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No one rains on Bryan Morseman's parade at the Tallahassee marathon

A marathon is a lot like a parade. If you stand along the marathon route, you really don't experience the event as a race or a sporting event, but as a procession--a parade. In order to host a marathon, you even have to get a parade permit. Gulf Winds Track Club's 44th annual Tallahassee Marathon was no less like a parade. There weren't marching bands or floats in the 4 February 2018 event, but there were more than 800 athletes parading through the streets that Sunday morning--700 in the 13.1-mile half marathon, and 153 in the 26.2-mile marathon. There was even a clown, if you count the runner doing the marathon in an off-the-rack three-piece suit.

Spectators didn't line the whole course, but they were out along the route in small groups, enjoying the show. Some of those onlookers, though, may not have recognized that Bryan Morseman was part of the parade. Morseman spent much of the marathon so far ahead of the rest of the field that unless you noticed he was wearing a race bib, you might have thought he was out for a solo run--a very fast solo run. Morseman had a two-mile lead on the next runner when he crossed the finish line in a winning 2:26:56. It was his third Tallahassee Marathon win in the past five years. The women's champ was also a repeat winner. Clermont, Florida master runner Tamara Kozulina took the women's title for a third year in a row, placing sixth overall in 3:03:10.

Bryan Morseman
Bryan Morseman

It was peaceful downtown before the 7:30 AM start of the marathon. Predicted thundershowers hadn't materialized. Humid air muffled most of the morning sounds. A church carillon played. Closer to the starting line in front of the Leon County Courthouse you could hear occasional announcements. After briefly facing the flag atop the State Capitol during a performance of the national anthem, the runners headed north on Monroe Street.

Bryan Morseman took control of the marathon almost immediately. Eight kilometers into the race Morseman was already running 400 meters ahead of the next marathoner, his only company a pair of runners competing in the half-marathon. After the half-marathon and marathon courses separated, Morseman was entirely alone. He was more than a kilometer ahead at the halfway point of the race on the Lake Henrietta Trail.

Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson

Peyton Hoyal, a former Berry College athlete and NAIA All-American, held second place at Lake Henrietta. But Tallahassee triathlete Charlie Johnson was on his trail. Five kilometers from the finish line, Johnson over took Hoyal.

"He was cramping quite badly," recalled Johnson. "I was starting to cramp, too, so I had to 'hide' mine when I made the pass. That was one of the most painful finishes to a race I've had."

Tamara Kozulina
Tamara Kozulina

Far ahead of the Johnson-Hoyal duel, Morseman took first in 2:26:56. Johnson held on to second, running 2:39:13. Hoyal was third in 2:41:10. Orinthal Striggles was the first master runner in the marathon, finishing fourth overall in 2:46:09.

Tallahassee marathoner Blair Bodenmiller was second in the women's standings and ninth overall in 3:10:25, bettering her 2014 and 2016 marks in the race. Lucy Baird, a member of Florida State University's Seminole Striders running club, was running sixth in the women's field when she reached Lake Henrietta. During the second half of the marathon she overtook Kat Sack, Beth Connolly, and Elizabeth Smith, finishing as the third woman and eighteenth overall in 3:32:54.

Blair Bodenmiller
Blair Bodenmiller

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Tallahassee Marathon
  1. 2:26:56, Bryan Morseman (M, 32) Bath, NY
  2. 2:39:13, Charlie Johnson (M, 38) Tallahassee, FL
  3. 2:41:10, Peyton Hoyal (M, 28) Charlottesville, VA
  4. 2:46:09, Orinthal Striggles (M, 42) Columbia, SC
  5. 2:53:54, Matt Trick (M, 34) Macon, FL
  6. 3:06:43, David Graf (M, 41) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 3:09:42, Jack McDermott (M, 48) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 3:13:24, Chris O'Kelley (M, 24) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 3:15:48, Nathan Berry (M, 40) Memphis, TN
  10. 3:16:06, Thomas Murphy (M, 48) Tallahassee, FL

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Tallahassee Marathon
  1. 3:03:10, Tamara Kozulina (F, 42) Clermont, FL
  2. 3:10:25, Blair Bodenmiller (F, 31) Tallahassee, FL
  3. 3:32:54, Lucy Baird (F, 18) St Petersburg, FL
  4. 3:35:08, Beth Connolly (F, 35) Manchester, NH
  5. 3:41:04, Elizabeth Smith (F, 39) Valdosta, GA
  6. 3:43:16, Kat Sack (F, 26) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 3:47:28, Jenny Early (F, 34) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 3:59:49, Kristin Halley (F, 36) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 4:02:02, Shanon Barnett (F, 49) Cullman, AL
  10. 4:02:09, Marie Dennis (F, 43) Tallahassee, FL

Racing down Franklin Boulevard during the eighth kilometer of the Tallahassee Marathon, Bryan Morseman had company from Johnny Crain and Justin Garrard, the leaders of the half marathon. Crain, a ZAP Fitness runner in Tallahassee for winter training, left Garrard behind to win the half marathon in 1:10:35. Garrard, a two-time winner of the Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K, was second in 1:14:05. Andy Unsicker of Panama City Beach, Florida was the top master runner in the shorter race, placing third overall in 1:18:30.

Justin Garrard, Johnny Crain
Justin Garrard and Johnny Crain

Marina Khelevskaya, a member of Uzbekistan's 2016 Olympic marathon team, won the women's title in the half marathon, placing fourth overall in 1:21:23. Master runner Jennifer Bayliss of Danville, California was the second woman and ninth overall in 1:26:33. Moultrie, Georgia's Elizabeth Funderburk, the 2017 Georgia High School Girls' Cross-Country champion, was third in the women's standings and twelfth overall in 1:28:56.

Marina Khelevskaya
Marina Khelevskaya

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Tallahassee Half-Marathon
  1. 1:10:35, Johnny Crain (M, 25) Blowing Rock, NC
  2. 1:14:05, Justin Garrard (M, 30) Tallahassee, FL
  3. 1:18:30, Andy Unsicker (M, 41) Panama City Beach, FL
  4. 1:21:30, Ryan Bausback (M, 19) Sarasota, FL
  5. 1:24:13, Ryan Barrow (M, 30) Thibodaux, FL
  6. 1:25:16, Bobby Duggleby (M, 27) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 1:25:50, Scott Sigrist (M, 18) Lake Placid, FL
  8. 1:27:31, Mickey Moore (M, 47) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 1:28:26, Andrew Kropf (M, 29) Atlanta, GA
  10. 1:29:29, Travis Parks (M, 21) Crawfordville, FL

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Tallahassee Half-Marathon
  1. 1:21:23, Marina Khelevskaya (F, 27) Gainesville, FL
  2. 1:26:33, Jennifer Bayliss (F, 47) Danville, CA
  3. 1:28:56, Elizabeth Funderburk (F, 18) Moultrie, GA
  4. 1:35:37, Elisha Boggs (F, 41) Tallahassee, FL
  5. 1:35:52, Miranda Beal (F, 24) Milton, FL
  6. 1:37:45, Jillian Heddaeus (F, 34) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 1:37:53, Lauren Luscuskie (F, 23) Orlando, FL
  8. 1:39:55, Alyssa Terry (F, 24) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 1:40:09, Laura McDermott (F, 38) Tallahassee, FL
  10. 1:40:56, Cassandra Palmer (F, 35) Atlanta, GA

Tallahassee Marathon winners, 1975 - 2018
8 March 19753:00:07, John Hargreaves2
25 April 19762:58:00, John Hargreaves7
19772:35:59, Tim Simpkins3:38:59, Betty Ely22
19782:39:00, Tim Simpkins3:45:00, Donna Glotzbach19
24 February 19792:45:37, Steve Figard3:03:16, Shirley Silsby54
2 February 19802:35:32, Steve Figard3:30:33, Victoria Myers71
7 February 19812:37:39, Jim Dickson3:49:48, Linda Abele41
13 February 19822:28:11, Chris Lingle3:14:31, Marianne Crawford95
12 February 19832:23:55, Mike Patterson3:15:06, Christy Orthmann81
11 February 19842:35:00, Rick Miller3:11:34, Donna Glotzbach49
9 February 19852:41:50, Felton Wright3:17:09, Debbie Moore44
23 February 19862:40:57, Felton Wright3:37:35, Joyce Hodges44
19872:40:09, Scott Hinkle3:14:57, Laura Meighan72
19882:31:39, Tom Swiersz3:19:54, Lana Hayden49
19892:38:28, TC Carroll3:07:13, Paula Johnson93
19902:28:43, Jessie Close3:02:18, Claudia Kasen107
19912:44:41, Steve Carney2:56:10, Paula Johnson118
19922:28:41, Jessie Close3:04:52, Paula Johnson115
19932:27:20, Louis Floyd2:56:22, Fran Fidler83
19942:32:27, Louis Floyd3:22:21, Lori Karison133
19952:43:45, Paul Hough3:10:56, Paula Johnson124
19962:43:24, William Flynn3:29:44, Krista Prentice70
19972:50:45, Daniel Widener3:33:22, Dee Farnell111
18 January 19982:29:02, Bryon Law3:09:08, Carrie Weyant73
17 January 19992:56:17, Tom Minor3:13:51, Martha Vidal80
16 January 20002:46:53, Michael Peck3:16:13, Melissa Knechtel51
17 January 20012:57:24, David Yon3:36:01, Carrie Weyant86
20 January 20023:02:32, Ronnie Godwin & Felton Wright3:21:17, Carrie Weyant
14 December 20032:50:32, Michael Western3:34:48, Kathy Pike38
15 February 20042:55:19, Jack McDermott3:18:18, Kim Bruce75
20 February 20052:43:38, Jeff Dobias3:24:24, Lisa Purul129
19 February 20062:51:58, Michael Douma3:32:11, Teresa Lafleur79
4 February 20072:28:15, Judson Cake2:46:09, Valerie Gortmaker168
3 February 20082:24:01, Scot Mullins3:03:38, Tamara Kozulina209
1 February 20092:20:29, George Towett2:45:05, Nina Kraft203
7 February 20102:26:49, James Kiptoo3:16:05, Beth Moras233
6 February 20112:28:38, Esteban Vanegas2:43:32, Karen Harvey234
5 February 20122:27:23, Solomon Kandie2:40:06, Leah Thorvilson270
3 February 20132:23:26, Chris Zablocki2:52:49, Nina Kraft307
2 February 20142:24:29, Bryan Morseman2:46:29, Esther Erb361
8 February 20152:19:12, Mark Chepses2:46:59, Sarah Crouch335
7 February 20162:31:34, Kennedy Kemei3:03:20, Tamara Kozulina224
5 February 20172:27:12, Bryan Morseman3:09:25, Tamara Kozulina180
4 February 20182:26:56, Bryan Morseman3:03:10, Tamara Kozulina153


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