Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A repeat win for Shearon and a record run for Nelson at the Coach Post 10K

Coach Post 10K & 5KEach April, the Coach Post Run takes places near Panama City Beach, Florida in Saint Andrews State Park. Obviously, the race isn't named after David Shearon. Nevertheless, the master runner from Panama City Beach manages to frequently put his name on it. Most recently, on Saturday morning, 14 April 2018, Shearon ran 40:13 in the fifth annual Coach Post 10K, winning the race for the third time in five years. Panama City, Florida master runner Jennifer Nelson won the women's title, setting a new course record for women of 43:02 and placing fourth overall.

Ivan De La Cruz, a sophomore on the Mosley High cross-country team, placed second in the 10K, running 40:38. It was a better than two-minute improvement on the 42:44 that he had run in the 2017 race, where De La Cruz also placed second. Just two days before this latest effort, De La Cruz had ended his high school track season with a 5:07.31/11:33.46 double in the 1600/3200 at the District 2 meet. Nicolas Waddell, a Mowat Middle School sixth-grader who has been spotted racing cross-country in a Rutherford High uniform, placed third in 42:43.

Port Saint Joe, Florida master runner Dana Black was second in the women's standings and fifth overall in 45:59. Another master runner, Amy Helms of Panama City Beach, was the third woman and tenth overall in 50:18.

69 athletes finished the 2018 Coach Post 10K.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Coach Post 10K
  1. 40:12.42, David Shearon (M, 48) Panama City Beach, FL
  2. 40:37.93, Ivan De La Cruz (M, 16) Lynn Haven, FL
  3. 42:42.98, Nicolas Waddell (M, 12) Lynn Haven, FL
  4. 46:13.68, Jason Dence (M, 41) Lynn Haven, FL
  5. 47:15.11, Justin Mroz (M, 28) Lynn Haven, FL
  6. 48:58.05, Warren Clifton (M, 45) Lynn Haven, FL
  7. 49:25.25, Michael MacMullin (M, 57) Panama City, FL
  8. 50:40.45, Jeffery Johns (M, 43) Panama City, FL
  9. 53:14.27, Nik Runner (M, 62)
  10. 53:53.50, Patrick McGuire (M, 66)

Top Ten Women, 2018 Coach Post 10K
  1. 43:01.42, Jennifer A Nelson (F, 47) Panama City, FL
  2. 45:58.80, Dana Black (F, 53) Port Saint Joe, FL
  3. 50:17.09, Amy Helms (F, 40) Panama City Beach, FL
  4. 51:07.35, Mariia Solomonova (F, 23) Panama City Beach, FL
  5. 52:46.43, Kayla Rutledge (F, 22) Fort Rucker, AL
  6. 53:52.40, Debbie Chitwood (F, 51) Lynn Haven, FL
  7. 56:04.22, Theresa Sullivan (F, 57)
  8. 56:12.19, Jeni Smith (F, 33) Santa Rosa Beach, FL
  9. 56:51.49, Hannah Altman (F, 15)
  10. 58:16.74, Jennifer Heilmann (F, 37) Panama City Beach, FL

The Coach Post 10K course makes two loops of Saint Andrews State Park; for athletes who only want to do one loop there's the Coach Post 5K. Kaden Jones won the shorter race, running 19:33. Jones is a frosh-year runner on the Mosley High cross-country team. Like 10K runner-up De La Cruz, Jones finished up his high school track season at the District 2 meet two days before the Coach Post Run. Jones also doubled at that meet, running 5:04.52 in the 1600 and 2:09.06 in the 800. Andrew Bahati of Lynn Haven, Florida took second in the 5K, running 22:39. Joseph Cloutier was the first master runner in the race, placing third overall in 23:47.

Sanford, Florida athlete Zanetta Barnes was the first woman in the 5K, coming in twelfth overall in 26:17. Allison Blomquist of Panama City was second in the women's standings and sixteenth overall in 27:22. Danielle Cureton was the third woman and eighteenth overall in 27:55. Heather Webb of Sterling, Virginia was the first woman master and fourth female finisher, nineteenth overall in 28:05.

136 athletes finished the 2018 Coach Post 5K. Both the 10K and the 5K were chip-timed by Alta Vista Sports.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Coach Post 5K
  1. 19:32.10, Kaden Jones (M, 14) Panama City Beach, FL
  2. 22:38.54, Andrew Bahati (M, 30) Lynn Haven, FL
  3. 23:46.38, Joseph Cloutier (M, 52)
  4. 23:46.68, Matt Hollo (M, 15) Lynn Haven, FL
  5. 23:52.53, Quinn Larson (M, 12) Lynn Haven, FL
  6. 24:04.81, Colin Campbell (M, 15)
  7. 24:29.06, Richy Simpson (M, 15) Lynn Haven, FL
  8. 24:30.82, Sean Blomquist (M, 42) Panama City, FL
  9. 25:04.35, Delbert Osborn (M, 61) Lynn Haven, FL
  10. 25:11.62, Christian Nye (M, 10) Youngstown, FL

Top Ten Women, 2018 Coach Post 5K
  1. 26:16.03, Zanetta Barnes (F, 36) Sanford, FL
  2. 27:21.08, Allison Blomquist (F, 33) Panama City, FL
  3. 27:54.38, Danielle Cureton (F, 26)
  4. 28:04.10, Heather Webb (F, 46) Sterling, VA
  5. 28:47.06, Kelli Mills (F, 47) East Moline, IL
  6. 30:15.86, Beth Piccolo (F, 56) Panama City, FL
  7. 30:33.52, Ayla Ervin (F, 40) East Moline, IL
  8. 30:51.91, Katrina Larson (F, 48) Lynn Haven, FL
  9. 31:41.26, Mary Kneppe (F, 60) Newburgh, IN
  10. 31:42.20, Ellen Simpson (F, 45) Lynn Haven, FL

Coach Post 10K / 5K winners, 2014 - 2018
12 April 201410K36:44, David Shearon43:18, Holly Jones120
5K21:54, Ted Wach22:07, Catherine Maclean232
11 April 201510K38:11, Jeffrey Schlenker48:14, Rebecca McConnell44
5K18:14, Justin Williams21:07, Jessica Berschwinger141
9 April 201610K36:31, David Shearon45:00, Amanda Thompson69
5K18:36, Brian Kloiber23:28, Norma McPherson134
8 April 201710K41:52, Ezra Swanson45:48, Allie Minga37
5K19:49, Brayson Barber26:37, Heather Webb113
8 April 201710K40:13, David Shearon43:02, Jennifer A Nelson69
5K19:33, Kaden Jones26:17, Zanetta Barnes136


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