Monday, February 26, 2018

Tristan Cravello and Lucy Baird respond rapidly at the Medical Response Unit 5K

Nobody was forecasting rain in Tallahassee, Florida for Sunday morning, 25 February 2018. So of course it rained that morning on the Florida State University campus during the FSU Medical Response Unit's ninth annual Run For Your Life 5K. Even so, more than 200 athletes showed up for the race, and the fastest of them was first-year FSU student Tristan Cravello, who covered the five-kilometer circuit of the campus in a winning 18:08. Another Florida State University undergraduate, Lucy Baird, won the women's title, placing fourth overall in 19:56.

Tristan Cravello
Tristan Cravello

The light rain started to fall at 9:00 AM, just as the race got started. Brian Prisbe, a 2016 alumnus of the Sante Fe Catholic High track team, took the early lead. Prisbe, however, couldn't escape Tristan Cravello. Cravello had raced at the Trailblazer 5K the day before, but was neverthless right behind Prisbe at 800 meters as the runners crossed Landis Green. Aaron Ostler and Scott Sigrist followed farther back. As the race progressed, Cravello overtook the fading Prisbe. Sigrist, who had already left Ostler behind, passed Prisbe to move into second. Halfway through the 5K, the rain had stopped. With a kilometer to go, Cravello was setting the pace with Sigrist in second, twelve seconds back. Sigrist didn't narrow that margin and Cravello didn't widen it as Cravello ran home to win the race in 18:08. Sigrist, a 2017 alumnus of the Lake Placid High cross-country team, was runner-up in 18:20. Prisbe took third in 19:46, and Ostler was the fourth male finisher and fifth overall in 20:16.

Lucy Baird
Lucy Baird

Cravello may have raced the day before the Medical Response Unit 5K, but Lucy Baird had run the Tallahassee Marathon three weeks earlier, placing third in the women's division in 3:32:54. Baird, a member of FSU's Seminole Striders Running Club, was recovered enough from the marathon to set the early pace for the women's field in the MRU 5K. At the one-kilometer mark she was a few steps ahead of Taylor Mogavero and 2017 Medical Response Unit 5K women's champion Lauren Aronson at the one-kilometer mark. It didn't stay that close. Baird widened her lead to more than 200 meters, then kicked on the final stretch to break twenty minutes, posting a winning time of 19:56. Mogavero slipped ahead of Aronson to take second in the women's standings and sixth overall in 20:53. Aronson was the third woman and seventh overall in 21:01.

Paula O'Neill was the first master runner in the race and the sixth female finisher, nineteenth overall in 23:42. Michael Magnuson was the first male master, placing nineteenth in the men's standings and 28th overall in 25:10.

Scott Sigrist
Scott Sigrist

203 athletes finished the Florida State University Medical Response Unit's 2018 Run For Your Life 5K.

Top Ten Men, 2018 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 18:07.08, Tristan Cravello (M, 18)
  2. 18:19.12, Scott Sigrist (M, 19)
  3. 19:45.33, Brian Prisbe (M, 20)
  4. 20:15.84, Aaron Ostler (M, 18)
  5. 21:28.40, Quinton Laudadio (M, 20)
  6. 21:35.62, Micah Wells (M, 21)
  7. 21:51.88, James Hudson (M, 19)
  8. 22:40.60, Josh Keown (M, 31)
  9. 22:56.81, Zachary Levin (M, 20)
  10. 23:23.32, Colton Boney (M, 21)

Taylor Mogavero
Taylor Mogavero

Top Ten Women, 2018 FSU Medical Response Unit 5K
  1. 19:55.69, Lucy Baird (F, 18)
  2. 20:52.45, Taylor Mogavero (F, 19)
  3. 21:00.83, Lauren Aronson (F, 21)
  4. 22:58.68, Lindsay Taylor (F, 29)
  5. 23:06.37, Morgan Palasti (F, 20)
  6. 23:41.97, Paula O'Neil (F, 56)
  7. 23:54.21, Ely Rosario (F, 39)
  8. 24:26.95, Kendal Mcdowell (F, 19)
  9. 24:32.72, Michelle Burr (F, 19)
  10. 25:25.69, Victoria Krentz (F, 18)

FSU Medical Response Unit 5K winners, 2010 - 2018
20 January 201017:40, Raley Beggs19:14, Katherine McMeekin68
29 January 201117:47, Matt Bulecza21:54, Kellie Gerbers58
21 January 201217:53, Connor Stevens22:53, Kate Harrison67
26 January 201318:08, Connor Stevens18:33, Sheryl Rosen88
25 January 201420:27, Michael LaBossiere21:36, Sheryl Rosen22
22 February 201517:01, Gary Droze23:39, Kaitlin Early81
21 February 201616:55, Grady Smith20:30, Sheryl Rosen129
19 February 201717:46, Gary Droze19:59, Lauren Aronson201
25 February 201818:08, Tristan Cravello19:56, Lucy Baird203


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