Thursday, April 5, 2018

Nadler and Watson repeat at Ironwood in the LGAA 5K

Distance running comes in three forms--cross-country, road, and track.

Some people will argue that there is also fell running and trail running, but those are just forms of cross-country for athletes with ambitions of suffering serious injury. Others will claim that indoor track is a separate discipline, but like a bonsai tree is still a tree, indoor track is still track.

Enoch Nadler of Team Florida Track Club planned to cover all three types of distance running in just over a week. On Thursday evening, 29 March 2018, Nadler went 5,000 meters on the track at the Florida Relays in Gainesville, running 14:05.30. On Saturday morning, 7 April 2018, he's scheduled to run the Apryle Showers 10K on the roads in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Between the two, on Thursday evening, 4 April 2018, Nadler won the twelfth annual Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association 5K cross-country race, running 16:42 on the turf of Gainesville's Ironwood Golf Course. It was the third year in a row that Nadler had won the race. Also repeating was Team FTC's Georganne Watson. Watson won the women's title for the second year in a row, placing eleventh overall in 18:34.

Georganne Watson, Kelly Griffin
Georganne Watson & Kelly Griffin

Luke Watson of Gainesville ran 17:10 for second overall, improving on his seventh-place finish in the 2017 LGAA 5K. Anton Matchev, an eighth-grader at Gainesville's Abraham Lincoln Middle School, took third in 17:23. It was Matchev's first time running under 18:00 on the course; he had run 18:20 in the 2015 race, 18:26 in 2016, and 18:36 in 2017. In the battle for the first master runner spot, Dan Stoner outran 2017's top master runner, Patrick Gallagher, 18:15 to 18:23. The two Gainesville athletes were seventh and eighth overall.

Kelly Griffin of Gainesville took second in the women's standings and fourteenth overall in 19:10. Gainesville's Rae Powers was the third woman and seventeenth overall in 20:06. Another Gainesville athlte, Sandy Flory, was the first woman master and sixth female finisher, placing 30th overall in 22:53.

Enoch Nadler, Luke Watson
Enoch Nadler & Luke Watson

196 athletes finished the 2018 LGAA 5K. Proceeds from the event benefit the scholarship and grant program of the Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association. The race was chip timed by Start To Finish Race Management of Alachua, Florida.

Top Ten Men, 2018 LGAA 5K Cross-Country Race
  1. 16:42, Enoch Nadler (M, 32) Gainesville, FL
  2. 17:10, Luke Watson (M, 37) Gainesville, FL
  3. 17:23, Anton Matchev (M, 14) Gainesville, FL
  4. 17:53, Rick Smith (M, 39)
  5. 17:53, Francisco Flores-Rodriguez (M, 15) Gainesville, FL
  6. 17:58, Michael Rosato (M, 29) Gainesville, FL
  7. 18:15, Dan Stoner (M, 43) Gainesville, FL
  8. 18:23, Patrick Gallagher (M, 42) Gainesville, FL
  9. 18:27, Ben Wise (M, 39) Gainesville, FL
  10. 18:58, Ben Mock (M, 15) Gainesville, FL

Top Ten Women, 2018 LGAA 5K Cross-Country Race
  1. 18:58, Georganne Watson (F, 33) Gainesville, FL
  2. 19:10, Kelly Griffin (F, 39) Gainesville, FL
  3. 20:06, Rae Powers (F, 26) Gainesville, FL
  4. 20:20, Cierra Clark (F, 22)
  5. 20:46, Kate Egan (F, 33) Gainesville, FL
  6. 22:53, Sandy Flory (F, 41) Gainesville, FL
  7. 23:16, Verity Mathis (F, 39) Gainesville, FL
  8. 23:24, Betsy Waite (F, 31) Gainesville, FL
  9. 23:34, Tommie Bost (F, 11) Gainesville, FL
  10. 23:53, Karen Harbaugh (F, 49) Gainesville, FL

Leadership Gainesville Alumni Association 5K winners, 2007 - 2018
18 April 2007
16 April 200815:37, Brent Schneider18:40, Romy Krueger279
15 April 2009
24 March 201015:55, Andrew Robinson20:22, Mary Waechter180
13 April 201115:52, Brent Schneider23:02, Claudia Noah
11 April 201216:40, Dan Monteau19:53, Stephanie Williams263
10 April 201317:32, Dan Clark21:47, Rebecca Weaver267
16 April 201416:26, Michael Anderson19:05, Ani Veltcheva385
22 April 201515:42, Jon Mott19:32, Ani Veltcheva350
27 April 201616:06, Enoch Nadler18:43, Ani Veltcheva305
5 April 201715:12, Enoch Nadler18:34, Georganne Watson189
4 April 201816:42, Enoch Nadler18:58, Georganne Watson196


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