Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tallahassee's top finishers at the Boston Marathon during the 21st century

122nd annual Boston MarathonNine Tallahassee athletes ran the Boston Marathon on Monday, 16 April 2018--Thomas Parker (2295th, 3:03:20), Larry Harris (5485th, 3:20:32), Jason Hohensee (8086th, 3:30:26), Laura McDermott (9883rd, 3:37:00), Allison Eagen (11204th, 3:41:48), Jack McDermott (13284th, 3:49:40), Tsige Tadesse (13345th, 3:49:53), Birgit Maier-Katkin (14423rd, 3:53:54), and Deanna Samaha (25701st, 6:50:22). There are probably a few more from neighboring towns, but these were the ones who lived and worked in Tallahassee, or at least were willing to list Tallahassee on their entry forms.

Of course, these weren't the first Boston finishers from Tallahassee. Florida's capital city has been sending athletes to the Boston Marathon for decades. The race goes back to 1897, and the first Tallahassee runner entered the race some time during the twentieth century. When? Who? Those are unanswered questions. Resolving them woud take researching 100 years of Boston marathons.

The 21st century, though, is a little easier. The records are digital rather than microfilm or decaying newsprint. So here are Tallahassee's top performers at Boston each year, from 2000 on.

Top Tallahassee finishers at the Boston Marathon by year, 2000 - 2018
17 April 20003:31:38, Mike Jaynes (6020th)None
16 April 20013:18:04, John F. Affleck-Graves (2551st)3:32:11, Katherine H. Mac Fall (4473rd)
15 April 20023:10:59, Jay V. Silvanima (2176th)2:54:47, Jane E. Johnson (648th)
21 April 20032:59:28, Jack T. McDermott (549th)2:58:47, Jane E. Johnson (517th)
19 April 20043:20:17, David A. Yon (1131st)3:03:44, Jane E. Johnson (419th)
18 April 20053:02:00, Jack T. McDermott (705th)3:41:27, Kimberly L. Likens (5118th)
17 April 20062:53:31, Jack T. McDermott (549th)3:52:34, Christy L. Pardieck (11606th)
16 April 20072:58:10, Jack T. McDermott (777th)3:10:47, Sheryl D. Rosen (1993rd)
21 April 20082:55:28, Jack T. McDermott (745th)3:27:07, Krista Killius (5850th)
20 April 20092:59:29, Jack T. McDermott (1279th)3:28:54, Kelly A. Stevens (6934th)
19 April 20102:56:39, John M. Robida (941st)3:32:29, Shana K. Ryberg (7831st)
18 April 20112:50:52, Jack T. McDermott (633rd)3:08:45, Allison A. Eagen (2736th)
16 April 20122:59:01, Roger J. Schmidt (419th)3:47:05, Nancy C. Stedman (5220th)
15 April 20132:35:09, Chris Lake (142nd)3:12:34, Adriana Piekarewicz (3302nd)
21 April 20142:49:13, Bryan Koon (762nd)3:19:28, Katie Sherron (5703rd)
20 April 20152:38:49, Stephen Cox (225th)3:12:39, Allison A. Eagen (5185th)
18 April 20162:46:12, Roger Schmidt (304th)3:48:08, Laura McDermott (13325th)
17 April 20172:47:31, Charlie Johnson (448th)3:13:59, Carrie Seiberlich (3481st)
16 April 20183:03:20, Thomas Parker (2295th)3:37:00, Laura McDermott (9883rd)


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