Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fulp and Lohr race through two counties to win the Little River 5K

Reed Bingham State ParkThe Little River Run 5K is run entirely inside Georgia's Reed Bingham State Park, but the race still takes place in two different counties. The park straddles the Little River, which marks the boundary between Colquitt County and Cook County. So the race starts in Colquitt County, but most of the running is done in Cook County before the runners return to the west side of the river and finish back in Colquitt County.

Cook and Colquitt had to each take a back seat to another county, though, on Saturday morning, 21 April 2018, when Lowndes County resident Cavan Fulp won the Little River Run 5K in 20:25. Fulp, a student at Lowndes High, lives in Hahira, Georgia. Melanie Lohr, a master runner from Elkton, Florida, won the women's title, placing sixth overall in 25:48.

Finishing less than 30 meters behind Fulp, Cook High cross-country runner Cody Pezent took second in the race, running 20:31. Daniel Carver of Hahira was third in 21:35.

Adel, Georgia master runner Angela Pezent was the second woman and eighth overall in 26:35. Langley Wooten, a frosh-year member of the Thomas County Central cross-country team, was third in the women's standings and twelfth overall in 27:54.

Allen Wooten of Thomasville, Georgia was the first male master runner in the race, placing eighth in the men's standings and tenth overall in 26:52.

40 athletes finished the 2018 Little River Run 5K. A Course/Line, LLC, of Valdosta timed the race and provided finish line services.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Little River Run 5K
  1. 20:24.4, Cavan Fulp (M, 15) Hahira, GA
  2. 20:31.0, Cody Pezent (M, 17) Adel, GA
  3. 21:35.0, Daniel Carver (M, 33) Hahira, GA
  4. 23:05.8, Joseph Pezent (M, 14) Adel, GA
  5. 25:06.9, Caleb Pezent (M, 11) Adel, GA
  6. 26:32.8, Casey Cheshire (M, 33) Adel, GA
  7. 26:35.9, Riley Moseley (M, 16) Fort White, FL
  8. 26:51.7, Allen Wooten (M, 44) Thomasville, GA
  9. 27:02.1, Luke Closson (M, 51) Hahira, GA
  10. 29:08.5, Miles Stalvey (M, 16) Hahira, GA

Top Ten Women, 2018 Little River Run 5K
  1. 25:47.3, Melanie Lohr (F, 56) Elkton, FL
  2. 26:34.2, Angela Pezent (F, 44) Adel, GA
  3. 27:53.5, Langley Wooten (F, 15) Thomasville, GA
  4. 28:53.3, Jessie Burton (F, 37) Barney, GA
  5. 29:21.7, Brittany Hudson (F, 28) Fort White, FL
  6. 32:41.8, Kim Souther (F, 57) Hahira, GA
  7. 33:13.3, Donna Alford (F, 60) Nashville, GA
  8. 34:34.3, Allison Story (F, 14) Tifton, GA
  9. 38:09.0, Lisa Wagner (F, 49) Valdosta, GA
  10. 38:30.5, Kayla Helton (F, 29) Fort White, FL

Recent Road Kill Run 5K winners, 2012 - 2018
19 May 201218:34, Masked Avenger24:24, Christy Cherry71
18 May 201318:43, Chance Roe22:28, Eryn Wilkey65
22 February 201418:51, Ryan Kelly21:25, Makenzee Page33
25 April 201517:59, Ryan Kelly25:26, Anne Price54
23 April 201618:10, Dan Butzin25:57, Traci Newton50
22 April 201718:59, Dan Butzin20:56, Annie Price31
21 April 201820:25, Cavan Fulp25:48, Melanie Lohr40
Prior to 2012, the Road Kill Run was a 10K and a 5K held on the trails in
Reed Bingham State Park.
In 2012 the Road Kill Run became a 5K held on the park's roads on
USATF certified course


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