daniels of Blackshear placed third in the women's division and fifth overall in 28:35.

41 athletes finished the 2019 “Where The Wild Things Run” 5K Trail Race. A Course/Line, LLC, of Valdosta timed the event and provided finish line services.

Top Ten Men, 2019 “Where The Wild Things Run” 5K Trail Race
  1. 19:30.7, Masked Avenger (M, 40) Valdosta, GA
  2. 24:15.5, Connor Lites (M, 13) Valdosta, GA
  3. 31:05.8, David Howard (M, 55) Valdosta, GA
  4. 32:02.6, Tracy Weeks (M, 46) Valdosta, GA
  5. 33:34.4, Kenny McDonald (M, 54) Valdosta, GA
  6. 35:43.5, Cole Swayze (M, 13) Valdosta, GA
  7. 38:18.7, Tim Holder (M, 65) Valdosta, GA
  8. 38:39.6, Davy Register (M, 48) Valdosta, GA
  9. 40:04.2, Gregg Thomas (M, 47) Valdosta, GA
  10. 43:02.1, Rolando Canelon (M, 28) Valdosta, GA

Top Ten Women, 2019 “Where The Wild Things Run” 5K Trail Race
  1. 27:55.2, Natalie Daniels (F, 12) Blackshear, GA
  2. 28:32.2, Loretta Register (F, 49) Alachua, FL
  3. 28:34.4, Ashlyn Daniels (F, 9) Blackshear, GA
  4. 32:22.1, Jordyn Schreiber (F, 22) Jacksonville, FL
  5. 34:24.5, Lesley Plugge (F, 37) Valdosta, GA
  6. 36:38.3, Anita Forester (F, 53) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 36:50.6, Kathy Hodges (F, 67) Valdosta, GA
  8. 38:33.9, Amber Jackson (F, 21) Thomasville, GA
  9. 39:44.4, Christie Register (F, 45) Valdosta, GA
  10. 43:17.2, Caroline Swayze (F, 12) Valdosta, GA

“Where The Wild Things Run” 5K Trail Race winners, 2017 - 2019
1 April 201719:46.3, Masked Avenger23:33.8, Sandra Griffin33
7 April 201818:43.2, Justin Tracy25:41.3, Joradan LaMothe50
6 April 201919:31, Masked Avenger27:56, Natalie Daniels41


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