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Tallahassee's top 10K road times in 2019 (through January 26)

It's not hard to argue that Gulf Winds track Club's Springtime Road Race is the foremost 10K event on the roads of Tallahassee. More often than not, Tallahassee's fastest road 10K time of the year is run at Springtime.

But Springtime wasn't Tallahassee's first 10K of the year in 2019. That was the Trent 10K, a new event held on Saturday morning, 26 January 2019 as a sister race to the tenth annual Trent 5K. The Trent course was USATF certified, so the times from the Trent are something for the athletes to aim at during the 44th annual Springtime 10K on Saturday morning, 30 March 2019.

Brad Busboom
Brad Busboom

The fastest of those times is Brad Busboom's winning mark of 37:37. In 2018, Busboom was fourteenth on Tallahassee's road 10K performance list with a 38:32 that he ran at the Springtime 10K. In 2019, he's number one for now. Leading the master runners with a 38:04 is Myles Gibson of Donalsonville, Georgia--third overall on the men's list.

Lisa Johnson leads the women at the opening of 2019 with a 40:07. Johnson doesn't have a history on Tallahassee's 10K list, but she was fifth on the 5K list with an 18:09 in 2012, eleventh on the 5K list with an 18:45 in 2013, and seventh on the 5K list with an 18:44 in 2014.

Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson

Sarah Samford is the top woman master in the rankings with her Trent time of 51:18, good for ninth on the women's list.

I've included the 10K times from the Trent in the 2019 rankings because they meet these criteria:
  • The race has to be in Tallahassee (anywhere in Leon County is fine)
  • The race has to be run on a USATF certified course
  • The race has to have published results
  • I have to see the results
The next race that should meet those standards is Gulf Winds Track Club's Springtime 10K on 30 March 2019. Right after that on 6 April 2019, the Conley Swarm 10K is also slated to be run on a USATF-certified course. Gulf Winds Track Club's Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving morning should be the fourth and final chance to race 10K on a USATF-certified course in Tallahassee during 2019--unless another races pops up before the end of the year.

While we wait to see what pops up, here are the current 2019 lists:

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2019
(Through 26 January 2019)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 37:37Brad Busboom312019-01-26Trent 10K1FL18057TY
2. 38:04Corey Osgood222019-01-26Trent 10K2FL18057TY
3. 38:04Myles Gibson522019-01-26Trent 10K3FL18057TY
4. 38:19Tony Guillen502019-01-26Trent 10K4FL18057TY
5. 42:14Zack Scharlepp362019-01-26Trent 10K5FL18057TY
6. 43:07Tristan Lanasa252019-01-26Trent 10K6FL18057TY
7. 44:32Chase Campbell332019-01-26Trent 10K7FL18057TY
8. 44:50Jon Nash392019-01-26Trent 10K8FL18057TY
9. 44:54Owen Franklin142019-01-26Trent 10K9FL18057TY
10. 46:23Gary Johnston442019-01-26Trent 10K10FL18057TY
11. 48:18Erik Andersen362019-01-26Trent 10K11FL18057TY
12. 48:45David Anderson682019-01-26Trent 10K12FL18057TY
13. 48:53David Yon632019-01-26Trent 10K13FL18057TY
14. 49:45Cole Tessier352019-01-26Trent 10K14FL18057TY
15. 49:46Hawthorne Hay162019-01-26Trent 10K15FL18057TY
16. 50:39Stephen Gensits632019-01-26Trent 10K16FL18057TY
17. 50:43Mark Jeter532019-01-26Trent 10K17FL18057TY
18. 50:45Abe Hodges472019-01-26Trent 10K18FL18057TY
19. 51:01Brian Swords332019-01-26Trent 10K19FL18057TY
20. 52:03Matt Scaringe462019-01-26Trent 10K20FL18057TY
21. 52:07Jake Shanahan352019-01-26Trent 10K21FL18057TY
22. 52:14Jim Tully722019-01-26Trent 10K22FL18057TY
23. 52:33John Hunt512019-01-26Trent 10K23FL18057TY
24. 52:43Joe Miller392019-01-26Trent 10K24FL18057TY
25. 52:54Duane Stamm412019-01-26Trent 10K25FL18057TY
Includes performances from the Trent 10K (26 Jan 2019).

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2019
(Through 26 January 2019)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 40:07Lisa Johnson372019-01-26Trent 10K1FL18057TY
2. 45:01Cecilia Bouaichi232019-01-26Trent 10K2FL18057TY
3. 45:20Nikky Manausa372019-01-26Trent 10K3FL18057TY
4. 47:17Jordana Kimelman222019-01-26Trent 10K4FL18057TY
5. 49:37Monica Toth302019-01-26Trent 10K5FL18057TY
6. 49:46Emily Culley182019-01-26Trent 10K6FL18057TY
7. 49:46Caitlin Wilkey162019-01-26Trent 10K7FL18057TY
8. 50:37Sara Roxin222019-01-26Trent 10K8FL18057TY
9. 51:18Sarah Samford412019-01-26Trent 10K9FL18057TY
10. 52:25Beth Culley532019-01-26Trent 10K10FL18057TY
11. 53:10Sharon Crews512019-01-26Trent 10K11FL18057TY
12. 53:19Ella Grace Hodges142019-01-26Trent 10K12FL18057TY
13. 53:19Kelly Davis152019-01-26Trent 10K13FL18057TY
14. 53:26Melissa Ashton392019-01-26Trent 10K14FL18057TY
15. 53:55Martha Guyas342019-01-26Trent 10K15FL18057TY
16. 54:12Ashley Githens352019-01-26Trent 10K16FL18057TY
17. 54:35Sonya Dudley502019-01-26Trent 10K17FL18057TY
18. 55:15Ami Wheeler452019-01-26Trent 10K18FL18057TY
19. 55:16Melissa Cooper412019-01-26Trent 10K19FL18057TY
20. 55:24Debbie Peters572019-01-26Trent 10K20FL18057TY
21. 55:34Cindy Morea462019-01-26Trent 10K21FL18057TY
22. 55:37Cheryl Moore512019-01-26Trent 10K22FL18057TY
23. 57:33Amaliya McCaulley182019-01-26Trent 10K23FL18057TY
24. 57:36Catherine Jones592019-01-26Trent 10K24FL18057TY
25. 57:54Nicole Kelly442019-01-26Trent 10K25FL18057TY
Includes performances from the Trent 10K (26 Jan 2019).


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