Friday, April 27, 2018

Myles Gibson has a record Run For The Ranch in Moultrie

The long race at the Moultrie, Georgia Run For The Ranch is 10K, 10,000 meters. On Saturday morning, 21 April 2018, things were going well for Donalsonville master runner Myles Gibson in that long race. Or at least they were going well for the first 9,600 meters. With the finish line nearly in sight, Gibson was leading the race by almost 3,000 meters. Then things went wrong.

"My left calf pulled real sharp with 400 meters remaining," reported Gibson.

Nevertheless, Gibson made it to the end, winning the third annual Run For The Ranch 10K in 38:38. It was faster than the 38:42 he had clocked seven weeks earlier at the Bainbridge River Run 10K. It was also more than two minutes better than the previous Run For The Ranch 10K record, set in 2017 by Colin Prinsloo. Mary Sue Thompson of Moultrie was the top woman in the race, placing third overall in 53:43.

Moultrie's Jason Pittman was runner-up in the 10K, posting a 53:17. Valdosta, Georgia master runner Rodney Elam was the third male finisher and fifth overall in 57:21.

Just ahead of Elam, Laura Little of Doerun, Georgia was the second woman in the race, placing fourth overall in 57:18. Whitney Pilgrim of Moultrie took third in the women's standings and seventh overall in 58:55. Tammy Curran of Tifton, Georgia was the first woman master and fifth female finisher, ninth overall in 61:25.

Eleven athletes finished the 2018 Run For The Ranch 10K.

Top Five Men, 2018 Run For The Ranch 10K
  1. 38:38, Myles Gibson (M, 51) Donalsonville, GA
  2. 53:17, Jason Pittman (M, 35) Moultrie, GA
  3. 57:21, Rodney Elam (M, 54) Valdosta, GA
  4. 58:42, Patrick Bius (M, 44) Moultrie, GA
  5. 64:57, Marty Mathis (M, 48) Moultrie, GA

Top Five Women, 2018 Run For The Ranch 10K
  1. 53:43, Mary Sue Thompson (F, 35) Moultrie, GA
  2. 57:18, Laura Little (F, 27) Doerun, GA
  3. 58:55, Whitney Pilgrim (F, 29) Moultrie, GA
  4. 59:57, Sara Bass (F, 34) Moultrie, GA
  5. 61:25, Tammy Curran (F, 46) Tifton, GA

The 10K is the longest race at the Run For The Ranch, but the 5K is the oldest, going back to 2016, the first year of the event. Taylor Azar won the shorter race, running 21:59. Jodi Beth Stuckey was the women's champ, finishing second overall in 24:31. Stuckey had been the women's runner-up in the 2017 Run For The Ranch 5K.

Sixteen athletes finished the 2018 Run For The Ranch 5K.

Top Four Men, 2018 Run For The Ranch 5K
  1. 21:59, Taylor Azar (M, 15) Moultrie, GA
  2. 25:08, Harold Benton (M, 61) Leesburg, GA
  3. 27:26, Tucker Sewell (M, 7) Hahira, GA
  4. 33:51, Jake Medders (M, 9) Moultrie, GA

Top Five Women, 2018 Run For The Ranch 5K
  1. 24:31, Jodi Beth Stuckey (F, 33) Moultrie, GA
  2. 27:12, Maggie Murphy (F, 33) Moultrie, GA
  3. 28:06, Robin Cartright (F, 41) Thomasville, GA
  4. 28:42, April Mathis (F, 49) Moultrie, GA
  5. 28:53, Britt Demott (F, 30) Hartsfield, GA

Run For The Ranch winners, 2016 - 2018
16 April 20165K20:54, Gregory Case24:23, Rebecca Toman42
15 April 201710K40:50, Colin Prinsloo47:32, Brianna Prinsloo28
5K21:28, Doug Yarbrough24:42, Rebecca Toman20
21 April 201810K38:38, Myles Gibson53:43, Mary Sue Thompson11
5K21:59, Taylor Azar24:31, Jodi Beth Stuckey16


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