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Tallahassee's top 10K road times in 2018 (through April 7)

Zack Scharlepp and Rachel Scharlepp directed Gulf Winds Track Club's 43rd annual Springtime Road Race on Saturday morning, 7 April 2018. That event included a 10K on a USATF-certified course, and now that the race has been scored, I can add the performances to the list of Tallahassee's top 10K road times for the year.

Katie Sherron
Katie Sherron

If the rankings required drama, they got it in the men's competition. Justin Garrard was on the starting line, and so was Chris Haynes. Garrard had run Tallahassee's fastest road 10K of the year for each of the past two years, running 32:01 in 2016 and 32:42 in 2017. Haynes was number two on the list both years, with a 33:29 in 2016 and a 32:51 in 2017. That 32:51, however, had won the 2017 Springtime 10K, making Haynes the defending champion in the 2018 race. Defend he did, winning the Springtime 10K in 32:31. Garrard was second in 33:23. Tallahassee's top two road 10K performers for the past two years were still the top two in 2018, but in a different order.

Chris Haynes, Justin Garrard
Chris Haynes, Justin Garrard

Katie Sherron leads the women's list after winning the Springtime 10K in 38:57, just a few steps ahead of Ann Centner's 38:59. Sherron finished third in the women's rankings in 2017 and 2015; Centner was ninth in 2017. Sheryl Rosen is third on the current list with her Springtime mark of 39:20. Rosen had the top women's road 10K time in Tallahassee for 2015, a winning 37:30 at the Springtime 10K that year.

Mickey Moore leads the master runners at 38:41, the eleventh-fastest time on the men's list. Kristen Palmer is the top woman master at 45:25, good for tenth in the women's top 25.

Ann Centner
Ann Centner

Meanwhile, the list of Tallahassee's 10K races on certified courses is shrinking. The Thomasville Road Baptist Church 10K closed up shop after the 2016 race, reducing the 2017 schedule of certified 10K races to four. The Run 2-1-1 10K is back in 2018, but the race has moved from a certified course in Southwood to a new course in the Railroad Square area, which means that there are only three certified 10K events in town during 2018--the Springtime 10K, already run on 7 April 2018, the second annual Saint Peter's Anglican Church 10K on 16 June 2018, and Gulf Winds Track Club's 43rd annual Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K on 22 November 2018. There is always the possibility that a new 10K will pop up, though. I'll include it in the rankings as long as it meets these criteria:
  • The race has to be in Tallahassee (anywhere in Leon County is fine)
  • The race has to be run on a USATF certified course
  • The race has to have published results
  • I have to see the results
Here are the current rankings, the top 25 men and the top 25 women:

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2018
(Through 7 April 2018)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 32:31Christopher Haynes252018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K1FL11044EBM
2. 33:23Justin Garrard312018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K2FL11044EBM
3. 35:20Charlie Johnson382018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K3FL11044EBM
4. 35:37Jonathan Burgess252018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K4FL11044EBM
5. 37:33Ryan Bausback192018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K5FL11044EBM
6. 37:58Ryan Truchelut322018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K6FL11044EBM
7. 38:17Chris O'Kelley242018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K7FL11044EBM
8. 38:32Brad Busboom302018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K8FL11044EBM
9. 38:38Jim Halley382018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K9FL11044EBM
10. 38:40Trevor Sununu222018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K10FL11044EBM
11. 38:41Mickey Moore482018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K11FL11044EBM
12. 38:48Tony Guillen492018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K12FL11044EBM
13. 38:56Kurt Dietrich262018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K13FL11044EBM
14. 39:02Hong-Guo Yu492018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K14FL11044EBM
15. 39:16Bobby Duggleby272018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K15FL11044EBM
16. 39:19Paul Guyas402018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K16FL11044EBM
17. 39:32Don Smith382018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K17FL11044EBM
18. 39:45Elvis Maradzike312018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K18FL11044EBM
19. 39:45Eric Houge372018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K19FL11044EBM
20. 39:54Jack McDermott492018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K20FL11044EBM
21. 40:02Thomas Parker352018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K21FL11044EBM
22. 40:13John Bikowitz322018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K22FL11044EBM
23. 40:44Nick Loffer342018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K23FL11044EBM
24. 40:48Geb Kiros512018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K24FL11044EBM
25. 41:13Sean Hudson472018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K25FL11044EBM
Includes performances from the Springtime 10K (7 Apr 2018).

Top Tallahassee 10K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2018
(Through 7 April 2018)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 38:57Katie Sherron362018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K1FL11044EBM
2. 38:59Ann Centner262018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K2FL11044EBM
3. 39:20Sheryl Rosen332018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K3FL11044EBM
4. 42:02Lauren Poulos322018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K4FL11044EBM
5. 42:58Meg Ogle272018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K5FL11044EBM
6. 43:41Alyssa Terry242018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K6FL11044EBM
7. 43:48Jamila Allen282018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K7FL11044EBM
8. 44:26Erika Hango282018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K8FL11044EBM
9. 45:20Claire Igoe222018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K9FL11044EBM
10. 45:25Kristen Palmer402018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K10FL11044EBM
11. 46:10Jillian Heddaeus352018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K11FL11044EBM
12. 46:25Brittney Barnes302018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K12FL11044EBM
13. 46:43Stacy Biggart402018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K13FL11044EBM
14. 46:45Taylor Mogavero192018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K14FL11044EBM
15. 46:58Monica Toth292018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K15FL11044EBM
16. 47:14Kenya Rich452018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K16FL11044EBM
17. 47:24Lauren Aronson212018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K17FL11044EBM
18. 47:34Emma Spencer372018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K18FL11044EBM
19. 47:38Jenny Early342018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K19FL11044EBM
20. 47:57Nancy Proctor572018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K20FL11044EBM
21. 47:58Danielle De Greef222018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K21FL11044EBM
22. 48:00Angela Dempsey492018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K22FL11044EBM
23. 48:04Nikky Manausa362018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K23FL11044EBM
24. 48:32Nazarae Holcombe282018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K24FL11044EBM
25. 48:34Ruffian Tyner422018-04-07GWTC Springtime 10K25FL11044EBM
Includes performances from the Springtime 10K (7 Apr 2018).


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