Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ryan Bausback goes 17:07, Ann Centner 17:57 for wins at the Medical Response Unit 5K

Courtesy of the Florida State University Medical Response Unit, on Sunday morning, 10 March 2019, you could go to Langford Green and see a variety of emergency vehicles and equipment. The Tallahassee Police Hazardous Devices Team truck was there, with a bomb-handling robot. So was a Leon County Sheriff's S.W.A.T. truck, and an Urban Search and Rescue vehicle, among others.

Ryan Bausback

You could also run the FSU Medical Response Unit's tenth annual 5K. Florida State junior Ryan Bausback did just that, and outkicked Tristan Cravello for the win, 17:07 to 17:09. Ann Centner was the first woman in the race, crushing the women's field with a 17:54, fast enough for fourth overall.

A tour of Florida State University's Tallahassee campus, the race started from Langford Green just after 9:30 AM. Tristan Cravello, a second-year FSU student and the winner of the 2018 Medical Response Unit 5K, set the early pace. Nicholas Samuel, a sophomore on the Lincoln High cross-country team, ran in second, with Ryan Bausback a few steps behind. While Cravello continued to lead, Bausback overtook Samuel during the second kilometer of the race. By the fourth kilometer, Bausback had broken contact with Samuel and was chasing Cravello.

Tristan Cravello

"Me and Tristan were in the same running club, the Seminole Striders," said Bausback. "We run together all the time. We have a kind of friendly rivalry."

With the race almost over, Bausback caught Cravello and sprinted home to win in 17:07. Cravello was second in 17:09 and Samuel third in 17:37. Gary Droze, the Tallahassee Community College cross-country coach, was the first master runner in the race, placing fifth overall in 18:09. Droze had won the Medical Response Unit 5K in 2015 and 2017.

Nicholas Samuel and Ryan Bausback

There are many 5K races on the FSU campus each year, most of which are run on the same course as the Medical Response Unit 5K. After nearly three years at Florida State, you'd think Bausback would have raced the course at least once, right?

"I've never run this loop before," said Bausback. "This is my first on-campus race."

Ann Centner had never seen the course before either, but Centner was only in her second month as a Florida State grad student.

Ann Centner

"I like it!" said Centner. "It was hilly, but I liked going by the places I see every day."

While Bausback took the men's title by two seconds, Centner finished the race more than two minutes ahead of the next woman.

"I just raced the guys ahead of me and close behind," said Centner.

Sheryl Rosen

There weren't many ahead of her. Centner's winning 17:54 put her fourth in the overall standings. Sheryl Rosen, a three-time women's champ of the Medical Response Unit 5K, finished runner-up to Centner and seventh overall in 20:09. Taylor Mogavero was third in the women's standings and eleventh overall in 22:07. Paula O'Neill was the first woman master and fifth female finisher, 26th overall in 25:11.

The Medical Response Unit run was the fourth 5K in a busy weekend of road racing in Tallahassee. The competitive calendar in the weeks ahead is full of events, and Bausback and Centner won't be on the sidelines.

"My next race is the Springtime 10K," said Bausback. "This was kind of a build-up race for that."

"I'm going to do the Springtime 10K, then the Palace Saloon 5K and the Rose City 10K," said Centner.

And that's just March and April.

Top Ten Men, 2019 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 17:06.37, Ryan Bausback (M, 20)
  2. 17:08.31, Tristan Cravello (M, 19)
  3. 17:36.68, Nicholas Samuel (M, 15)
  4. 18:08.78, Gary Droze (M, 57)
  5. 19:51.04, Matthias Laywell (M, 20)
  6. 20:31.29, Drayden Reams (M, 13)
  7. 21:14.18, Benjamin Reams (M, 21)
  8. 21:50.35, Raul Medina (M, 37)
  9. 22:47.04, Joseph Woodson (M, 44)
  10. 22:51.41, Frank Chamberlain (M, 21)

Top Ten Women, 2019 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 17:53.88, Ann Centner (F, 27)
  2. 20:08.49, Sheryl Rosen (F, 34)
  3. 22:06.29, Taylor Mogavero (F, 20)
  4. 23:01.59, Kirsten Tucker (F, 22)
  5. 25:10.86, Paula O'Neill (F, 57)
  6. 26:21.61, Jennie Merchant (F, 27)
  7. 26:53.55, Emma Jentze (F, 50)
  8. 27:28.77, Brooke Barber (F, 26)
  9. 27:31.01, Francee Laywell (F, 57)
  10. 27:40.40, Mia Young (F, 35)

FSU Medical Response Unit 5K winners, 2010 - 2019
20 January 201017:40, Raley Beggs19:14, Katherine McMeekin68
29 January 201117:47, Matt Bulecza21:54, Kellie Gerbers58
21 January 201217:53, Connor Stevens22:53, Kate Harrison67
26 January 201318:08, Connor Stevens18:33, Sheryl Rosen88
25 January 201420:27, Michael LaBossiere21:36, Sheryl Rosen22
22 February 201517:01, Gary Droze23:39, Kaitlin Early81
21 February 201616:55, Grady Smith20:30, Sheryl Rosen129
19 February 201717:46, Gary Droze19:59, Lauren Aronson201
25 February 201818:08, Tristan Cravello19:56, Lucy Baird203
10 March 201917:07, Ryan Bausback17:54, Ann Centner+


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